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Search Oklahoma Court records

Latimer County District Court
109 N. Central Street
Wilburton, OK 74568-2440
Telephone: (918) 465-2011

Latimer County Historical & Genealogical Society

Census Guide to Oklahoma's Poor Farms, Orphanages & Institutions
Free Public Records Oklahoma Public Library Directory
Chambers of Commerce Military Records
Map of Oklahoma Counties   Index of OK Gen Web Maps
Birth/Death Certificates US  Gen Web Census Project 

Quote from Will Rogers

"In the early days of the Indian Territory, where I was born, there were no such things as birth certificates. You being there was certificate enough. We generally took it for granted if you were there you must have been born. That was about the only the thing we didn't dispute. Having a certificate of being born was like wearing a raincoat in the water over a bathing suit."
                                                          -Will Rogers 
Will Rogers, Ambassador of Good Will, Prince of Wit and Wisdom
  by P. J. O'Brien, 1935

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