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Muriel Hazel Wright

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Muriel H. Wright - Muriel Hazel Wright was born in Lehigh, Choctaw Nation in 1889. Her Grandfather, Allen Wright, was Chief of the Choctaw Nation, 1866-70. During her forty-seven years with the Oklahoma Historical Society, she held many positions including editor of the Chronicles of Oklahoma from 1955 to 1973. Other works include: Oklahoma: A History of the State and its People, The Story of Oklahoma, Our Oklahoma, A Guide to the Indian Tribes of Oklahoma, The Oklahoma History, Civil War Sites in Oklahoma.

Muriel's honors and awards include: Oklahoma Hall of Fame, Hall of Fame of Famous American Indians, Oklahoma Historical Society Historians' Hall of Fame, The University of Oklahoma Distinguished Service Citation, and Honorary Doctorate from Oklahoma City University.

Presented by the descendants of
Allen Wright
June 2001

Oklahoma Historical Society

Born 03-31-1889, Muriel Hazel Wright, historian, writer, helped organize the Choctaw Advisory Council, 1934, and fought for just recompense for Native Americans following Oklahoma's statehood.

Boggy Depot Cemetery

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