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Headstone says:

Lemuel Richard Newkirk
Born in Wise Co. TX
Died at Bedders, Jackfork Co. IT
*stone is broken, and only part of name left is the kirk part of last name

Headstone is almost completely unreadable as of November 2004


Lemuel Richard Newkirk was a younger brother to my grandmother, Mary Anna Wilma Newkirk Oliver. My grandfather, Elijah Simpson Oliver, was appointed post master of the Daisy post office after it was re-established in 1906.

There is another unmarked grave of her half-brother, William Hurriah Newkirk, who was also buried there.

This Newkirk family lived in the Redden area (then Jackfork County) before Atoka County was established. They later moved to Daisy, Atoka County, Oklahoma.

I have been searching for about 35 years for the location of this cemetery.

The following is the family information on William Hurriah Newkirk who is also buried in this "Unknown" cemetery on the Benny Wyrick 111 Property.

William Hurriah Newkirk
born: 2 December 1866 - Miller County, Missouri
died: 22 February 1907
Please note the 1907 date.

The birth information on Lemuel Richard Newkirk is the same as has been passed down by family records. However, he was still alive on the 1900 Wise County, Texas Census. I wonder if the date could have been 1908 instead of 1898 since this family was still in Wise County, Texas in the 1900 census.

I am a 1953 graduate of Atoka High School.

Bobie Upton Silvers

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