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Honor Society 1931
Oklahoma High School 
Atoka County, Oklahoma

Department of Education Membership List, Rules and Regulations

High School Inspectors
J. Andrew Holley
E. L. Morrison
E. E. Halley
State Superintendent
John Vaughan
Asst. Superintendent
Clay W. Kerr

Published By Wewoka Publishing Company

This bulletin contains the names of 7,324 high school students who distinguished themselves in scholarship attainments and who were elected to membership in the Oklahoma High School Honor Society. These students were chosen from each of the high school grades in 656 high schools in Oklahoma.

The following students were members of the Oklahoma High School Honor Society. This list contains only Atoka Co. students.

Mr. Ernest Farr reported the following students to the Society for election to membership in the Honor Society.

Listed as Name and Grade:

Mabel Sue Cook, 11
Mary Louise Cook, 11
Ann Cook, 9
Frances Dale Chappel, 12
Mildred Case, 12
Helen Green, 11
Jessie Miller, 9
Doris Atteberry, 10
Berma Ruth Byers, 10
Irene Woolard, 11
Ann Ralls, 11
Mary Frances Doderer, 11
Dorothy Jane Clifford, 10
Barbara Barnum, 10
Virginia Wilson, 12
Millage Yeats, 12
Dollie Cartwright, 10
Mabel Blackburn, 12
Helen Smith, 12
Dale Mayfield, 10
Sarah Ridling, 9
Zone Evans, 12
Mark McCasland, 10
Louise Sample, 12
Leota Stobaugh, 12

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