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Newspaper: The Coalgate Courier
Thursday, August 8, 1918

Four Drowned in Boggy

Mrs. John Spindle and two grown daughters, and a Miss Brown were drowned in North Boggy, near Chockie, Tuesday afternoon of last week while wading. It seems they were wading in a small pool of water when one of them stepped into a hole probably made by dynamiting fish sometime before and as each of the three went to the rescue they were grabbed in a death clutch and all four drowned. Mr. Spindle who was working in a field nearby rescued three others of his small children who were wading at the same time.

Funeral services were held at Cairo last Thursday afternoon and interment was made in Cairo Cemetery.

Notes: by William Webb - Mrs. Spindle was originally Callie Tidwell-only sister to my Grandfather Franklin Jordan Tidwell. My Tidwell family came into the Choctaw Nation IT late 1894 to 1895. She was Mrs. Callie Medline when she married John Spindle. I am sending this obit to the list with "Thanks" To those that helped me obtain it.

Submitted by Mr. William "Bill" Webb

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