Township Maps

We provide several means of accessing Township information, so the easiest way to find the information you want depends on what you now know.

Sharon Crawford's set of Township Grids provide a convenient overview for the counties that have been completed.   Of course you must know which County you want, but these show both the Township Names and the Section/Township/Range numbers.   In many cases, these provide all you need. If you want to know more, however, you can use this information to locate the individual Township Map that shows greater detail. 
The DoT gateway also assumes that you know the name of the county, but it provides two types of displays.  If you know the Township & Range Numbers, the "Matrix" option will quickly lead you to the detailed map for that 36-square mile area.  If you know the names of some towns in the area, the "Map" option 

If you do not know the name of the County, but do have the name of a Township the Index to Townships is the place to start.  Township names are not unique, but at least this identifies all Counties in the state with Townships bearing that name.  Then, you can explore the Township Grids and the DoT Maps for just those counties instead of having to search all 77 counties.

If you know only the Township and Range Numbers, not the Township Name or what County it's in, the Help page for Land Descriptions includes charts that will take you to an individual map based on the numbers alone. This is the hard way, but it will get you there.