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Contributed by: Wendy Gayle

Way back when, Carmen was in Woods County (not very good at history) but my father-in-law and mother-in-law grew up there. He told me that before Carmen became a formal city it was in part of Woods City. It doesn't start to be Dacoma until 1970, I guess they merged.

1968 was the last year that both Carmen AND Dacoma had graduating classes. Beginning in the fall of 1968, the schools had consolidated. The elementary school was maintained at Dacoma and the high school was in Carmen. Ultimately, they were consolidated into the Alva school systems and both schools closed shortly thereafter.

The Dacoma Alumni Association holds its reunion every other year in even-numbered years, always on Saturday of Easter weekend. The Carmen Alumni, I think, holds an annual reunion. I'm not sure if the Carmen-Dacoma Alumni hold reunions annually, but I know they do occasionally.

Woods County was originally "M" county and included all of current Woods and Alfalfa counties. Carmen was part of the original county.

Rodney Murrow rod@murrow.com
Dacoma High School
Class of 1967
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1920 Class
1921 Class  
Beecher, Boyer, Smith, Spinger, Skidmore, Williams, Winterbery, Duel, billon, Hiner
1922 Class
Webb, Abbound, Lemmon, Thomas, Smith, Johnson, Morrowm Roush, Middleton, Bentley
Lee, DeClerch, McDaniel, Bocock, Boerner, Duel, Mott, Trever, Putman, Gephart, Case
Solf, Roush, Farrington, colvard, Glasgow
1923 Class
Reman, Shipley, Miller, Farrington, Johnson, Cobb, Ring, Solf, Altaffer, Crooks, Fowler
Oswald, Duel, Kelley, Altaffer, Halverson, Williams, Sacket, Trever, Buckles
1924 Class
Bentley, Crawford, Kerschner, Acre, Hiner, Sacket, Faulkenburg, Pyle, Reed, Skidmore(2)
Lakey, Sacket, Keffer, Clark, Phelps, Spurgeon, Riggs, Bartle, Westfall, Hamilton, Whiteneck
Cox, Bell, Pyle, Whiteneck, Hart, Reeg, Faulkenburg, Greever.
1925 Class
Harvey, Hart, Bentley, Pierce, Mott, Cobb, Sackett, Putman, Ellis, Devinney, Brooks, Henderson
Moore, Pyle, Fuller, Pelter, Church, Hurt, Watson, Smith, Jeffries, Peck, Lemmon, Melrose, Rogers
Fuller, Middleton, Carothers, Lee, Veley, Gay, Smith(2)
1926 Class
Springer, Ellis, Baldwin, More, Lakey, Morrow, Geist, Sterba, McLane, Terrill, Wood, Solf, Webb
Solf, Hacker, Kershner, Bell, Wood, Brown, Skidmore, Case, Harms, Lemmon, Holder,Baldwin,
Whiteneck, Steed, Roush, Prather, Devereaux, Brooks, Dillon, Geist, Kershner, Clark, Stebens,
Benningfield, Craig, Melrose, Gleason, Hiatt, Lakey, McCarter, Sterba
1927 Class
Frazell, Whiteneck, Lakey, Lee, Ashcraft, Stevens, Dean, Lemmon, Ward, Lemmon, Spurgwon, Terrel
Mott, Cox, Crawford, Hood, Carothers, Rolf, Smith, Coffman, Reeg, Abbott, Elwell(2), Simon, Long,
Cox, Collier, Mott, Lemmon, Patton, McConnell, Ross

There are some graduates with no pictures available.

1908 Lester FOWLER, Melvin KIRKENDALL, and Charley DUNCAN
1909 No none (typo from the yearbook) graduates.
1910 No none graduates. (same typo here)
1911 Mable BISH.
1913 Anna BOYCE, Bessie BOYCE, Robert BOYCE, Ollie DEVEREAUX, May GRIMM,
Walter HASSON, George HINCHEE, Bessie SHOCKLEY, Rose SUTTER, and Arvilla WOODWARD.
1914 Mae GAGNEBIN, Edith HOWARD, Gertrude MORROW, Mildred PARKS, Lucy REED,
Edith REEG, Ethel ROLF, Leslie ROLF, Leslie SALTER, Christian SALWAECHTER, and Floyd WRIGHT.
1915 Willard BROWN, James LEWIS, Everett PICKENS, Harvery REEG, Elsie SOLF.
1916 Harry BROWN, Alta DONAHUE, Floyd EVANS, Mayme HALL, Inez LEMMON, Hazel PARKER, William SALTER, Fred SOLF, and Mildred TUCKER.
1917 Florence BERRY, Wallace BOYCE, William COX, Earl FISHER, Harry KEPHART,   Sylvia LEWIS, Ethel OLIVER, Delos PERRY, Fred ROUSH, Lewie SALWAECHTER, Daisy SOLF, and George WESTFALL.
1918 Horace BROWN, James HARVEY, Fae HUBBEL, Jim MEANS, John MORROW, Vala SOLF, Grace TUCKER, Harry WHITWORTH, Georgia WRIGHT, and George WARD.
1919 Mildred BOARD, Clifford CHURCH, Ethel CHURCH, Vera KEPHART, Veatrice MIDDLETON, Edith MOORE, William PARKER, Cecil ROUSH, Beulah SCOTT,   Ernest WHITWORTH, and Gladys WOODWARD.