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Last Updated:12/20/2003

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This page covers only MAJOR updates like the addition of a new feature, the completion of one under construction, or a restructuring that may affect links from other sites.  Many individual pages are added or updated without a specific notice here.

12/20/2003  The county-based navigation structure has been completed.  All information pertaining to populated places and all maps are now accessible through the appropriate County Quick Links page.  [No more need to jot down the Section-Township-Range and go through the map interface to find a detailed map.]  State-wide cross-reference lists have been left online, however, to help those who don't know which county to start with.
5/10/2003  A CC-support section has been added to help new Coordinators take advantage of the resources of Maps 'n' More.
4/29/2003  The site has been remodeled to eliminate reliance on the navigation features of MS FrontPage and thus make it compatible with the main OKGenWeb site.  The effects should not be noticeable to our visitors, except for the elimination of the county links in the left-hand border of the 1915 and 1972 map pages.  
1/23/2003  The site has been restructured to provide access to all county-specific pages from County Quick Links.  The map gateways are still in place, so it's still possible to explore a set of maps without knowing which county is the one of interest.  All of the original B&W township maps have been replaced by color-coded ones, but the effort to add cemetery names has been abandoned for lack of feedback.
2/1/2002  A new section has been added with sample projects that demonstrate how maps can be used to analyze and present a variety of data.  Demo
12/25/2001 Over 80% of the original B&W township maps have now been replaced by color-coded ones, but few have cemetery names so the linkages can't be completed.  Feedback is needed!   

ok-map-cem.gif (77824 bytes)

7/7/2001 Color-coding of township maps to show cemetery locations is complete.  Counties shown in green at left have printer-friendly maps linked to both the DoT Section and the Cemetery Section of this site.  Click on the thumbnail to see a larger image. 
6/16/2001 A section has been added for named Triangulation Stations shown on the DoT maps.
4/2/2001 Cemetery Section has been set up, which will help identify unnamed ones shown on various maps and match online canvasses & lists of burials with cemetery locations. All counties now have pages with links to area maps for the cemeteries found by a GNIS search and township maps are being prepared.  
3/28/2001  The statewide resources formerly found on Ceil's Corner have moved in. Cross-reference lists of Post Offices and Populated Places in what is now Oklahoma, from Territorial Days to the Present.  Sets of maps from 1915, 1972, as well recent DoT maps.  
3/28/2001  New section set up for OKGenWeb Special Projects.

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Maps 'n' More

State-wide resources formerly found on Ceil's Corner 
Created By Sharon McAllister
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