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Key to Maps of Towns in Caddo County

This table includes a link to every map on which I've found each town.  If an entry in the Township Map column shows a link to only the Township & Range, then that town does not actually appear on the current map but I've found out which township and sometimes which section it was in from other sources.  





Detailed Township Map

Albert No No Yes 30 9N 11W
Alden No Yes No 21 6N 13W
Alfalfa No Yes Yes 29 9N 13W
Anadarko No Yes Yes 15-21 7N l0W
Apache No Yes Yes 21 5N 11W
Apache Wye No No No 26 7N 11W
B Jct. No Yes No ?
Binger No Yes Yes 27 10N 11W
Boise No No No 32 9N 13W
Boone No No Yes 22 5N 12W
Bridgeport No Yes No 4-5 12N 11W
Broxton No Yes No 2 6N 13W
Canyon No No No 13 11N 11W
Carnegie No Yes Yes 5-6 7N 13W
Cedar Creek No No No ?
Cement No Yes Yes 3 5N 9W
Cobb No No No 11 7N 12W
Cogar No Yes Yes 22 10N 9W
Cox No Yes No 5 10N 9W
Crosby No No No 34 12N 11W
Cullen No Yes No 6 9N 9W
Cyril No Yes Yes 24 5N 10W
Drew No Yes No 9N 12W
Dutton No No Yes 1 8N 9W
Eakly No Yes Yes 34 10N 13W
Exedine No Yes No 5 10N 11W
Fort Cobb No Yes Yes 11 7N 12W
Ghost Hound No No No 11N 13W
Gladys No No No 18 5N 9W
Gracemont No Yes Yes 9 8N 10W
Hatchetville No No No 2 5N 12W
Hazzard No No No 11N 11W
Hinton No Yes Yes 34 12N 11W
Huntley Jct. No No No 17 6N 10W
Hydro No Yes No  4 12N 13W
Indian City No No No 7N 10W
Ison No No No 9 8N 10W
Jewel No Yes No 19 9N 11W
Kidder No Yes No 32 12N 12W
Lacrosse No Yes No 8N 9W
Leal No Yes No 24 10N 9W
Lebbie No No No 12N 13W
Lemon No No No 14N? 13W
Libbie No Yes No ?
Lookeba No Yes Yes 4-9 10N 11W
Lynn City No Yes No ?
McCool No No No 6 12N 12W
Neola No Yes No 2 6N 13W
Onasco No Yes No  1 5N 13W
Oney No No No 19 9N 11W
Pine Ridge No No Yes ?
Radium No Yes No 9N 10W
Randlett No Yes No 3 6N 10W
Rock Mary No No No 31 12N 11W
Scott No Yes No 2 10N 10W
Shell No Yes No 11 8N 12W
Sickles No Yes Yes 10 10N 12W
Spring Creek No No No 8 9N 9W
Sprout No Yes No  2 10N 13W
Stecker No No Yes 25 6N 11W
Sturm No Yes No 32 9N 12W
Swan Yes No No ?
Swan Lake No Yes No 19 9N 12W
Thompson No Yes No ?
Three Way Corner No No No 31 10N 11W
Vicmurkock No No No 10 12N? 9W
Vrooman No No No 9 9N 13W
Washita No No Yes 3 7N 11W
Werty No Yes No ?
Wilbur Yes No No ?

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