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Atoka County, Oklahoma
Atoka (includes the jail) District 1

Page  Surname          Given Name
 1a    Butler           Sam W.
 1a    Butler           Clara A.
 1a    Butler           Sam W., Jr.
 1a    Butler           Jack E.
 1a    Butler           Marjorie V.
 1a    Flint            Edmond (servant)
 1a    Taylor           George T.
 1a    Taylor           Desdemona H.
 1a    Taylor           Elizabeth E.
 1a    Taylor           Frances A.
 1a    Taylor           Stuart D.
 1a    Skinner          Ira D.  (boarder)
 1a    Cook             I. L.
 1a    Cook             Mable R.
 1a    Cook             Rowe William
 1a    Cook             Anne V.
 1a    Mellon           O. A.
 1a    Mellon           Charley B. W.
 1a    Mellon           Wendell F.
 1a    Cook             H. H.
 1a    Cook             Mary
 1a    Cook             Mary L.
 1a    Cook             Mabel S.
 1a    Warren           Ed H.
 1a    Warren           Alice
 1a    Warren           Walter W.
 1a    Warren           ****
 1a    Warren           Myrtle
 1a    Warren           Eugene
 1a    Warren           ****  (looks like Luralee) (sister-in-law)
 1a    Mayfield         Lee R.  (boarder)
 1a    Fox              Harold  (boarder)
 1a    Parham           Carl A.
 1a    Parham           Luella
 1a    Parham           Eloise
 1a    Parham           Eugene
 1a    Parham           Ludie
 1a    Parham           John (looks like Penman)
 1a    Parham           Katie
 1a    Groff            David O.
 1a    Groff            Nonnie D.
 1a    Cook             B. R.
 1a    Cook             Eva F.
 1a    Cook             B. R. Jr.
 1a    Cook             Francis
 1a    Turner           W. C.
 1a    Turner           Eulalia
 1a    Turner           Beth
 1a    ?elle            Russell

 1b    ?elle            Emma H.
 1b    Cooper           J. Clyde
 1b    Cooper           Blanche M.
 1b    Cooper           Jean M.
 1b    Dodderer         Jesse W.
 1b    Dodderer         Edna
 1b    Dodderer         Mary F.
 1b    Dodderer         Betty J. 
 1b    Cobb             Charles P.
 1b    Cobb             Fannie P.
 1b    Stilley          W. D.
 1b    Stilley          Maggie L.
 1b    Lambert          J. H.  (brother)
 1b    Lambert          May
 1b    Harrison         Mary B. (boarder)
 1b    Ware             Leila M. (boarder)
 1b    Rainey           Walter M.
 1b    Rainey           Lula
 1b    Walsh            Allen
 1b    Walsh            Louise
 1b    Walsh            Betty R.
 1b    Linebaugh        Annie Y.
 1b    Gann             Minnie (boarder)
 1b    Vestal           Annabel (boarder)
 1b    Braden           Pearl (boarder)
 1b    Wright           Virginia (boarder)
 1b    Robeson          Wallace (servant)
 1b    Robeson          Margaret (servant)
 1b    Case             D. W.
 1b    Case             Nora E.
 1b    Case             Mildred
 1b    Case             Alvin
 1b    Case             Juanita
 1b    Stephens         T. E.
 1b    Stephens         Sallie
 1b    Stephens         Sallie J.
 1b    Stephens         Ernest
 1b    Sauls            John
 1b    Sauls            (No entry)
 1b    Raines           Emitt
 1b    Raines           Clyde
 1b    Raines           Lee A.
 1b    Raines           Lois E.
 1b    Raines           Clifton
 1b    Raines           Genievive
 1b    Brighany         M. L.
 1b    Brighany         Ida
 1b    Baxter           John E.
 1b    Baxter           Alta
 1b    Baxter           Emitt

 2a    Baxter           Ruth
 2a    Baxter           Lucile
 2a    Baxter           Stella
 2a    Baxter           Billy C.
 2a    Baxter           Hobart M.
 2a    Maxwell          Charles G.
 2a    Maxwell          Retta E.
 2a    Maxwell          Teddy W.
 2a    Maxwell          Edna E.
 2a    Maxwell          W?lton
 2a    Pettyjohn        William H.
 2a    Pettyjohn        Edith
 2a    Pettyjohn        Mary G.
 2a    Pettyjohn        Sam
 2a    Pettyjohn        Ernestine
 2a    Pettyjohn        Frances
 2a    Betts            Wallace
 2a    Betts            Lannie
 2a    Grove            Annabel (sister)
 2a    Goodrich         Crail M.
 2a    Goodrich         Mary K.
 2a    Conwill          C. M.
 2a    Conwill          Ruth
 2a    Conwill          Mavis M.
 2a    Conwill          Ruth
 2a    Hooks            Thomas F.
 2a    Hooks            Irene M.
 2a    Hooks            Billie S.
 2a    Hooks            Thomas L.
 2a    Mathis           Ernest J.
 2a    Mathis           Bess M.
 2a    Mathis           Ernestine L.
 2a    Mathis           Frances
 2a    Mathis           Garland J.
 2a    Locke            Horace H.
 2a    Locke            Asenath
 2a    Locke            Donald K.
 2a    Locke            Pricilla M.
 2a    Locke            Charles
 2a    Locke            Victor H.
 2a    Griffith         Anna K.  (sister?)
 2a    Griffith         Betty L. (sister?)
 2a    Kern             Luke K.
 2a    Kern             Annie R.
 2a    Kern             Clara R.
 2a    Kern             James Y.
 2a    Kern             Louise L.
 2a    Pe??worth        Z. V.

 2b    Pe??worth        Della
 2b    Pe??worth        Madeline
 2b    Pe??worth        Malcolm
 2b    Byers            Harry C.
 2b    Byers            Carrie I.
 2b    Byers            Camilla A.
 2b    Byers            Ralston R.
 2b    Byers            Ferma R.
 2b    Byers            Sybil L.
 2b    Byers            Maurine M.
 2b    Cox              Lorena  (servant)
 2b    Ingram           Martin
 2b    Ingram           Anna
 2b    Ingram           Clydie
 2b    Ingram           Clara
 2b    Ingram           Petria? L.
 2b    Menninger        Margaret B.
 2b    Menninger        Martha R.
 2b    Menninger        Charles B.
 2b    Ins??re          Thomas J.
 2b    Ins??re          Lena B.
 2b    Ins??re          Mary A.
 2b    Ins??re          Mary A.
 2b    Paxton           Hettie
 2b    Carter           Jimmie (line drawn through Carter)
 2b    Paxton           William
 2b    Paxton           Loyd
 2b    Music            John G.
 2b    Music            Julie
 2b    Music            Pauline
 2b    Music            Durward
 2b    Wyrick           Ben C.
 2b    Wyrick           Alta
 2b    Wyrick           Florene
 2b    Wyrick           Ben C. Jr.
 2b    Wiesen?anger	Bill T.
 2b    Wiesen?anger	Viola
 2b    Wiesen?anger	Kathleen
 2b    Wiesen?anger	Eugene
 2b    Carney           Mary
 2b    Rogers           Mary M.
 2b    Rogers           Dwight
 2b    Harris           L. C.
 2b    Harris           Mary
 2b    Harris           Margaret
 2b    Harris           L. C. Jr.
 2b    Harris           Marion E.
 2b    Harris           Martha D.
 2b    Harris           Mattie (aunt)
 2b    Boone            John F.

