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Oklahoma, Indian Territory and Oklahoma Territory Maps

Why Use A Map?

Many government records of genealogical value in the United States are kept by county governments, knowing which county an ancestor lived in, and which counties are nearby, is an important part of U.S. genealogical research. Among the county records of importance are:

  • Marriage Records
    These may be actual records, licenses, or bonds, with the names of the bride and groom, the date of the marriage (or license or bond), and often the names of the parents, minister (or Justice of the Peace), and witnesses.
  • Probate Records
    Wills and other papers relating to the deceased. These will usually show the names of family members and give their relationships to the departed.
  • Land and Property Records
    Deeds and other records of the transfer or lease of property, with the names of the seller and buyer, a description of the property, the price of the transaction, and the date.
  • Court Records
    These can range from civil to criminal cases, as well as county business, granting business licenses, and other activities.
  • Census Schedules
    Although not compiled by county governments, the federal censuses (taken every ten years beginning in 1790) were organized by counties [and territories]. Beginning in 1850, federal censuses showed every member of the family with his or her age and birthplace.
Resources for History of State and Counties


Post Office Records - NARA
Paula E. Rabkin
Research Associate
Postal History Corporate Information Services
United States Postal Service
Washington, D.C.

[U.S. Postal Service records address as of March 17, 1995]

The current US Postal Service has very little on past operations of the former Post Office Department. If you contact the USPS headquarters in Washington, they can tell you when the Post Master was appointed and the date (s)he resigned or was replaced.

Records of the old Post Office Department are now record group 38 in the National Archives, original ledgers of postmaster appointments show only the appointment dates.

"Post Office Site Reports" have been microfilmed. Periodically the Post Office Department would request that a Post Master fill out a form that described the location of his office usually in relation to other offices, railroads, rivers, etc. They also requested a map - hand drawn usually, varying greatly in quality). These were used to create the Department postal route maps. If a person was Post Master for any length of time, it is likely that he filed at least one of these reports. The Post Office Site Report form will not tell you anything about the Post Master, but you can obtain a copy of some interesting documents written in his own hand. Every office will not necessarily have these reports, some were never filed or not kept, thus every Post Master may not be on file.

The entire microfilm of the records is several hundred rolls. Try interlibrary loan on the microfilm for the set of county of interest.



     Maps available through OSU Library Special Collections, for a small copying charge.  You may call (405) 744-6311 to inquire about cost and shipping.
     You will note there are some that are the same year - they were prepared by different map makers/surveyors and/or varying agencies of the U.S. Gov't.  Details will vary. Where available scale is noted after size. John Berry
Call# Title Date  - Size
  I.T. Survey (parts of KS, TX, NM also) 1855   30X40
GT4020 I.T. w/ part of KS 
I.T. w/ part of KS 
parts KS, IT, TX, NM 
Map of Qualla Reserv
1866   31X22 
1866   31X22 
1875   50X40 
1876   17X24
G4020.1879 I.T. 
Indian Res of U.S. 
1879    32.5X26.5 
1879    20X16 
1879    34X27
G4001.P3 1879 AR & parts of I.T. 
Osage Lands at Ft. Dodge 
1879    24X17.5 
1882    16X23.5
G4020 1882 C7  I.T. 1882    13X10   1:40mi
G4020.N62J5 Cherokee Strip I.T 1883    23.5X15.5
G4020 1883 U55 I.T. 
1883    31X24   1:12mi 
1883    31X27
G3861.F1 Terr. Limits of Cherokee Nation 1884    33X30
G4022.N62J5 Cherokee Strip I.T. 1884    36X20.5 
G4021.F7 Cherokee Nation West 
1884    31.5X22.5 
1887    15X14
G4020 1887 U5 I.T. 1887    32.5X24.5
G4020 1887 U5 I.T. 1887    33X26
G4021.F7 I.T.  1889    16X10
G4020 1889 U5 I.T. 
1889    32X24.5 
1889    33X25
    I.T.=Indian Territory

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