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N. B. Smith

Taken when he was 76 years old

Thought to be Nathan or Nathaniel Brown Smith. Changed his name to N.B. Smith from ?? after killing a man in or around Knoxvill Tennessee between approximately 1868-1878. The murder had to do with gambling, no idea who he killed. He moved to AR then to Daisy OK where he stayed for years. His first wife was Emily Bachelor, they married 10-19-1879 in Sebastian AR. He went by N. S. B. Smith. His second wife was Frances Pearlee Thompson show passed during childbirth 4-28-1903. His third wife was his sister in law Sarah Bunch Thompson, who was killed in 1917 during a storm when a tree was struck by lightening and fell on her. N. B. is buried in Mounds Ok, but all his children were born in Atoka County.

family researchers: great great grandaughters Lisa Wheeler, and Bobbi Dunn,

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