 3a    Boone            Ruth C.
 3a    Boone            John F. Jr.
 3a    Boone            Dorothy A.
 3a    Boone            Mary A.
 3a    Boone            James T.
 3a    Kimbrough        Cecil
 3a    Kimbrough        Velma
 3a    Kimbrough        W. B.
 3a    Mo?ey            J. B.
 3a    Mo?ey            (blank)
 3a    Warden           W. C.
 3a    Warden           Bernice
 3a    Warden           Doris
 3a    Warden           Jack
 3a    Warden           W. C. Jr.
 3a    Warden           J. F.
 3a    Warden           Bea
 3a    Warden           Murrell
 3a    Warden           Audrey
 3a    Paxton           Rita
 3a    McLaughlin       Nettie (niece)
 3a    Malone           J. H.
 3a    Malone           Josie
 3a    Malone           Lucile
 3a    Malone           Doris
 3a    Malone           Billie
 3a    Malone           Leroy
 3a    Malone           Daniel
 3a    Malone           Joyce
 3a    Lawrence         Sadie
 3a    Lawrence         Earl
 3a    Bailey           O. L.
 3a    Bailey           Roo
 3a    Bailey           Donald L.
 3a    Belcher          Alvin
 3a    Belcher          Edith
 3a    Sumter           C. J.
 3a    Sumter           Li??ie
 3a    Sumter           Charles J.
 3a    Sumter           Fa???ally A.
 3a    Sumter           Gardner
 3a    Sumter           Eugene
 3a    Downing          Sam
 3a    Downing          Maude
 3a    Miller           Wilda S. (mother) (Miller crossed out)
 3a    Russell          J. J.
 3a    Russell          Lily
 3a    ????             Lena (surname crossed out)
 3a    Russell          Alice
 3a    Russell          Garland

 3b    Russell          Ida M.
 3b    Russell          King
 3b    Russell          L. V.
 3b    Russell          Frances
 3b    Russell          Kenneth
 3b    Noah             Robert
 3b    Noah             Sarah
 3b    Solomon          Tompson (cousin)
 3b    Wade             Arron (stepson)
 3b    Wade             Cordelia (wife) (I assume wife of Arron)
 3b    Josh             Eliza (boarder)
 3b    ????             Mary (boarder)
 3b    McIntosh         J. J.
 3b    McIntosh         Lucile
 3b    McIntosh         Lorena
 3b    McIntosh         Clifton
 3b    Folsom           S. W.
 3b    Folsom           Esther
 3b    Folsom           Jeremiah
 3b    Folsom           Billie J.
 3b    Cl?ver           John
 3b    Cl?ver           Irene
 3b    Seawell          John
 3b    Seawell          Clifton  (brother)
 3b    Surrell          Alton H.
 3b    Surrell          Vista
 3b    Surrell          Harold
 3b    Surrell          William
 3b    Abbott           George M.
 3b    Abbott           Minnie B.
 3b    Abbott           Marjorie
 3b    Abbott           Jane
 3b    Wallace          Mary F. (boarder)
 3b    Gooding          Minnie A. (aunt)
 3b    McGuigan         Ada
 3b    Wright           Charles S.
 3b    Wright           Frances L.
 3b    Wright           Leslie
 3b    Wright           Clifford P.
 3b    Akers            M. C.
 3b    Akers            Linnie
 3b    Akers            Dale
 3b    Folsom           Rhoda
 3b    Allen            Grace
 3b    ????             May (sister) (surname crossed out)
 3b    Copeland         W. P.
 3b    Copeland         Gulane
 3b    Copeland         Louis
 3b    Copeland         Penelope
 3b    Copeland         Loyd

 4a    Copeland         Max
 4a    Waddle           Roy
 4a    Waddle           Dottie
 4a    Waddle           Grace
 4a    Propps           Clara
 4a    Propps           Vera M.
 4a    Propps           Violet J.
 4a    Thompson         Jack
 4a    Thompson         Laila
 4a    Vail             Rosa
 4a    Vail             Iva D.
 4a    Vail             Mary F.
 4a    Vail             Billy
 4a    Vail             Sam
 4a    Vail             Rosa L.
 4a    Turner           R. H.
 4a    Turner           Olga
 4a    Turner           Henry J.
 4a    Turner           Charles
 4a    Turner           Roy
 4a    Turner           Dorene
 4a    Turner           Alfred
 4a    Turner           Rosa L.
 4a    Chitwood         John A.
 4a    Chitwood         Aurellin? (father)
 4a    Chitwood         Rose
 4a    Chitwood         John A.
 4a    Chitwood         Richard P.
 4a    Chitwood         Emily J.
 4a    Chitwood         Bernie R.
 4a    Stone            James A.
 4a    Stone            Clara
 4a    Kennedy          Roy
 4a    Kennedy          Areta
 4a    Kennedy          Mary L.
 4a    Armstrong        James E.
 4a    Armstrong        Pearlee
 4a    Armstrong        Maydell
 4a    Armstrong        Marie
 4a    Armstrong        James E. Jr.
 4a    Armstrong        Isaac (father)
 4a    Armstrong        Gishie (mother)
 4a    Armstrong        James
 4a    Stampes          John
 4a    Stampes          Lena
 4a    Stampes          Aline
 4a    Stampes          Dol???

 4b    Stampes          Annchea
 4b    Nussick          Wallace H.
 4b    Nussick          Anna
 4b    Nussick          Jennie J.
 4b    Nussick          Paul
 4b    Colbert          Lucile (servant)
 4b    Narolin          Tempie (mother)
 4b    Narolin          James F. (brother)
 4b    Turnto           Agie
 4b    Turnto           Maryetta
 4b    Turnto           Edna L.
 4b    Turnto           Mary L.
 4b    Whalen           Randal
 4b    Whalen           Daisy
 4b    Whalen           Kenneth
 4b    Whalen           Raleigh
 4b    Whalen           Ralph
 4b    Whalen           Leon
 4b    Whalen           R. O. (brother)
 4b    Lebow            W. G.
 4b    Lebow            Aldace
 4b    Lebow            William
 4b    Lebow            Carol
 4b    Lebow            Mollie
 4b    Lebow            Dwight
 4b    Harrell          Jefferson
 4b    Harrell          Dale
 4b    Powell           L. R.
 4b    Powell           Leona
 4b    Powell           Jack
 4b    Powell           Leo
 4b    Johnson          William H.
 4b    Johnson          Myrtle ?.
 4b    Johnson          Frankie M.
 4b    Johnson          Robert L.
 4b    Johnson          Louise
 4b    Johnson          Raymond
 4b    Jones            J. R.
 4b    Jones            Sarah A.
 4b    Jones            Theodore V.
 4b    Hacker           W. E.
 4b    Hacker           Beulah
 4b    Hacker           Cleo
 4b    Hacker           Basil
 4b    Rosinsky         A?ser D.
 4b    Rosinsky         Pearl
 4b    Rosinsky         Roland S.
 4b    Ray              Dee M.

 5a    Ray              Sarah
 5a    Green            W. N.
 5a    Green            Alma
 5a    Green            Helen
 5a    Green            Juanita
 5a    Green            Mary J.
 5a    Green            Betty L.
 5a    Fulton           Harold J.
 5a    Fulton           Gladys
 5a    Fulton           Mary L.
 5a    Fulton           Jeanne
 5a    Ralls            Joe G. Jr.
 5a    Ralls            Maria
 5a    Wylie            John
 5a    Wylie            Emma T.
 5a    Wylie            Mary M.
 5a    Huddleson        E. M.
 5a    Huddleson        Martha M.
 5a    Blankenship      Frank
 5a    Blankenship      Thelma
 5a    Fly              J. (boarder)
 5a    Fly              Eunice (boarder)
 5a    Kleen            John
 5a    Kleen            Mary A.
 5a    Wientraub        Morris
 5a    Wientraub        Hedwig
 5a    Wientraub        Doris
 5a    Wientraub        Siegfried
 5a    Brockmier        Fred W.
 5a    Brockmier        Lola L.
 5a    Brockmier        Pauline
 5a    Brockmier        Carl
 5a    Timmings         Jane (mother)
 5a    McBride          J. M.
 5a    McBride          Florence I.
 5a    McBride          Florence
 5a    McBride          Charles William
 5a    McBride          J. M. Jr.
 5a    Lankford         Mary (mother-in-Law)
 5a    Chappel          W. L.
 5a    Chappel          Fannie
 5a    Chappel          David W.
 5a    Derrick          Margaret  (boarder)
 5a    Fisher           Harold  (boarder)
 5a    Williamson       P.
 5a    Williamson       Nelly
 5a    Williamson       Geraldine
 5a    Slack            J. V.
 5a    Slack            Delia
 5a    Weeks            Ernie

