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Volume 1 - 8 microfiche  Microfiche #6016866
AARON, William Hubert Pawhuska, OK
ABBOT, George Caddo, OK
ABBOTT, J. A. Tulsa, OK
ABBOTT, J. W. Newkirk, OK
ABBOTT, S. M. Hillside Mission, OK
ABERCROMBIE, Fred Chickasha, OK
ABERCROMBIE, Bertha McAlester, OK
ABERNATHY, John N. Oklahoma City, OK
ABRAM, Ed Milo, OK
ABRAMS, Ed Marlow, OK
ABRAMS, S. W. Miami, OK
ACKLEY, Mary Muskogee, OK
ACKLEY, P. P. Elk City, OK
ACKLEY, Sherman Keystone, OK
ACORN, John B. Stilwell, OK
ACORN, Zeke Stilwell, OK
ADAIR, Jesse Piney, OK
ADAIR, John M. Tahlequah, OK
ADAIR, John Martin Ft. Gibson, OK
ADAIR, Sam H. Stilwell, OK
ADAMS, Annie Chamberlain Boggs, OK
ADAMS, Dicey Stakes Okmulgee, OK
ADAMS, George Pawnee, OK
ADAMS, Harry H. Muskogee, OK
ADAMS, Lawrence G. El Reno, OK
ADAMS, Lee Sentinel, OK
ADAMS, Margaret Cring El Reno, OK
ADAMS, Sarah Wash Boggs, OK
ADAMS, T. Dave Altus, OK
ADAMS, William C. Oklahoma City, OK
ADAMS, W.H. (William Harvey) Tahlequah, OK
ADDINGTON, Andy Ardmore, OK
ADKINS, A. F. Hugo, OK
ADKINS, C. D. Norman, OK
ADKINS, Ed Marlow, OK
ADKINS, Richard Sapulpa, OK
AGEE, William T. Roff, OK
AGNEW, Mary Cobb Muskogee, OK
AHRONS, Edna Oklahoma City, OK
AHRONS, F. H. A. (Mrs.) Wagoner, OK
AHRONS, Kate Shaw Wagoner, OK
AIKMAN, William E. Oklahoma City, OK
AIRINGTON, Bell Haney Durant, OK
AKER, James Elk City, OK
AKINS, Jennie Westville, OK
ALBERTI, George Newkirk, OK
ALBERTY, John A. Westville, OK
ALBERTY, Nancy Westville, OK
ALBERTY, Thomas E. Westville, OK
ALBIN, Frank (Mrs.) Ninnekah, OK
ALDRIDGE, C. A. Anadarko, OK
ALDRIDGE, Edmond Lee Henryetta, OK
ALDRIDGE, W. B. Chickasha, OK
VOLUME 2 - 9 microfiche #6016867
ALEX, F. G. Wewoka, OK
ALEX, Freelyn Wewoka, OK
ALEXANDER, Alex Okmulgee, OK
ALEXANDER, Charles R. Woodward, OK
ALEXANDER, J. F. Sulphur, OK
ALEXANDER, J. G. Pauls Valley, OK
ALEXANDER, Jobe Proctor, OK
ALEXANDER, O. E. Antlers, OK
ALEXANDER, Phillip David El Reno, OK
ALFORD, Madge Lawton, OK
ALISON, Robert Hugo, OK
ALLARD, Frances Gibson El Reno, OK
ALLARD, Lyman El Reno, OK
ALLEN, Carnules W. Elk City, OK
ALLEN, Charlie V. Sentinel, OK
ALLEN, Fannie Frances Guthrie, OK
ALLEN, Gloster Wynnewood, OK
ALLEN, H. A. Sasakwa, OK
ALLEN, H. L. Okemah, OK
ALLEN, Jesse Stroud, OK
ALLEN, (John) J. J. Enid, OK
ALLEN, Lillian Sentinel, OK
ALLEN, W. L. Gage, OK
ALLEN, Walter B. Bartlesville, OK
ALLEN, William Guthrie, OK
ALLGOOD, J. R. Tipton, OK
ALLGOOD, Lucy Fleming Tipton, OK
ALLING, Charles C. Guthrie, OK
ALLISON, Sallie Billie Bentley, OK
ALLRED, William Oklahoma City, OK
ALLSTOTT, Otus Pauls Valley, OK
ALSTINE, Jimmie Van Roach (Mrs.) * Elk City, OK
ALTUM, L. W. Tonkawa, OK
AMERSON, Lola Maud Johnson El Reno, OK
AMMONS, Joseph Stilwell, OK
AMOS, Allen E. Eagletown, OK
ANDERSON, Albert Altus, OK
