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Counties with Corresponding 1900 O. T. Enumeration Districts 

The 1900 Census of Oklahoma Territory covers the organized counties of Oklahoma Territory and the Osage/Kaw, Wichita/Kiowa/Apache Lands.  Using the census data now available online, it's possible to find records and still not easily pinpoint the modern-day location because present-day counties did not exist in 1900. 

The following table, organized by present-day county, provides links to sketches of the ED boundaries and to various maps that show the rivers [1915 maps], and township boundaries [Township Maps and DoT Maps].   

For those counties whose sketches are not yet online, descriptions of the EDs are included on the EDs Worksheet.

Sharon Crawford's map set provides the boundaries of named townships for many of the present-day counties.  In some cases, larger Territorial Townships have been divided into smaller modern ones but we have not been able to determine the old boundaries.  The ED numbers in black show the blocks of EDs for the Territorial County or Counties that contained all or part of a present-day county.  Numbers in Red are the EDs that have been matched to present-day counties and either have a sketch online or in progress.

County O.T. County  ED Sketch Township Map  1915 Map 1972 Map DoT Maps 1900 EDs 
Alfalfa Woods N/A Map Alfalfa 1915 USGS Color Alfalfa DoT ?
Beaver Beaver N/A N/A Beaver 1915 East - Beaver 1915 West USGS Color Beaver DoT 1-7 
Beckham Greer & Roger Mills N/A N/A Beckham 1915 USGS Color Beckham DoT ?
Blaine Blaine & part of Wichita Res. N/A N/A Blaine 1915 USGS Color Blaine DoT 8-15
Caddo Wichita Lands and Kiowa, Comanche, Apache Lands N/A Map Caddo 1915 USGS Color Caddo DoT ?
Canadian Canadian and part of Wichita Res. N/A N/A Canadian 1915 USGS Color Canadian DoT 16-24
Cimarron Beaver N/A N/A Cimarron 1915 USGS Color Cimarron DoT 1-7
Cleveland Cleveland N/A N/A Cleveland 1915 USGS Color Cleveland DoT 25-34
Comanche Kiowa, Comanche, Apache Lands N/A Map Comanche 1915 USGS Color Comanche DoT ?
Cotton Kiowa, Comanche, Apache Lands N/A N/A Cotton 1915 USGS Color Cotton DoT ?
Custer Custer N/A N/A Custer 1915 USGS Color Custer DoT 35-40
Dewey Dewey N/A Map Dewey 1915 USGS Color Dewey DoT 43-47
Ellis Day & Woodward N/A N/A Ellis 1915 USGS Color Ellis DoT
Garfield Garfield Sketch Map Garfield 1915 USGS Color Garfield DoT 48-63
Grant  Grant  Sketch Map Grant 1915 USGS Color Grant DoT 64-78
Greer Greer N/A N/A Greer 1915 USGS Color Greer DoT 79-85
Harmon Greer N/A N/A Harmon 1915 USGS Color Harmon DoT ?
Harper Woodward N/A N/A Harper 1915 USGS Color Harper DoT ?
Jackson Greer N/A N/A Jackson 1915 USGS Color Jackson DoT ?
Kay Kay N/A N/A Kay 1915 USGS Color Kay DoT 86-101
Kingfisher Kingfisher N/A Map Kingfisher 1915 USGS Color Kingfisher DoT 102-115
Kiowa Kiowa, Comanche, Apache Lands N/A N/A Kiowa 1915 USGS Color Kiowa DoT ?
Lincoln Lincoln Sketch Map Lincoln 1915 USGS Color Lincoln DoT 116-130
Logan Logan Sketch Map Logan 1915 USGS Color Logan DoT 131-146
Major Woods N/A Map Major 1915 USGS Color Major DoT ?
Noble Noble, Payne, Ponca, Otoe & Missouri Res. Sketch Map Noble 1915 USGS Color Noble DoT 146-154, 180, 184, 253, 254
Oklahoma Oklahoma Sketch Map Oklahoma 1915 USGS Color Oklahoma DoT 155-172
Osage Osage N/A Map Osage 1915 USGS Color Osage DoT 255
Pawnee Pawnee N/A Map Pawnee 1915 USGS Color Pawnee DoT 173-179
Payne Payne Sketch Map  Payne 1915 USGS Color Payne DoT 180-190
Pottawatomie Pottawatomie N/A Map Pottawatomie 1915 USGS Color Pottawatomie DoT 191-202
Roger Mills Day, Ellis, Roger Mills N/A N/A Roger Mills 1915 USGS Color Roger Mills DoT 203-205
Texas Beaver N/A N/A Texas 1915 USGS Color Texas DoT 1-7
Tillman Kiowa, Comanche, Apache Lands N/A N/A Tillman 1915 USGS Color Tillman DoT ?
Washita Washita N/A N/A Washita 1915 USGS Color Washita DoT 206-211
Woods Woods & Woodward N/A Map Woods 1915 USGS Color Woods DoT 212-243
Woodward Woodward N/A N/A Woodward 1915 USGS Color Woodward DoT 244-251


USGS Color Map Counties Covered
Beaver Beaver
Caddo Caddo
Canadian Plus Blaine, Canadian, Kingfisher
Cimarron Cimarron
Comanche-Plus Comanche, Cotton, Tillman
Custer-Plus Custer, Dewey, Washita
Ellis Plus Ellis, Roger Mills, Woodward
Kiowa Kiowa, Washita
Logan Plus Logan, Kingfisher
Major Plus Alfalfa, Major
Northern O.T. Alfalfa, Garfield, Grant
Old Greer Beckham, Greer, Harmon, Jackson
Osage-Plus Kay, Noble, Osage, Payne 
Sac-Fox-Plus Cleveland, Lincoln, Oklahoma, Pottawatomie
Northwest-OT Harper, Woods, Woodward
Texas-West and Texas-East Texas -- shown in two parts on the original map

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