 5b    Weeks            Pattie
 5b    Rolater          Josephine
 5b    Stanford         P. M.
 5b    Stanford         Mollie E.
 5b    Fielder          J. N. (Roomer)
 5b    Millard          Jerry
 5b    Millard          May
 5b    Mohaker          Lucy
 5b    Mohaker          John R.
 5b    Mohaker          Meredith
 5b    Price            George T. (father)
 5b    Baker            E. G.
 5b    Baker            Mollie
 5b    Baker            Jake
 5b    Baker            Haplion
 5b    Baker            Kathrine
 5b    Baker            Wilmoth
 5b    Baker            Gilbert Jr.
 5b    S??well          Jennie (mother-in-law)
 5b    Rhodes           D. A.
 5b    Rhodes           Betty
 5b    Rhodes           Essie
 5b    Rhodes           Delta
 5b    McCleary         Julian (boarder)
 5b    Browder          Ed  (boarder)
 5b    McFee            R. A. (boarder)
 5b    Call             Ray (boarder)
 5b    Lang             Matt (boarder)
 5b    Carmen           W. F. (boarder)
 5b    Daniels          G. B. (boarder)
 5b    Bowen            H. C. (boarder)
 5b    Heath            Mary
 5b    Heath            Barney
 5b    Heath            Frances M. (daughter in law)
 5b    Nail             Joel
 5b    Nail             Jennie
 5b    Lucas            Millie
 5b    Lucas            W. May
 5b    Lucas            Willie Jr.
 5b    Hayes            W. H.
 5b    Hayes            Mary
 5b    Hayes            Mary H.
 5b    Slope            Zetta
 5b    Slope            Louellen
 5b    Caudel           J. E. (roomer)
 5b    ***more          T. H. (roomer)
 5b    Woodruff         P. W. (roomer)
 5b    Ham              R. G.
 5b    Ham              Lena B.
 5b    Ham              Atho L.

 6a    Ham              Roy H.
 6a    Sparks           A. A.
 6a    Sparks           Sarah
 6a    Sparks           J?y  (could be Joy or Jay, female)
 6a    Sparks           Arthur A.
 6a    Prather          Jennie
 6a    Evans            ?eedy C.
 6a    Evans            Clara
 6a    Evans            Patricia
 6a    Temple           Louise
 6a    Temple           Thelma
 6a    Norris           Hayden (nephew)
 6a    Lohman           Jack
 6a    Lohman           Lily
 6a    Goforth          Grace
 6a    Baker            Grover
 6a    Baker            Hattie
 6a    Baker            Floyd
 6a    Baker            Lois
 6a    Baker            Leo
 6a    Baker            Fae
 6a    Morgan           Freeman
 6a    Morgan           Wilma F.
 6a    Nunnally         Claude
 6a    Nunnally         Beulah
 6a    Nunnally         Inez
 6a    Nunnally         Claude Jr.
 6a    Sparks           Ferman
 6a    Sparks           Mary
 6a    Norwood          I. S.
 6a    Norwood          Minnie G.
 6a    Marlow           O. E.
 6a    Marlow           Floyd
 6a    Marlow           Irvin
 6a    Marlow           Jay
 6a    Marlow           Ruby
 6a    Lawrence         Barney
 6a    Lawrence         Bonnie
 6a    Lawrence         Lonnie
 6a    Lawrence         Otis
 6a    Lawrence         Pearl
 6a    Lawrence         Edith
 6a    Lawrence         Allie M.
 6a    Lawrence         Thelma
 6a    Lawrence         Ima G.
 6a    Lawrence         Bonnie J.
 6a    Moffatt          George
 6a    Moffatt          Ba?ie
 6a    Moffatt          Allen
 6a    Moffatt          Roy

 6b    Moffatt          George
 6b    Moffatt          H. D.
 6b    Moffatt          Alice
 6b    Moffatt          Mary J.
 6b    Moffatt          Hamilton
 6b    Collins          Steve
 6b    Collins          Beulah
 6b    Collins          Verda
 6b    Collins          Jacquelline
 6b    Collins          Billie
 6b    Collins          Joyce
 6b    Collins          Marjorie
 6b    Tramell          W. W.
 6b    Tramell          Mollie
 6b    Tramell          Otis
 6b    Edwards          Grace (niece)
 6b    Miller           R. L.
 6b    Miller           Maggie
 6b    Brain            W. F.
 6b    Brain            Alice
 6b    White            Howard
 6b    White            Wilma
 6b    White            Harwood B.
 6b    Kuykendahl        Oscar
 6b    Newman           Louise
 6b    Newman           Nelson (son-in-law)
 6b    Newman           Nelson Jr. (grandson)
 6b    Reynolds         Anna
 6b    Wallace          Irene R.
 6b    Wallace          Claude (son-in-law)
 6b    Dodderer         J. M.
 6b    Dodderer         Kathrine
 6b    Allen            Robert (roomer)
 6b    Williams         Stanley (roomer)
 6b    Kuykendahl       O. A.
 6b    Kuykendahl       Josephine
 6b    Morris           Henry O.
 6b    Morris           Alma
 6b    Morris           Henrietta
 6b    Morris           Gary O.
 6b    Morris           Clarice
 6b    Lovelace         S. I.
 6b    Lovelace         B?ll
 6b    Lovelace         Foster
 6b    Miller           J. R.
 6b    Miller           Minta
 6b    Miller           Henry B.
 6b    Miller           Lucile (daughter-in-law)
 6b    Miller           Nona M. (granddaughter)
 6b    Smith            Doria

 7a    Smith            Ernest
 7a    Smith            El?ora
 7a    Smith            James L.
 7a    Smith            Larson D.
 7a    Smith            L. B.
 7a    Franklin         Cora (mother)
 7a    Franklin         Je?? (sister)
 7a    Mason            Ray W.
 7a    Mason            Verdi
 7a    Mason            Ralph W.
 7a    Mason            William H.
 7a    Do?ie            Nathan
 7a    Do?ie            Eva
 7a    Farr             Ernest
 7a    Farr             Nina
 7a    Douglas          Frank
 7a    Douglas          Connie
 7a    Douglas          Frank Jr.
 7a    Douglas          Betty J.
 7a    Douglas          John R.
 7a    Ralls            J. G.
 7a    Ralls            Eva A.
 7a    Ralls            Claude
 7a    Ralls            Anne E.
 7a    Compton          Si F.
 7a    Compton          Rena
 7a    Compton          Wanda J.
 7a    Martin           Hordy
 7a    Martin           Pauline
 7a    Blankenship      Lee (stepson)
 7a    Maxwell          Neal
 7a    Thomas           Mah???ly (line drawn through Thomas)
 7a    Thomas           Myrtle
 7a    Maxwell          Dorothy B.
 7a    Moore            Roy A.
 7a    Cole             J. D.
 7a    Cole             Annie
 7a    Gibson           Frank (roomer)
 7a    Gibson           Mary M. (roomer)
 7a    Gibson           William F. (roomer)
 7a    Mayo             Ernest
 7a    Mayo             Esma
 7a    Wilkinson        J. L.
 7a    Wilkinson        Mildred
 7a    Wilkinson        J. L. Jr.
 7a    Wilkinson        W. B.
 7a    Stanford         R. P.
 7a    Stanford         Dora
 7a    Stanford         Opal
 7a    Stanford         Frances P.

