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Contributed by Joan Thurman Case lcase@manti.com

Riverside Park, 1930 Riverside 1938

The Riverside Park was built by my Grandfather (Joshua Alexander Cline) in the teen's or 20's just south of his home at 71st and Peoria Ave. in Tulsa.
There were picnic tables where many families had family reunions etc., and a baseball diamond. On summer evenings big band music could be heard for miles around from the open air dance hall, with a live band.
The Park was used until in the late 40's.
It included a LARGE outdoor swimming pool, with low, medium and high diving boards. It also had a large water slide in the early days but in later years was removed. You could get in for 10 cents and on Wednesday was "Pal Day", bring a pal and both get in for 10 cents. The water came from wells and was cold, but you soon got used to it. There was a eating stand that featured Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Pop (5 cents a bottle in the 30's and early 40's), candy and homemake pie. 4th of July was a great day with fireworks sold and shot off, baseball games and picnics.
This picture is taken (1930) from the South end (deep end), the Bath house is in the background, the little girl is me (Joan Thurman) and my father (Silas Thurman).

The 1938 photo taken from the North end of the pool (shallow end) in front of bath house. The children are me (Joan Thurman) and my cousin (Norman Cline).