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Gazetteers, Handbooks & Catalogs

   "-- Almost any work which lists geographical names in alphabetical order." Val Greenwood
Older gazetteers, especially of the individual state, are usually of even greater value in solving locality problems.

  • Well known Gazetteers:

    • United States, "United States Directory of Post Office", Washington, D.C.: Post Office Department [annual]. List towns alphabetically by state and tells in which each county is located. Limited to only those towns with post offices.

    • "Bullinger's Postal and Shippers Guide for the United States and Canada". Westwood, NJ: Bullinger's Guides, Inc. (1897---). This source provides same information as the post office directory except - all towns are listed in strict alphabetical order rather than by state. Not limited to only those towns with post offices. Good for finding small places.

    • "Columbia - Lippincott Gazetter of the World". Morningside Heights, NY: Columbia University Press and J. B. Lippincott Co. (1905 and 1952). Good source because of the information it gives about the places listed, but is not complete in its coverage. Strict alphabetical order.

    • "Webster's Genealogical Dictionary". Springfield, Massachusetts: G. and C. Merriam Company (1957). This volume contains some 40,000 entries (worldwide). May not be comprehensive enough to meet needs on all occasions.

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