 7b    Robertson        Mary L.
 7b    Durgan           Marshall
 7b    Durgan           ?in?y
 7b    Durgan           Dora M.
 7b    Durgan           Louise
 7b    Murrow           Janie
 7b    Inge             T. T.
 7b    Rollins          J. W.
 7b    Rollins          Mary
 7b    Rollins          Ruth
 7b    Rollins          Wilma
 7b    Fitts            Lela (roomer)
 7b    Johnson          L. N.
 7b    Johnson          Alma
 7b    Johnson          Marie
 7b    Peashy           Naomi
 7b    Peashy           Pauline
 7b    Peashy           Treva
 7b    Fry              J. G.
 7b    Fry              Emma
 7b    Fry              Artie L.
 7b    Fry              Gladys M.
 7b    Fry              William C.
 7b    Fry              Merlin
 7b    Proctor          J. L.
 7b    Proctor          Ruth
 7b    Proctor          Frances J.
 7b    Proctor          Doris O.
 7b    Proctor          J. L. Jr.
 7b    Proctor          Steven O.
 7b    LeFavers         C. J.
 7b    LeFavers         Rosie
 7b    LeFavers         Charlie W.
 7b    LeFavers         Irma L.
 7b    LeFavers         Bertha
 7b    LeFavers         Edward D.
 7b    Roper            S.
 7b    Burleson         Bethel (niece)
 7b    Burleson         Frank (nephew)
 7b    Com???           Hattie
 7b    Com???           Loreta (sister)
 7b    McGahey          Eva
 7b    McGahey          Myrtle A.
 7b    Gray             Frank
 7b    Gray             Lou
 7b    Fulton           J. S.
 7b    Fulton           Arlee
 7b    Yarbrough        Elsie
 7b    Yarbrough        Thelma (servant)
 7b    Jackson          W. S.

 8a    Jackson          John
 8a    Douglas          Dudley
 8a    Douglas          Eva
 8a    DeArmon          Jean
 8a    DeArmon          Annie
 8a    DeArmon          Opal
 8a    DeArmon          Bernie
 8a    DeArmon          Delora
 8a    Ne?oman          E. A.
 8a    Morris           L. A.
 8a    Rich             E. O.
 8a    Rich             Shelly
 8a    Rich             John V.
 8a    LeFlore          Keturah
 8a    LeFlore          Connell
 8a    Slater           Helen L. (daughter-married)
 8a    Slater           Ray W. (son-in-law)
 8a    Dole             C. D.
 8a    Dole             Calya
 8a    Dole             Frances
 8a    Dole             John L.
 8a    Dole             Robert M.
 8a    McAnnully        O. H.
 8a    McAnnully        Minnie
 8a    McAnnully        Edna
 8a    McAnnully        Clifford
 8a    Thomas           J. A.
 8a    Fitts            W. J.
 8a    Fitts            Ruth E.
 8a    Fitts            James C.
 8a    Elkins           O. C.
 8a    Elkins           Mary
 8a    Elkins           Dale
 8a    Lee????          Dena (niece)
 8a    Cate             R. G.
 8a    Cate             Carrie H.
 8a    Cate             Robert G. Jr.
 8a    Cate             Mark R.
 8a    Cate             Carrie
 8a    Cate             Wendell
 8a    Cate             William J.
 8a    Cate             Ethel D.
 8a    Garside          Ruby (servant)
 8a    Bates            A. B.
 8a    Bates            Carrie
 8a    Bates            Loyd
 8a    Bates            Clyde
 8a    Bates            A. B. Jr.
 8a    Bates            Gladys

 8b    Bates            Mildred
 8b    Cox              Frank W.
 8b    Cox              Nettie
 8b    Hammond          John H.
 8b    Hammond          Bertha A.
 8b    Hammond          Alice E.
 8b    Gardner          C. C.
 8b    Gardner          Eura
 8b    Gardner          Mary
 8b    Gardner          Ruth
 8b    Gardner          Charles C. Jr.
 8b    Gardner          William R.
 8b    Ray              D. P. Jr.
 8b    Ray              Nell
 8b    Ray              Frederick P.
 8b    Smith            W. T.
 8b    Smith            Clara
 8b    Smith            Zeno
 8b    Smith            Loyd
 8b    Southern         J. D.
 8b    Southern         Rosa
 8b    Roach            Helen (stepdaughter)
 8b    Flowers          Douglas (grandson)
 8b    Williams         Alva H.
 8b    Williams         Eunice
 8b    Williams         Mary E.
 8b    Williams         Emma R.
 8b    Williams         James D.
 8b    Bowen            Thomas W.
 8b    Bowen            Mary
 8b    Folsom           Hattie
 8b    Folsom           Julius C.
 8b    Ti??ery          Bessie (roomer)
 8b    Norris           C. G.
 8b    Norris           Thelma
 8b    Norris           Omer J.
 8b    O'Neal           George T.
 8b    O'Neal           Effie
 8b    O'Neal           Virginia L.
 8b    O'Neal           Foy
 8b    O'Neal           Nell M.
 8b    O'Neal           Dorothy S.
 8b    O'Neal           Billy
 8b    O'Neal           Gladys D.
 8b    O'Neal           Leroy W.
 8b    Brown            Claude A.
 8b    Brown            Susie
 8b    Brown            C. A.
 8b    Brown            Velma
 8b    Langley          S. T.

 9a    Langley          Bela
 9a    Wells            Lassie (stepson)
 9a    Wells            Grady (stepson)
 9a    Langley          Margaret
 9a    Wells            Sea?t (stepson)
 9a    Clark            Sallie
 9a    Clark            Cecil
 9a    Clark            Hershell
 9a    Clark            Lionell
 9a    Faudrer          A. R.
 9a    Faudrer          Lena H.
 9a    Holmlund         Pete (brother-in-law)
 9a    Bollinger        Annie L. (niece)
 9a    Bollinger        Thomas B. (nephew)
 9a    Faudrer          James
 9a    Ward             Co?ie
 9a    Ward             Verida S.
 9a    Ward             Esther
 9a    Ward             Chester
 9a    Shoemaker        John
 9a    Shoemaker        Lily
 9a    Shoemaker        Ira
 9a    Shoemaker        Leo
 9a    Shoemaker        Werta M.
 9a    Shoemaker        Neeta F.
 9a    Shoemaker        Mary E.
 9a    Smyth            Alice  (mother-in-law)
 9a    River            Ed Jr.
 9a    River            El????
 9a    River            Glen D.
 9a    River            Yvonne C.
 9a    Chism            Joseph  (father-in-law)
 9a    Chism            Eliza A. (mother-in-law)
 9a    Lowe             T. W.
 9a    Lowe             Nora
 9a    Lowe             Kenneth G.
 9a    Lowe             Thomas Jr.
 9a    Lowe             Rusel
 9a    Hughes           H. L.
 9a    Hughes           Ala
 9a    Hughes           Glenda
 9a    Hughes           Marle
 9a    Hughes           ?etha M.
 9a    Hollingsworth    J. H.
 9a    Hollingsworth    Esther
 9a    Hollingsworth    Alain
 9a    Sarna            W. J.
 9a    Sarna            Georgia
 9a    Skidmore         D. B.
 9a    Skidmore         Belle

 9b    Son              C. L.
 9b    Son              Laura
 9b    Son              Lavoy
 9b    Son              Vivian (adopted daughter)
 9b    Rives            J. R.
 9b    Rives            Della
 9b    Rogers           C. H.
 9b    Rogers           Blanche
 9b    Harkens          A. J.
 9b    Phillips         S. A.
 9b    Phillips         Martha
 9b    Wood             William
 9b    Wood             (blank)
 9b    Wood             Ward
 9b    Curmutt          Ada
 9b    Curmutt          Ida R.
 9b    Faudrer          Tabitha A.
 9b    Coffey           Thelma
 9b    Coffey           Jack (son-in-law)
 9b    Faudrer          Charles R.
 9b    Milam            Elsie (roomer)
 9b    Honeycutt        B. L.
 9b    Honeycutt        Mable
 9b    Honeycutt        Binnie N.
 9b    Honeycutt        Loyd
 9b    Gilstrap         Tommy (nephew)
 9b    Kilmer           Tom G.
 9b    Kilmer           Eula
 9b    Kilmer           Jetty
 9b    Kilmer           Billie L.
 9b    Cooksey          B. K.
 9b    Cooksey          Robers
 9b    Cooksey          Ernest
 9b    Whyte            George
 9b    Whyte            Elizabeth
 9b    Whyte            Howard
 9b    Gann             Lily (boarder)
 9b    Lindemood        C. H.
 9b    Lindemood        Daisy A.
 9b    Lindemood        Everett
 9b    Lindemood        Velma
 9b    Lindemood        Zenomia
 9b    Allison          J. F. (boarder)
 9b    Young            Paul T.
 9b    Young            Naomi
 9b    Young            Lenui??
 9b    Young            James P.
 9b    Goodson          C. D.

