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Atoka County, Oklahoma


Information submitted by Atoka Co. researchers is a large part of the information found on the Atoka Co. site. Even the smallest bit of information submitted could be another researchers biggest break through. Your help with adding more information to this Atoka Co. site would be greatly appreciated. See "how to submit" for more information.

Most genealogists are well aware of the importance of finding a death certificate for each ancestor. However, many overlook obituaries as an equally valuable source of information.

Newspapers are usually found on microfilm at the newspaper, local libraries or Historical and genealogy societies in the areas. If not found in the local area of the death, State Historical Society will usually have the newspapers on microfilm, and can be ordered by interlibrary loan. Also available in some cases, larger newspapers have begun indexing their obituaries and you may be able to access these if you use an Internet search engine.

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