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You are now on the Maps 'n' More site.  Our mission is to help you find places in Oklahoma, even if clues are scant.  Use the above buttons if you already know your way around or continue scrolling to learn more about what you'll find here.

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Advanced Tools. Description of sites to visit when you want even more details than our maps provide.
Enumeration Districts. Now that census indexes are more widely available online, it is possible to find people on the census without knowing where they lived.  Once you've found them, you may learn the town or township and county -- or you may find only an Enumeration District.  Because these changed with each census, we have not attempted to assemble a complete set.  Online image services [such as Ancestry] do provide the geographical boundaries of each E. D., so you can get the Township and Range from them and then use our Questionnaire to find the location of that E. D.  with respect to present-day counties.
Land Descriptions.  If you have only the numbered Township and Range [not even the name of the present-day county or a nearby town], this Questionnaire of clickable links will lead you to the appropriate detailed township map. 
Maps 'n' More. Description of the resources provided on this site.

Oklahoma Resources. Description of general resources that are available and tips for using them effectively. 

Research Strategies. Tips on which tools to use, depending on what you already know. 

Search Engines. Overview of the ones available here.  Ceil's Corner is now spidered by both FreeFind and Search Thingy.  FreeFind can search just this site with great precision, while Search Thingy covers all of RootsWeb in similar detail.  FreeFind also lets you search the entire web for keywords.   Each has its own advantages, so their Help pages provide information about the features and give some usage tips.  

Sounds Like. Tips for searching when you don't know the correct spelling, with examples of spelling variations of some Oklahoma place names.  
Township Maps. Tips for finding maps of both named and numbered Townships.
Triangulation Stations. Precisely measured points used in land surveys and descriptions, some of which were named for nearby towns.  Tips on using Triangulation Stations to find long-gone settlements.

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Maps 'n' More

State-wide resources formerly found on Ceil's Corner 
Created By Sharon McAllister
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