10a    Goodson          Hester
10a    Corey            Jake
10a    Corey            Hattie R.
10a    Corey            Rose R.
10a    Corey            Yvonne
10a    Richards         Tolosa (mother in law)
10a    Sutherland       C. A.
10a    Sutherland       Mattie L.
10a    Ma??ker          John
10a    Ma??ker          Emma
10a    Roddy            J. L.
10a    Roddy            Gussie
10a    Roddy            Arnie
10a    Roy              Helen
10a    Roy              John (son-in-law)
10a    Roddy            Gordon
10a    Roddy            Robert W.
10a    Ray              D. P.
10a    Ray              Ella
10a    Ray              Elinor
10a    Ray              John R.
10a    Ray              Myrtle
10a    Ray              Arthur
10a    Ray              Corinne
10a    Ray              Jack
10a    Stubbs           N. T.
10a    Stubbs           Lelia
10a    Evans            Henry
10a    Evans            Mary C.
10a    Evans            Henry
10a    Chappell         J. E.
10a    Chappell         Ella
10a    Chappell         Royal
10a    Chappell         Dorothy
10a    Slack            W. H.
10a    Slack            May
10a    Slack            Clarence
10a    Slack            A. B.
10a    Slack            Fred Jr. (grandson)
10a    Slack            June (grandaughter)
10a    Choate           Zoe (daughter)
10a    Choate           Guy (son-in-law)
10a    Slack            Jack
10a    Slack            Ruth (daughter-in-law)
10a    Chaney           K. K.
10a    Chaney           Josephine
10a    Burton           Mary L. (mother-in-law)
10a    Barrett          Earl
10a    Barrett          Pearl
10a    Barrett          Earl Jr.

10b    Mix              Jim (nephew)
10b    Hegdon           W. D.
10b    Hegdon           E. May
10b    Sanders          R. D.
10b    Sanders          Jessie
10b    Sanders          Ruth L.
10b    Sanders          Christine
10b    Ma?ary           Harry
10b    Ma?ary           Mary
10b    Dickerson        Ione
10b    Barker           Ella (niece)
10b    Fagan            Kate
10b    Fagan            Kathrine
10b    Compton          H. J.
10b    Compton          Fay
10b    Compton          Hardin Jr.
10b    Galer            P. G.
10b    Galer            Ida
10b    Rice             Dee (stepson)
10b    Shepard          J. W.
10b    Shepard          Victoria
10b    Fugate           R. E.
10b    Fugate           Vera
10b    Fugate           Donald R.
10b    Fugate           Wanda G.
10b    Fugate           Leona
10b    Blossom          Eugene J.
10b    Blossom          Clara S.
10b    Blossom          Ruth
10b    Blossom          Edwin
10b    McIntosh         E. B.
10b    McIntosh         Leola
10b    McIntosh         Christine
10b    McIntosh         Thelma
10b    Slack            O. P.
10b    Slack            Ola
10b    Slack            Eugene
10b    Collier          Claude
10b    Collier          Carrie
10b    Collier          Claude Jr.
10b    Collier          Robert E.
10b    Collier          Evelyn J.
10b    Collier          Albert (brother)
10b    Turner           W. C.
10b    Turner           Bill
10b    Turner           Lawrence
10b    Turner           Edith
10b    Cartwright       Sam
10b    Cartwright       Fi?ena
10b    Cartwright       Dirkson

11a    Bloo?saw         Sherman
11a    Hosner           R. L.
11a    Hosner           Betty B.
11a    Hosner           Virgil
11a    Reigh            Irkie
11a    Reigh            Mamie
11a    Reigh            Billie J.
11a    Lowery           Pat
11a    Lowery           Bessie
11a    Pemberton        W. B.
11a    Pemberton        Delia
11a    Pemberton        J. D.
11a    McKay            J. A.
11a    Downing          R. O.
11a    Downing          Oda E.
11a    Downing          Ray
11a    Downing          Victor E.
11a    Husted           W. A.
11a    Husted           Dacie
11a    Husted           Joe R.
11a    Husted           W. R.
11a    Husted           Mary W.
11a    Husted           Dan C.
11a    Sumter           Tom
11a    Sumter           Gertrude
11a    Sumter           Tom Jr.
11a    McAnulty         O. E.
11a    McAnulty         Alice
11a    McAnulty         Hal J.
11a    McAnulty         Marjorie L.
11a    McAnulty         Billie J.
11a    McAnulty         Bobbie J.
11a    Parker           D. G.
11a    Parker           Elizabeth
11a    Parker           W. H.
11a    Tourneux         Louise
11a    Clem             (blank)
11a    Clem             Margaret
11a    Clem             James
11a    Clem             Alice (not sure of relationship to head)
11a    York             Sarah A.
11a    York             Maude
11a    D???ner          R. W.
11a    D???ner          Effie
11a    Tudor            Jewel (Tudor crossed out)
11a    D???ner          Gus (son-in-law) (might be Tudor, not D???ner)
11a    D???ner          Dale
11a    D???ner          Bobbie
11a    D???ner          Joan

11b    Morris           N. F. (father-in-law)
11b    Pitts            W. L.
11b    Pitts            Hattie
11b    Pitts            Billie
11b    Case             J. D.
11b    Case             Elizabeth
11b    Case             Lucile
11b    Case             Christine
11b    Case             Kathrine
11b    Case             Merline
11b    Case             Pauline
11b    Case             Geraldine
11b    Case             Charline
11b    Casper           C. C.
11b    Casper           Vivian
11b    Casper           Christine
11b    Baxter           Ruth (cousin)
11b    Cox              B. G.
11b    Cox              Emma J.
11b    Cameron          W. P.
11b    Cameron          Marci
11b    Henderson        Valrie
11b    Henderson        Hamill
11b    Flynn            E. S.
11b    Flynn            Lena
11b    Flynn            Josie
11b    Flynn            Ruby
11b    Flynn            Opal
11b    Flynn            Clarence
11b    Faulkenberry     Roy (roomer)
11b    Faulkenberry     John L. (roomer)
11b    White            J. W.
11b    White            Rhoda
11b    White            J. W. Jr.
11b    White            Ruby M.
11b    White            Nathan (uncle)
11b    Atterberry       Martha
11b    Atterberry       Norma
11b    Atterberry       Orval
11b    Atterberry       Doyle
11b    Atterberry       Doris
11b    Atterberry       Gretchen
11b    Allen            S. A.
11b    Str??ck          T. B.
11b    Str??ck          Myrtle
11b    Str??ck          Gladys
11b    Str??ck          J. D.
11b    Str??ck          Edison
11b    Str??ck          Alma
11b    Str??ck          Gerald

12a    Str??ck          June
12a    Str??ck          Virginia A.
12a    Camp             Minnie C.
12a    Camp             Oscar
12a    Camp             Sidney
12a    Camp             Cleptie
12a    Camp             Carl
12a    Camp             Leo
12a    Stamphill        C. ?
12a    Stamphill        Adell
12a    Stamphill        Irene
12a    Stamphill        Aline
12a    Stamphill        M???? (grandaughter)
12a    McGo???          Cecilia
12a    McGo???          Henry
12a    Harris           J. E.
12a    Harris           Lora
12a    Harris           J. E. Jr.
12a    Harris           Edna D.
12a    Harris           Billie S.
12a    Russell          L. E.
12a    Hawkins          W. S.
12a    Hawkins          Myrtle
12a    Hawkins          Bill
12a    Dyer             H. E.
12a    Dyer             Pearl
12a    Dyer             Ann
12a    Dyer             Helen
12a    Dyer             Billie
12a    Jenkins          Bell (Sister-in-law)
12a    Folsom           Lucy C.
12a    Jones            Leah
12a    Ang???           ???  (Son-in-law)
12a    Ang???           James F. (grandson)
12a    Morgan           Viola (boarder)
12a    Stuart           P. P. (boarder)
12a    Barnes           S. A. (boarder)
12a    Robison          Sill*** (boarder)
12a    Ledbetter        W. M. (boarder)
12a    Wilson           George (boarder)
12a    Madlock          Estelle (waiter)
12a    Hobbs            Richard
12a    Hobbs            Alta
12a    Hobbs            Vincent
12a    Hobbs            Helen
12a    Hobbs            Louisae
12a    Hobbs            Richard Jr.
12a    Summit           W. H.
12a    Summit           Mable Y.
12a    Summit           Thomas R.