ANDERSON, Albert L. Chickasha, OK
ANDERSON, Amos No Place given
ANDERSON, B. L. Pauls Valley, OK
ANDERSON, Bradley Antlers, OK
ANDERSON, Cora Paoli, OK
ANDERSON, Crawford J. Talihina, OK
ANDERSON, F. L. Miller, OK
ANDERSON, George T. Sentinel, OK
ANDERSON, Lillian Lee Eufaula, OK
ANDERSON, Martha Holdenville, OK
ANDERSON, Phil Hartshorne, OK
ANDERSON, Tandy Antlers, OK
ANDERSON, Thomas A. Henryetta, OK
ANDERSON, William E. Medford, OK
ANDERSON, Wister Oklahoma City, OK
ANDREWS, John Henryetta, OK
ANDREWS, John C. Woodward, OK
ANDREWS, Martha Ann El Reno, OK
ANGLIN, William Green Choctaw Nation
ANNETT, W. E. Cleveland, OK
ANSPA?H, Mose A. (Mrs.) Muskogee, OK
ANTHIS, L. J. (Rev.) Guthrie, OK
ANTHONY, Andrew T. Perry, OK
ANTHONY, Emma Sentinel, OK
ANTHONY, Ozena (Young) Perry, OK
ANTLE, Arthur Tulsa, OK
ANTLES, J. B. (Mrs.) Ada, OK
APAUTY, Adeline Cache, OK
APPLE, John W. Quapaw, OK
VOLUME 3 - 8 microfiche  #6016868
ARCHER, Annie Tulsa, OK
ARCHER, Ernest Tulsa, OK
ARCHER, Thomas Jefferson Tulsa, OK
ARCHERD, Pineo Durant, OK
ARCHIBALD, Mary McAlester, OK
ARENDELL, Mary Alice Jimstown, OK
ARENDELL, Mitchell B. McAlester, OK
ARMFIELD, J. M. Cordell, OK
ARMOR, Annie Williams Tulsa, OK
ARMSTRONG, Albert El Reno, OK
ARMSTRONG, Bill Clinton, OK
ARMSTRONG, Henry Bartlesville, OK
ARMSTRONG, James K. Oklahoma City, OK
ARMSTRONG, Kent S. Lawton, OK
ARMSTRONG, Lewis Wichita Mountains, OK
ARMSTRONG, Libbie Ellen Medford, OK
ARMSTRONG, Mary E. Lawton, OK
ARNETT, James Cavett Luther, OK
ARNN, E. V. Pauls Valley, OK
ARNOLD, T. A. (Mrs.) Chickasha, OK
ARNOLD, W. A. Webbers Falls, OK
ARNOTE, Taaffe Annie Antlers, OK
ARRINGTON, Leroy Durant, OK
ARROWOOD, Ruth Oklahoma City, OK
ARTERBURN, Archie Renfraw, OK
ARTERBURN, Elsy Watkins Kiowa, OK
ARTHUR, Peter B. Leon, OK
ARY, Lee Panola, OK
ASANAP, Herman Indiahoma, OK
ASHBY, Ida Bell Perry, OK
ASHFORD, Tom Soper, OK
ASHTON, Bird Sulphur, OK
ATKINS, G. W. Muskogee, OK
ATKINS, J. L. Soper, OK
ATKINS, Richard Choctaw Nation
ATKINS, Robert Tulsa, OK
ATKINS, S. T. McAlester, OK
ATKINS, Sara Ann Stigler, OK
ATKINSON, Frank Fort Towson, OK
ATKINSON, Frank Hominy, OK
ATKINSON, Martha Cordell, OK
ATKINSON, W. E. Chickasha, OK
ATOHKA, Simon LeFlore, OK
ATOKA, William Atoka, OK
ATWELL, Alford M.  Mutual, OK
ATWOOD, Robert W. Hobart, OK
AUDD, Richard Young Muskogee, OK
AUDRAIN, Frank G. Fairland, OK
AULDRIDGE, Lucy J. Bartlesville, OK
AUSTIN, B. M. (Mrs.) Chickasha, OK
AUSTIN, Bertie Altus, OK
AUSTIN, D. S.  (Mrs.) Altus, OK
AUSTIN, Henry Miami, OK
AUSTIN, Mary R. Altus, OK
AUSTIN, Otis Frank Lone Wolf, OK
AVANT, J. L. Clinton, OK
AVERY, A. (Mrs.) Muskogee, OK
AVERY, A. N. Fort Gibson, OK
AVERY, Albert Norris, Jr. Durant, OK
AXTON, Benjamin McGee Leedey, OK
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