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Key to Maps of Towns in Le Flore County

This table includes a link to every map on which I've found each town.  If an entry in the Township Map column shows a link to only the Township & Range, then that town does not actually appear on the current map but I've found out which township and sometimes which section it was in from other sources.  

RR Station or P.O.




Detailed Township Map

Adkins No No No 15 8N 26E
Arkoma No No Yes 10 10N 27E
Baird Yes No No 5N 26E
Bedwell No No No 19 8N 25E
Bell Yes No No 4N 24E
Bengal No No No 12 4N 21E
Big Cedar No Yes No 14/15 T2N R25E
Blue Bouncer No No No 15 1N 26E
Bokoshe Yes Yes Yes 4-5 8N 24E
Bordeaus No No No 33 8N 23E
Braden No Yes Yes 6 9N 27E
Braidwood No No No 32 6N 24E
Brazil No Yes No 27 8N 24E
Bryan No No No 3 5N 23E
Buckhart No No No  28 1N 23E
Burgevin Yes No No 9N 24E
Butter No Yes No ?
Cache No No No 10N 24E
Calhoun No No Yes 2 7N 24E
Cameron Yes Yes Yes 26 8N 26E
Caston No No No 25 6N 23E
Caston Jct. Yes No No 33 6N 24E
Cavanal Yes Yes No 20 6N 25E
Cedars Yes Yes No 4 9N 27E
Choctaw Agency No No No 17 9N 26E
Coal Creek No Yes No 10 8N 25E
Compton No Yes No 20 4N 22E
Conser No Yes Yes 4 4N 25E
Cow Creek No No No 10N 27E
Cowlington No Yes Yes 29 10N 24E
Elco No No No 8 6N 25E
Elkins No No No 7 9N 25E
Euroke No No No 13 7N 25E
Faasco No No No 3 9N 27E
Fanshawe Yes Yes Yes 21-32 6N 23E
Farmers No Yes No 12 8N 25E
Fogel Sp. No No No 22 1N 27E
Folsom Jct. Yes Yes No 4 5N 23E
Forest Hill No No No 1 5N 25E
Forester No No No 26 5N 26E
Fort Coffee No No Yes 28 10N 26E
Gilmore Yes Yes Yes 26 7N 26E
Glendale No No No 7 5N 25E
Green Hill No No No ?
Grover No No No ?
Harrison No No No 21 8N 25E
Heavener Yes Yes Yes 19-30 5N 26E
Hether No No No ?
Hicks No No No 6 3N 27E
Hill No No Yes 9 7N 27E
Hillery No No No ?
Hix No No No 35-36 4N 26E
Hochubbee No No No 20 6N 25E
Hodgens No No Yes 1 4N 25E
Honobia No No No 19 1N 23E
Hontubby No No Yes 2 4N 26E
Houston Yes Yes No 13 4N 25E
Howard No No No 22 3N 2?E
Howden No No No ?
Howe No Yes Yes 35 6N 25E
Independence No No No 20 5N 25E
Jenson No No No 3 8N 27E
Kavanaugh No No No 10 6N 24E
Keener No No No 7 7N 25E
Kennady Yes Yes No 10 6N 24E
Klondike No No No 35 6N 25E
Kolb No No No 35 5N 24E
Kully Chaha Yes Yes No  11 7N 26E
Lamberson No No No 20 4N 22E
Lank No No No 25 5N 27E
Latham No Yes No 32 8N 24E
Lebosque No No No 2 5N 22E
LeFlore Yes Yes Yes 21 5N 22E
Lenox No Yes No 29 3N 24E
Lincoln Sp. No No No 31 6N 25E
Loving No No Yes 32 5N 27E
Ludlow No No Yes 22 1N 23E
Maney Jct. No Yes No 8 8N 27E
Maxey No No No 25 6N 23N
Milton Yes Yes Yes 15 8N 23E
Monroe Yes Yes Yes 14 6N 26E
Mountain No No No 28-33 10N 26E
Murry Spur No No No 10 9N 26E
Muse No Yes Yes 3 2N 24E
Neff No Yes Yes 17 7N 26E
New Home No No No 15 2N 26E
O'Hara No Yes No 36 6N 23E
Oak Lodge No Yes No 18 9N 26E
Octavia No Yes Yes 29 1N 25E
Opposum No No No 32 8N 24E
Ozark No Yes No 8 8N 25E
Page Yes Yes Yes 23 3N 26E
Panama No Yes Yes  9-16 8N 25E
Panco No No No 20 8N 25E
Pashubbe No No No 16 2N 26E
Peno No Yes No 17 10N 27E
Perry No Yes No 25 4N 25E
Petros No No No 31 5N 26E
Pine Valley No No No 11 2N 24E
Plummer Jct. No No No 21 5N 27E
Pocahontas Yes No No 32 6N 24E
Pocola Yes Yes Yes 19&30 9N 27E
Poteau Yes Yes Yes 23-25 7N 25E
Potter Jct. No Yes No 34 6N 25E
Praden Yes No No ?
Reichert Yes Yes Yes 35 5N 24E
Reynolds No Yes No 20 10N 27E
Rock Island No Yes Yes 8 8N 27E
Russellville Yes No No ?
Sam No Yes No 6 5N 26E
Sand Siding No No No 36 10N 25E
Scullyville Jct. No No No 20 9N 26E
Shady Point Yes Yes Yes 27-34 8N 25E
Skullyville No No Yes 17 9N 26E
Smacker No No No 9 6N 25E
Sorrels No No No 35 7N 25E
Spiro No Yes Yes 23-24 9N 25E
Stapp No No No 12 3N 25E
Stony Point No No Yes 16 9N 25E
Summerfield Yes Yes Yes 22 5N 23E
Sutter No No No 2-11 7N 24E
Tahona No No No 18 8N 26E
Talihina Yes Yes Yes 1-12 3N 21E
Thomasville Yes Yes No 5 3N 26E
Trahern's Station No No No 32 8N 24E
Tucker No Yes Yes 35 10N 24E
Victor No Yes No  28 6N 24E
Wadeville No No No 3N 23E
Walker's Station No No No 17 9N 26E
Walls No Yes Yes 31 7N 23E
Ward Yes Yes No 23 9N 24E
White No Yes No 29 5N 24E
Whitesboro No No Yes 34 3N 23E
Williams No Yes Yes 15 8N 26E
Wilscot No No No 29 3N 26E
Wister No Yes Yes 25 6N 24E
Witteville No Yes No 15 7N 25E
Woodson No No No 18 8N 25E
Yearby No No No 16 6N 25E
Young No No No 2 4N 26E
Zafra No No Yes 32 1N 27E
Zoe No No Yes 36 4N 25E

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