12b    Summit           Davis W.
12b    Summit           Jack
12b    Frederick        Sallie
12b    Frederick        Josephine
12b    Frederick        Georgia
12b    Frederick        Yvonne (grandaughter)
12b    Vilmer           M. A.
12b    Southern         Charles (grandson)
12b    Blossom          H. B.
12b    Blossom          Sallie
12b    Coleman          Iva
12b    Pemberton        L. A.
12b    Pemberton        John
12b    Pemberton        Elmo
12b    Season           L. A.
12b    Season           Lizzie
12b    Season           Estelle
12b    Season           Eskerson
12b    VanWinkle        Monroe
12b    VanWinkle        Cleo
12b    VanWinkle        Lucile
12b    VanWinkle        Buddy
12b    Anderson         John
12b    Anderson         Ella
12b    Anderson         Mildred
12b    Anderson         Mary A.
12b    Green            W. W.
12b    Green            Celia
12b    Green            Agnes
12b    Green            Lois
12b    Green            Clifford
12b    Green            Leylord
12b    Green            J. P.
12b    Green            Easter
12b    Cole             Walter (boarder)
12b    Mason            John
12b    Mason            Etta
12b    Mason            Th???
12b    Mason            Jay
12b    Mason            Burns
21b    Turnbo           V. P.
21b    Turnbo           Ethel
21b    Turnbo           Froman
21b    Turnbo           Violet
21b    Turnbo           Garland
21b    Turnbo           Thomas
12b    Haas             Hugo
12b    Haas             Mabel K.
12b    Haas             Paul A.
12b    Norwood          Marshall C.

13a    Moss             B. G.
13a    Moss             Mary E.
13a    Casper           Miriam
13a    Casper           Jake T. (son-in-law)
13a    Casper           Moss (grandson)
13a    Casper           Clyde (grandson)
13a    Green            Rosa (boarder)
13a    McCasland        C.
13a    McCasland        Hayden
13a    McCasland        Hickman
13a    McCasland        LaHoma
13a    McCasland        Mark
13a    F????ney         Addie
13a    F????ney         Mary L.
13a    Marsden          Mary (mother)
13a    McGuire          Marvin
13a    McGuire          Kathrine
13a    Rose             F. A.
13a    Rose             Leila
13a    Rose             Virginia
13a    Rose             Betty
13a    Tice             L. S.
13a    Tice             Bessie
13a    Tice             Cary M.
13a    Tice             O. T.
13a    Tice             J. T.
13a    Fletcher         C. L.
13a    Fletcher         Josie
13a    Anderson         Winnie
13a    Anderson         Casey T.
13a    Anderson         Clintel
13a    Anderson         Paree
13a    Anderson         Clifton
13a    Anderson         Clinton Jr.
13a    Togoods          Willie
13a    Togoods          Gladys
13a    Harris           Martha
13a    Grays            Sylvester (father)
13a    Smith            James
13a    Smith            Lula
13a    Clayton          Leslie (Clayton crossed out)
13a    Hale             Rose L.
13a    Burris           Lorine (granddaughter)
13a    Burris           Lorenza (grandson)
13a    Hale             Bertha L. (granddaughter)
13a    Cox              Matt
13a    Cox              Nancy
13a    Clayton          Dewey (grandson)
13a    Gould            Ada
13a    Gould            Helen

13b    Gould            Zina M.
13b    Gordon           Jim (boarder)
13b    Clayton          Naomi (boarder)
13b    Factor           Winnie
13b    Bailey           Lillian
13b    Bailey           Jack
13b    Greenwood        Henry
13b    Greenwood        Blanche
13b    Greenwood        Ruth
13b    Greenwood        Buford
13b    Greenwood        Nadine
13b    Greenwood        David
13b    Greenwood        Herman
13b    Greenwood        Henry Jr.
13b    Greenwood        Laris
13b    Trimble          Eula
13b    Trimble          Arthur G.
13b    Trimble          Ruth
13b    Perkins          Mack (boarder)
13b    Perkins          Howard (boarder)
13b    Brown            Silas
13b    Brown            Laura
13b    Brown            Hazel L.
13b    Gibson           John
13b    Gibson           Mollie
13b    Miles            C. D. (Miles may be crossed out)
13b    Gibson           Esther B.
13b    Gibson           Roosevelt
13b    Gibson           Oletha
13b    Gibson           Lola
13b    Gibson           Arthur
13b    Clayton          Ludi
13b    Clayton          Armis
13b    Clayton          Helen
13b    Clayton          Julius
13b    Clayton          Ruth
13b    Clayton          Curtis
13b    Clayton          Theo R.
13b    Clayton          Jesse M.
13b    Clayton          R. L.
13b    Clayton          Corinne
13b    Clayton          Sonny
13b    Brown            John
13b    Brown            Savanah
13b    Richards         Viney (mother-in-law)
13b    Richards         Jake
13b    Richards         Ida
13b    Dieter           Arthur
13b    Dieter           Lottie
13b    Dieter           Earl

14a    Dieter           Gladys
14a    Dieter           George
14a    Dieter           Eliza
14a    Dieter           Charlie C.
14a    Frazier          Isaac
14a    Sellers          ????
14a    Sellers          Ed
14a    Griffis          M. J.
14a    Griffis          Mary
14a    Griffis          M. J. Jr.
14a    Perkins          Grace D.
14a    Stuart           Mable
14a    Stuart           Elmer
14a    Smith            Bob
14a    Gary             Harriet
14a    Shelby           Will
14a    Shelby           Lottie
14a    Johnson          Leroy
14a    Johnson          Mary
14a    Jackson          Ruth
14a    Jackson          Esther
14a    Jackson          Henry
14a    Jackson          Rob
14a    Alexander        R. O.
14a    Clark            W. D.
14a    Clark            Annabel
14a    Clark            Joe
14a    Clark            Lula M.
14a    Clark            J. D.
14a    Clark            Roland
14a    McCasland        Clarence
14a    McCasland        Roxy
14a    McCasland        Mary A.
14a    Garrett          Louis H.
14a    Garrett          Cora
14a    Garrett          Louis H. Jr.
14a    Kilgore          Charles L.
14a    Kilgore          Sathiel
14a    Parry            Dave
14a    Parry            Oda
14a    Kilgore          I. T.
14a    Kilgore          Vonia
14a    B????            Carrie
14a    B????            V. F.
14a    Anglin           Joe
14a    Lucas            H. G.
14a    Lucas            Henrietta
14a    Lucas            Jert

