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Michael Lowe & Judith Josephine Bell (McGee) Family        

Michael Lowe, son of Joseph “Little Joe” Lowe, was born January 16, 1856 in Huntsville, Scott County, Tennessee, and died August 2, 1916 in Atoka, Atoka County, Oklahoma. Michael married Judith (Judy) Josephine Belle McGee January 16, 1879 in Huntsville, Scotty Co. Tennessee, the daughter of Thomas McGee and Sarah Lowe. Judith was born January 16, 1863 in Huntsville, Scott Co. Tennessee and died December 25, 1935 in Miller, Pushmataha Co. Oklahoma. Michael was buried in the Old Atoka Cemetery (No headstone, we don’t know for sure just where the grave is located in the cemetery). Judith is buried in the Farris Cemetery with her two sons, Levi and Abraham Lincoln Lowe (Triple headstone)

Michael and Judith (Judy) had 13 children; all but the last three were born in and around Huntsville, Scott Co. Tennessee; the last three were born in Oklahoma in Coal and Atoka Co. These Children are:

Levi 1880 –1952, Buried in Farris Cemetery, never married

Esau 1882 – 1932, Buried in Daisy. Married Ollie Newkirk

Mary 1883 – 1964, Buried in Farris Cemetery. Married James Martin Hembree July 14, 1901 Huntsville, Scott Co. Tennessee. James died 1965 and is buried with Mary in Farris Cemetery (Dale Standifer’s grandparents)

Martha 1885 – 1914. Husband Joseph Hostetler. Both are buried Westview Cemetery, Atoka.  

Matilda 1887-? , Buried in Atoka

Henry 1889 – 1939, buried in West Side Cemetery, Taft, Kern Co. CA.. Married Zula Welton

Elizabeth 1891 – 1959, place of burial is unknown. Married Joseph Tomlinson

Frank 1892 – 1967, Wife Maggie Faulkenberry. Both are buried in Farris Cemetery.

Sally 1895 - ?, died in Atoka, year and cemetery are unknown.

Milly 1897 – 1975, buried in Butler Cemetery. Married (1) John Hostetler, (2) John Faulkenberry, (3) Mac Byrns

Barzilla 1899 -? Died and buried in Atoka. Married Bill Rogers

Bellzina 1905 – 1984 buried in Antlers. Married Bob Scott.

Abraham Lincoln 1908 – 1933, born in Farris and never married, committed suicide over a woman in 1933, buried in Farris Cemetery.

Submitted by: Dale Standifer, February 2002, Grandson of Mary Lowe and James Martin Hembree


Farris Cemetery

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