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Contributed by Norman D. Emerson

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Locomotive Department - Frisco Shops
West Tulsa, Oklahoma
June 14, 1938

From left to right front row seated: #12 - Lloyd Richardson (or Richison) and #19 - Lonnie Evans (I think).

Next row standing - #11 Marvin Mcl;esky, #17 Mr. Carter?, #19 R.S. "Ruby" Emerson (my father), #22 - Clyde H. Fike (my uncle), and #26 - John Powell

Note from contributor:
"I was 10 when this was taken and when my mother passed away, the 8x10 original was in her belongings.  ON 12/01/99 I sit down to identify those that I could.  I worked on the Rip Track one summer about 1944.  Rip Track is the repair yard where wrecked and rolling stock in need of repair were fixed.  Some of the men in the photo were working then."

Norman D. Emerson