14b    Lucas            Frances
14b    Lucas            John
14b    Lucas            Helen (daughter-in-law)
14b    Matthews         Hugh
14b    Matthews         Josephine
14b    Matthews         Juanita
14b    Matthews         John
14b    Matthews         P. O.
14b    Matthews         Burrel
14b    Dickerson        Joe
14b    Dickerson        Lottie
14b    Dickerson        Fred
14b    Dickerson        Roy
14b    Dickerson        Oscar
14b    Dickerson        Glen
14b    Moreland         C. E.
14b    Moreland         Mattie
14b    Pendergast       Elizabeth (mother-in-law)
14b    Moreland         Ralph
14b    Moreland         Bessie
14b    Moreland         Ralph Jr.
14b    Moreland         Helen M.
14b    Jones            Paul (half brother)
14b    Wilson           Mary
14b    Wilson           Helen
14b    Wilson           Virginia
14b    Wilson           Margaret
14b    Wilson           Mildred
14b    Wilson           Raymond
14b    Wilson           Roy
14b    Wilson           Floyd
14b    Green            Herbert B.
14b    Green            Effie
14b    Green            Adi???
14b    Green            Randell
14b    Green            Warren L.
14b    Faudree          Kenneth R.
14b    Faudree          Norma I.
14b    Russell          F. W.
14b    Russell          Eulalie
14b    Gilbert          B. M.
14b    Gilbert          Retha
14b    Gilbert          Billie
14b    Holland          D. C.
14b    Holland          Cora
14b    Aynes            Freddie
14b    Aynes            Raleigh (son-in-law)
14b    Honey            Harvey (stepson)
14b    Honey            Frankie (granddaughter)
14b    Holland          Del

15a    McLeroy          John
15a    McLeroy          Edna
15a    McLeroy          Leon
15a    McLeroy          Juanita
15a    McLeroy          James
15a    McLeroy          Ellen L.
15a    Weatherford      Margaret
15a    Jacob            Tom
15a    Morris           Lankford
15a    Morris           Mattie
15a    Mitchel          Arthur
15a    Mitchel          Tinnie C.
15a    Mitchel          Arthur W.
15a    Mitchel          Reuben E.
15a    Mitchel          Jimmie
15a    Mitchel          Myrtle L.
15a    Mitchel          Sarah
15a    Morning          Mary
15a    Morning          W. H.
15a    Mault?y          L. J.
15a    Mault?y          Gertrude
15a    Boyd             Chris
15a    Boyd             Helen
15a    Herrington       Lee
15a    Herrington       Daisy
15a    Redfield         James
15a    Redfield         Josephine
15a    Clayton          Clifford
15a    Carr             Willie
15a    Carr             Williemay
15a    Gra?ehouse       W. L.
15a    Gra?ehouse       Callie
15a    Barns            Cecil B. (Barns crossed out)
15a    Gra?ehouse       Lawrence (Lawrence crossed out)
15a    Gra?ehouse       Thelma
15a    Flax             Edra
15a    Flex             Elmila
15a    Goodner          Berna
15a    Gardys           Mary
15a    Webster          Troy
15a    Webster          Lou V.
15a    Webster          Margaret
15a    Hudson           Hughes
15a    Hudson           Julie
15a    Beatty           G???
15a    Beatty           Annis
15a    Swan             Essie
15a    Swan             Fannie
15a    Swan             Gerry L.
15a    Swan             George (adopted son)

15b    Swan             Clinton
15b    Swan             Dean
15b    Swan             Headare
15b    Barnes           Myrtle
15b    Weatherford      D. D. (father)
15b    Armstrong        Janie (roomer)
15b    Angelin          Mary
15b    Bowman           Tom
15b    Bowman           Mandy
15b    Bowman           Margurite
15b    Bowman           Nancy
15b    Bowman           Henry
15b    Bowman           Joe
15b    Shirley          W. R.
15b    Shirley          Dionie
15b    Yarbaugh         I. M.
15b    Yarbaugh         Jennie
15b    Gentry           William (stepson)
15b    Gentry           Sam (stepson)
15b    Gentry           Mary F. (stepdaughter)
15b    Bishop           Lara L. (stepdaughter)
15b    Solomon          Betty M. (stepdaughter)
15b    Stonebarger      Nora
15b    Stonebarger      Pauline
15b    Stonebarger      Larane
15b    Stonebarger      Robert
15b    Templeton        Victor
15b    Moore            Jim
15b    Moore            Mary
15b    Moore            Leon
15b    Moore            Eugene
15b    Clifford         Warren H.
15b    Clifford         Pearl
15b    Clifford         Dorothy J.
15b    Clifford         Billie
15b    Dobson           Mart
15b    Dobson           Lily
15b    Dobson           James D.
15b    Dobson           Willis
15b    Dobson           Robert
15b    Dobson           Clara
15b    Dobson           John
15b    Dobson           Lizzie
15b    Coldiron         Ethel
15b    Coldiron         Leon
15b    Coldiron         Lennie
15b    Green            Chester
15b    Green            Macy
15b    Green            Rena
15b    Green            Lucile

16a    Green            Christene
16a    Green            Bessie
16a    Green            Rothadale
16a    Jacobs           Mariah
16a    Ward             Jane
16a    Lee              Mary F. (roomer)
16a    Jackson          Will
16a    Jackson          Genevive
16a    Crooms           Tom
16a    Crooms           ?innie
16a    Crooms           Tom Jr.
16a    Crooms           Henry
16a    Crooms           Dorothy
16a    Crooms           Willie M.
16a    Crooms           Adine
16a    Crooms           Opal
16a    Crooms           Jewel D.
16a    Crooms           Henry Jr.
16a    Crooms           James
16a    Crooms           Lidia
16a    Crooms           John
16a    Crooms           ??nelle
16a    Bell             Jinn (roomer)
16a    Bell             Esther (roomer)
16a    Crooms           Lenard
16a    Crooms           Mary
16a    Crooms           Lenard Jr.
16a    Larce            Joe
16a    Larce            Doretha
16a    Larce            Ethel
16a    Brice            Beatrix
16a    Brice            Willie
16a    Colter           Charles
16a    Colter           Willie
16a    Hudson           Cora
16a    Hudson           Hugh
16a    Hudson           Cutie (daughter-in-law)
16a    Flax             Joe
16a    Flax             Rosetta
16a    Flax             Eugene
16a    Flax             Essie
16a    Flax             Hazel
16a    Flax             Edna
16a    Flax             Herman (grandson)
16a    Flax             Merle (grandson)
16a    Flax             Imogene
16a    Brown            Leola
16a    Brown            DeWitt
16a    Brown            DePaules
16a    Brown            Norma J.

16b    Swan             Freeman (roomer)
16b    Hyatt            Henry
16b    Hyatt            Minnie
16b    Hyatt            James
16b    Hyatt            Rube
16b    Livingston       A. B.
16b    Livingston       Mary
16b    Clark            Lizzie
16b    Lallis           Will M.
16b    Lallis           Amy
16b    Morningjay       Pearl
16b    Morningjay       Ida L. (granddaughter)
16b    Brenner          Willa (roomer)
16b    Brenner          Junior (roomer)
16b    Harris           Carrie
16b    Harris           Helen
16b    Harris           Hazel
16b    Cooper           Phylis
16b    Cooper           Frankie
16b    Gould            Robert
16b    Gould            Alma
16b    Boyd             Mabel
16b    Boyd             J. D.
16b    Bailey           Doc
16b    Bailey           Lula
16b    Bailey           Essie
16b    Bailey           Willie
16b    Bailey           Warren G.
16b    Bailey           Helen (grandaughter)
16b    Boyd             Don
16b    Boyd             Nina
16b    Young            Tom
16b    Young            Mary
16b    Young            Effie
16b    Young            John
16b    Young            Fredonia
16b    Young            Henry
16b    Young            Gladys M.
16b    Young            Tom Jr.
16b    ????             ????
16b    Hill             John (Hill crossed out)
16b    ????             Valrie
16b    ????             Ural
16b    ????             Herbert J.
16b    Pleasant         Beatrice
16b    Hampton          Laura
16b    Flowers          Dara
16b    Shield           Mary L. (niece)
16b    Colbert          William
16b    Colbert          Anne

