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Key to Maps of Towns in Pittsburg County

This table includes a link to every map on which I've found each town.  If an entry in the Township Map column shows a link to only the Township & Range, then that town does not actually appear on the current map but I've found out which township and sometimes which section it was in from other sources.  

RR Station or P.O.




Detailed Township Map

Adamson No Yes Yes 7 5N 17E
Alderson Yes Yes Yes 14 5N 15E
Anderson No No No 30-31 5N 13E
Arch No No No 31 4N 16E
Archibald No Yes No 33 5N 14E
Ardmore Jct. No No No 34 5N 16E
Arpelar No Yes Yes 32 6N 13E
Ash No No No 18 6N 17E
Ashland No Yes Yes 5 3N 12E
Bache No Yes Yes 20 5N 16E
Baker No Yes No 4 5N 14E
Balton No No No 24 5N 13E
Barnett Yes Yes No 23 5N 13E
Berlin No No No  24 4N 16E
Blackburn Sta. No No No 5N 14E
Blanco No Yes Yes  7 3N 15E
Blocker No Yes Yes 19 7N 17E
Blue Springs No No No 36 3N 14E
Bond No Yes No 18 4N 16E
Bower No Yes No 28 9N 17E
Branch Jct. No No No 4N 14E
Brent No No No ?
Brewer No No No 3N 14E
Brick Spur No No No 8 5N 15E
Buck No No No 2 5N 15E
Buffalo Sta. No No No 1 4N 16E
Bugtussle No No No 6N 15E
Busby No No No 1 8N 18E
Cabaniss No Yes No 34 6N 12E
Caldwell No No No 18 4N 16E
Cambria Jct. No No No 25 5N 15E
Canadian No Yes Yes 12-13 8N 16E
Carbon No Yes No 7 5N 16E
Celestine No Yes No 6 4N 13E
Chambers No Yes No  3 4N 14E
Choate Yes No No 22 0N 14E
Coleman No No No 9 4N 16E
Counts No No No 1 2N 16E
Craig No Yes No 9 4N 16E
Crowder No Yes Yes 31-36 8N 16E
Crumley No No No ?
Darcia No Yes No 34 7N 14E
Dods No Yes No ?
Dodson No No No 13-24 5N 13E
Dow No Yes Yes 27 5N 16E
Dwight No Yes No 17-20 5N 17E
Edwards No No No 29-29 3N 14E
Featherston Yes Yes Yes 14 7N 17E
Frink Yes No No 23 5N 14E
Gaines No No No 2 5N 15E
Garner No Yes No ?
Hailey No Yes No 3 4N 14E
Haileyville No Yes Yes 2 4N 16E
Halleman No No No 19 4N 15E
Halley No No No 3 4N 14E
Hanks No No No ?
Hartshorne Yes Yes Yes 6 4N 17E
Hay Ranch No Yes No 16 3N 14E
Haywood No No Yes 20 5N 13E
Heron No No No 8N 14E
Hickman No No No 15 6N 12E
Indianola No Yes Yes 13 8N 14E
Johnsville No Yes No ?
Johnsonville No No No 17-20 8N 14E
Jones Academy No No No 17 5N 17E
Juanita No No No 22 7N 16E
Kiowa Yes Yes Yes 24 3N 13E
Krebs Yes No Yes 3-4-9-10 5N 15E
Krebs Sta. Yes No No ?
Manning No No Yes 5 5N 17E
Massey No Yes No 17 7N 16E
McAlester Yes No Yes 6 5N 15E
Mekko No No No 4 6N 15E
North McAlester No Yes No 19 6N 15E
Oakdale No No No 32 6N 13E
Perryville No No No 5N 14E
Pittsburg No No Yes 20-20 3N 14E
Pocahontas No Yes No 13 5N 16E
Pulcher No No No 7 3N 17E
Quinton No Yes Yes 35-36 8N 18E
Razor No No No 6N 15E
Reams Yes Yes No 23 7N 15 E
Reese No No No 24 6N 16E
Richville No Yes No 1 5N 15E
Rockpin No No No 4 7N 16E
Russellville No Yes Yes 19 8N 18E
Savanna Yes Yes Yes 8 4N 14E
Schaller No No No ?
Scipio No Yes Yes 29 7N 13E
Simpson Yes No No 7N 15 E
South Canadian Yes No No 7-18 8N 16E
South McAlester Yes No No 6N 15E
Stephens No No No 13 7N 12E
Tabuck No No No 22 5N 16E
Thurman No No No 30 8N 14E
Ti No No No 30 3N 16E
Toboxky No No No 1 7N 15 E
Ulan No No No  36 8N 13E
Underwood No No No ?
Ungles No No No 4N 15E
Vireton No No No 15 6N 15E
Ward Springs No No No 14 4N 12E
Weathers No No Yes 12 2N 17E
Whites No Yes No 24 5N 12E
White Switch No No No 24 5N 12E
Wirth No No No 28 9N 16E

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