Finding the Location of a Cemetery

In order to find information about the people buried there, it is first necessary to determine the location of the cemetery.  That will, in turn, lead to online resources and contacts for offline information.  Use the Maps 'n' More Search Engine to see all of the cemeteries we've found in Oklahoma that bear the name you seek:   

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Finding an Online Canvass or List

Once you know the name of a cemetery and the county it's in, the next step is finding any online canvasses or lists of burials.  A few counties  have direct links for individual cemeteries, but those are obvious when the search engine leads you to one of them.  In most cases you must search the resources directly.

OKGenWeb has an extensive and rapidly-growing collection of cemetery canvasses and lists of burials, which you can find through the OKGenWeb Cemeteries Site or in the OKGenWeb Archives.  

Many of the OKGenWeb county sites also include cemetery information. Use the clickable map to get to the county/counties you're interested in. 

The Oklahoma Cemetery Mailing List is also accumulating canvasses, organized by county.  Go to its Home Page for the latest information, and select the county or use its search engine to find a specific canvass. 


Help for CCs

The Cemetery Section was set up to provide a resource for CCs who have taken over a county site that has little or no information about its cemeteries. 

For each county, it provides a list of cemeteries that were in the GNIS database when this section was set up.  These provide a good starting point and have been left online as such, but any CC who is just now starting a cemetery page would benefit from conducting a new search because the newer GNIS features simplify the analysis considerably. 

  1. Go to GNIS and use its form with "cemetery" as the category and the name of the county as the delimiter.  
  2. Use the topographical map option to determine each cemetery location in terms of Section-Township-Range and compare them to the cemeteries shown on the DoT maps.  

You will undoubtedly find cemeteries on the GNIS list that aren't on the DoT maps, and vice versa. In many cases, the more detailed maps provided by Topozone provide the answers.  In others, especially when cemeteries have been renamed, you may have to consult local sources.

If you need additional help, please write to Sharon McAllister


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