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The following, buildings, sites, structures, and objects were listed in the National Register of Historic Places as of January 31, 2002.

Following is a guide to the codes used in the entries.

A,B,C, or D: Listed in the National Register for Criterion A, association with important events; B, association with important persons; C, architectural, artistic, or design merit, or representative of a period or a type of construction; or D, likely to yield information.

a - g: Property types eligible for the National Register only under special circumstances: (a) religious property; (b) moved property; (c) birthplace or grave; (d) cemetery; (e) reconstructed property; (f) commemorative property; or (g) property less than fifty (50) years old when listed.

HABS: Documented by the Historic American Buildings Survey.

HAER: Documented by the Historic American Engineering Record.

MPS: Individually listed as part of a Multiple Property Submission.

MRA: Individually listed as part of a Multiple Resource Area nomination.

NHL: Designated a National Historic Landmark.

TR: Individually listed as part of a Thematic Resource nomination.

Atoka County 


Atoka Armory [WPA Public Buildings, Recreational Facilities & Cemetery Improvements in South-eastern Oklahoma, 1935-1943 TR], Ohio & "C" Avenues, 9/8/88, A,C, 88001372.

Atoka Community Building [WPA Public Buildings, Recreational Facilities & Cemetery Improvements in South-eastern Oklahoma, 1935-1943 TR], 1st & Delaware, 9/8/88, A,C, 88001373.

First Methodist Church Building, 105 West 1st, 6/30/80, A,C,a, 80003250.

Indian Citizen Building, 115 North Ohio Avenue, 10/4/79, A, 79001984.

Masonic Temple, 301 Court, 9/8/80, A,C, 80003251.

Old Atoka County Courthouse, 200 East Court, 12/6/79, A,C, 79001985.

Old Atoka State Bank, Ohio Avenue & Court, 8/29/80, A,C, 80003252.

Pioneer Club, 1st & Mississippi, 6/27/80, A, 80003253.

Ralls, Joe, House, 303 South Pennsylvania, 6/27/80, A,C, 80003254.

Standley, Captain James S., House, 207 North Ohio Avenue, 12/11/79, B,C, 79001986.

Zweigel Hardware Store Building, 405 & 407 Court, 9/8/80, A,C, 80003255.  

Atoka Vicinity

Boggy Depot Site, 14 miles SW of Atoka, 4/19/72, A,C, 72001050.

Middle Boggy Battlefield Site & Confederate Cemetery, 1 mile North of Atoka, 4/19/72, A,d, 72001051.

Daisy Vicinity

Billy, Isaac, Homestead & Family Cemetery, NE of Daisy, 4/17/80, B,C,d, 80003256.

Limestone Gap Vicinity

LeFlore, Captain Charles, House, 2 mile North of Limestone Gap on US-69, 6/13/72, B, 72001052.

Wapanucka Vicinity

McAlister, Bo, Archaeological Site (34-AT-160), Address Restricted, 4/21/78, D, 78002217.

Old Faucett Well, 4 miles NE of Wapanucka, 4/13/72, A, 72001053.

Wesley Vicinity

Waddell's Station Site, approx. 3 miles SW of Wesley, 4/13/72, A, 72001054.




Choctaw Nation

        With Atoka County being a part of the Choctaw Nation in Oklahoma, I felt that it was important to provide links to pages that would be of interest while researching family lines in Atoka Co. 

        These are links, not pages that I have created. If you have questions about the pages you find here, please contact the persons that have these pages, as I will not be able to help you with any questions.

        Act of the Choctaw General Council, Doaksville, October 1860 "The Principal Chief shall procure, at an early day, at the cost of the Nation, a great seal of the Nation, with the words "the great seal of the Choctaw Nation" around the edge, and a design of an unstrung bow, with three arrows and a pipe hatchet blended together, engraved in the center, which shall be the proper seal of this nation until altered by the General Council, with the concurrence of both Houses thereof."  

Choctaw Seal

            The three arrows shown in the Great Seal represent three great historical Chiefs of the Nation, these being Apuckshunnubbee, Pushmataha, and Mosholatubbee.  These men were signers of the Treaty of Doaks Stand in Mississippi (A.D. 1820) in which the Choctaw Nation agreed to accept and relocate to an large tract of land in the west.  Though part of this land was found to be settled already, the most was settled by the Choctaw Nation and came to be known as Indian Territory.  Much later, in 1907, this land became a U.S. state - Oklahoma.

            The tomahawk shown in the Choctaw Seal is known to represent a calumet, though it is actually neither a calumet nor of American Indian in origin, but a popular pipe-hatchet which was introduced by the Europeans as a trade good.  The smoking instrument shown in the Great Seal represents the History and Traditions of the Tribe, as it is indicative of council meetings and discussions.  The calumet was always smoked at such meetings and was a purely ceremonial item; a calumet decorated with white feathers was an instrument of peace; red feathers indicated a condition of conflict or war. 

            The Choctaw, noted throughout history  as being a Nation of Warriors, though fierce and skilled in the arts of war, rarely went to war, instead preferring to remain at peace unless their homelands were threatened.  This is what the unstrung bow symbolizes; a Nation at peace who could, can, and will go to war (restring the bow) whenever it must.  Ever prepared for defense, is indeed an accurate description of the nature of the Choctaw People. 

To learn more visit the OKGenWeb ~ ITGenWeb Choctaw Nation site.

Counties Within The Choctaw Nation

(NOTE: If the following counties have moved off the rootsweb server, and the links you find won't work, all the counties can be found at:

Atoka Bryan Choctaw Coal
Haskell Hughes Johnston Latimer
LeFlore McCurtain Pittsburg Pontotac


If you find broken links in the below information, please let me know.

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