17a    Woods            Sam
17a    Woods            Mattie
17a    Hyatt            Julie (granddaughter)
17a    Hyatt            Albert (grandson)
17a    Graff            Celeron
17a    Graff            Martha
17a    Jones            Emma (niece)
17a    Young            Z. H.
17a    Young            Elzie
17a    Laurence         George (roomer)
17a    Gray             Edith L.
17a    Matt             Frank
17a    Boyce            Plymouth
17a    Gant             Ollie
17a    Gant             Irene
17a    Gant             Priscilla
17a    Butler           Alfred
17a    Butler           Lizzie
17a    Porter           Willie
17a    Porter           Rozzie
17a    Porter           Mary
17a    Porter           Irene
17a    Porter           Ailsworth (nephew)
17a    Vincent          Claude
17a    Vincent          Amelia
17a    Graham           Joe
17a    Graham           Mary
17a    Brooks           Violet (granddaughter)
17a    Brooks           Raymond (grandson)
17a    Moore            Clarence
17a    Moore            Maggie
17a    Moore            Nathan
17a    Moore            Georgie
17a    Grey             Eddie
17a    Lawrence         George (boarder)
17a    Barr             James (grandson)
17a    Anderson         Lenore
17a    Anderson         Nadine
17a    Anderson         Mable
17a    Anderson         Titha
17a    James            Oscar (boarder)
17a    Boyd             Gertrude
17a    James            George
17a    James            Mary
17a    James            George Jr.
17a    Cole             E. C.
17a    Cole             Indianola
17a    Cole             Ernest
17a    Cole             Ruby
17a    Cole             Joe

17b    Morrow           E. M.
17b    Morrow           Clara
17b    Morrow           I??? E.
17b    Morrow           Horace (nephew)
17b    Sears            Lizzie
17b    Frazier          Don
17b    Frazier          Gracie
17b    Butler           Roosevelt
17b    Simpson          W. E.
17b    Simpson          Leola
17b    Simpson          Lucile
17b    Simpson          Willie M.
17b    Carter           Ed B.
17b    Carter           Leebell
17b    Kilgore          H. C. (father-in-law)
17b    Kilgore          Rosa L. (mother-in-law)
17b    Carnsmore        Georgie (boarder)
17b    McAlpin          P. J.
17b    McAlpin          Addie
17b    Colbert          Sam
17b    Colbert          Janie
17b    Colbert          Helen
17b    Colbert          Henry
17b    Colbert          A???
17b    Colbert          Cecil
17b    Colbert          Annie M.
17b    Johnson          Leroy
17b    Johnson          Idella
17b    Lyons            Jerry
17b    Lyons            Maggie
17b    Swan             Lillie (granddaughter)
17b    Ward             Howard (stepson)
17b    Perry            Alice
17b    Perry            Lexie
17b    Colbert          Charles
17b    Littleton        Lenora
17b    James            Lenora
17b    McJenkins        Robert
17b    McJenkins        Ida
17b    McCutcheon       I. B.
17b    McCutcheon       Blanche
17b    Flax             Clara
17b    Flax             Hal
17b    Brady            James
17b    Brady            Frances
17b    Porter           Ira
17b    Johnson          Mamie
17b    Johnson          John F.
17b    Roy              A. P.
17b    Roy              Hattie B.

18a    Wilson           T. E.
18a    Wilson           Mary
18a    Carter           Gray
18a    Carter           Alta
18a    Dean             James B.
18a    Dean             Bertha L.
18a    Flowers          F. E.
18a    Flowers          Helen
18a    Flowers          Dalton
18a    Flowers          Dorothy
18a    Flowers          Doyle
18a    Flowers          Nadine
18a    Fain             J. Kelly
18a    Fain             Julia N.
18a    Fain             J. Kelly Jr.
18a    Fain             Louise
18a    Straughan        J. W.
18a    Faulkenberry     T. C.
18a    Faulkenberry     Myrtle
18a    Faulkenberry     Leola
18a    Faulkenberry     Charles O.
18a    Faulkenberry     Tim
18a    Faulkenberry     Nancy
18a    Self             William
18a    Self             W. L.
18a    Riggs            Thomas B.
18a    Snider           Mary G.
18a    Kelley           Paul
18a    Kelley           Inez
18a    White            Zack (roomer)
18a    White            Mamie (roomer)
18a    Barnum           R. E.
18a    Barnum           Golea
18a    Barnum           Beuford
18a    Barnum           Barba B.
18a    Barnum           Beatrix L.
18a    Jackson          Henry (relationship not readable)
18a    Faudree          Theo.
18a    Faudree          Agnes
18a    Faudree          Billie J.
18a    Hobbs            J. H.
18a    Salmon           Joe
18a    Salmon           Andrew
18a    Salmon           Anita
18a    Salmon           Alonso
18a    Stobaugh         Lesta
18a    Stobaugh         Loretta (sister)
18a    Vaugh            Marie (roomer)
18a    Browning         Ruth (daughter) (not sure who is her parent)

18b    Moffatt          William
18b    Moffatt          Alice L.
18b    Gremen           Esther (niece)
18b    Henry            T. U.
18b    Henry            Nettie
18b    Faulkenberry     Luther (son-in-law)
18b    Faulkenberry     Merle
18b    Faulkenberry     Luther B. (grandson)
18b    Selby            Helen
18b    Mason            George A.
18b    Mason            Ada M.
18b    Mason            Bobbie R.
18b    Tobias           Simon
18b    Tobias           Martha
18b    Tobias           G. J.
18b    Hall             M. L.
18b    Hall             Maude
18b    Hall             Leota
18b    Durham           Lena
18b    Durham           John E.
18b    Durham           Loyd L.
18b    Durham           Mary L.
18b    Durham           Walter F.
18b    Ward             Joe B.
18b    Ward             Nina
18b    Ward             Geraldine
18b    Ward             Jephy E.
18b    Nettletoe        Kyle
18b    Nettletoe        Pearl
18b    Nettletoe        Gerald
18b    Nettletoe        Jim
18b    Nettletoe        Elizabeth
18b    Nettletoe        Sidney
18b    Butler           D. E.
18b    Butler           Ola
18b    Butler           Herbert E.
18b    Watkins          H. P.
18b    Watkins          Lucile
18b    McCoy            Celia
18b    Blue             Bessie (boarder)
18b    Gant             Da???  (boarder)
18b    Gant             Rena (boarder)
18b    Brown            Frank (boarder)
18b    Choate           Robert
18b    Choate           Sibyl
18b    Choate           LaVerne
18b    McCleary         B. C.
18b    McCleary         Lannie
18b    Dean             J. B.
18b    Dean             B. K.

19a    Moody            John
19a    Moody            Lura
19a    Zwiegel          Abe
19a    Zweigel          Frieda
19a    VanderWood       W. H.
19a    VanderWood       Ola
19a    Redling          Neal
19a    Redling          Winetta
19a    Redling          Neal M.
19a    Redling          Sarah
19a    Redling          Sam
19a    Wagoner          Joe A.
19a    Wagoner          Nettie M.
19a    Wagoner          Patrick L.
19a    Hacker           Cecil
19a    Hacker           Leah
19a    Hacker           Mina J.
19a    Voto             J. D.
19a    Voto             Teresina
19a    Voto             J. D. Jr.
19a    Phillips         Ferman
19a    Phillips         May
19a    Russell          Fred A.
19a    Wright           Isten
19a    Wright           Martha
19a    Wright           Ellis
19a    Wright           Ora M.
19a    Wright           David
19a    Wright           Lucile
19a    Bussy            M.
19a    Bussy            Charles
19a    Bussy            Carl M.
19a    Bussy            Eva
19a    Millican         Robert
19a    Millican         Laura
19a    Millican         Roberta
19a    Millican         Thomas
19a    Ahrens           H. T.
19a    Nichols          Parker
19a    Nichols          Alma
19a    Hill             John
19a    Hill             Ella
19a    Cheatam          Lena
19a    Cheatam          Lee (son-in-law)
19a    Gould            Lena (stepdaughter)
19a    Younger          Tansel (grandson)
19a    White            Charlie
19a    White            Lou
19a    Schaap           Louis
19a    Armstrong        Harold B. (boarder)

19b    Corley           William R. (boarder)
19b    Darius           Garrett

end of district 1

Atoka County Jail
page 20A
20a    Smith            John (lodger)
20a    Burr??y          ? L.
20a    Styles           Isaac
20a    H??alin          Calvin (lodger)

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