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Guidelines To Posting Your Pictures To OKGenWeb's Photo Gallery

If you would like to post a picture to OKGenWeb's Photo Gallery, you can do so by providing the link to the web site where it appears or provide an copy of the photo along with appropriate captioning.

Captioning Your Photos

Provide the date and location regarding the photo, if known, and any other identifying information you consider important.
If you believe your photo fits a certain category, tell us what it is. Otherwise we'll post it where we believe it fits best.

For Large Groups in which you can identify most, if not all of the individuals:
1. List the people in the picture top-to-bottom, left-to-right.
2. Start each row of names on a new line.
3. If an identification is tentative, add (?) after the name.
4. If an identity is unknown, use UNKNOWN in place of the name.

For any picture in which you can identify only a few of the people, name the ones whom you do know and describe where they appear in the photograph.
For example:
NAME #1 -- second from left in the back row.
NAME #2 -- third from the right in the second row."

Sending a URL to be linked: Send URL and Title of picture and Category your picture fits into, we are sure your page already shows the identification of the picture and needs not be duplicated.

Sending a Scanned Image By Email:
If you have a scanner and would like to scan a picture for the pages, scan the picture and send as an email attachment to:

1. Send all image files as either gif or jpg file.
2. Send ONE file per attachment with email
3. Send your name and email address along with the pictures.
4. Include as much identifying information as you can in the email message to which the scanned image is attached, following the guidelines we've provided.