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An OKGenWeb Project

Terry Holcomb

I found a photo last night when searching
genealogical websites, which I thought you might be
interested in for your website. 

The photo is listed
as an unidentified class picture at
http://ancestorarchive.com/ (a free database through
Ancestry.com.) The class picture had one of the
student's handwriting on the back listing the names of
all in the photo, though some are spelled incorrectly.

 I was having some fun trying to figure out the
location and searched the census for the names listed.
 I found many of the children listed on the 1910
census of Woods County, Alva, Wards 2-4.  After
searching all last night and all today, I decided I
was certain enough to write you.  I don't know what
school it is or the exact year.  I don't know if it's
good enough (legal) to post this data I've collected
alone, but I will give you the info. I found and you
can go from there.  Once you've visited the site, they
allow you to download it to your computer from there,
you will see the names listed. 

The following is a list of the names I found, the
spellings as presented on the site where I found them
and their location:

Elizabeth Lander (as Landers on census) ward 4, age 12
Viola Muckey wd 4, age 14
Blanch Miller, wd 4, age 13
Opal McMurtrey, wd 4, age 16
Lola Metcalf, wd 2, age 13
Earl Shelly, wd 3
Eva Benningfield, wd 4, age 16
Frank Ripper? (vs Nippey) wd 3, age 17
Pearl Shepler, wd 2, age 13
Sam Shepler, wd 2, age 15 (brother to above)
Carl Rockenbach, wd 3
Clara Rockenbach, wd 3 (sister to above)
August Schnitzer (Gussie), wd 3, age 12
Georgia France, wd 3, age 10
Ruth Talkington, wd 2, age 12
Edna Austin, wd 3, age 13
Leland Kepford (? listed as daughter), wd 3, age 17
Vernie People (Vernon), wd 4, age 18
Iva Bowman, wd 2, age 13
Bobie Lasley ? (there's a Howard 14, and Leonard 12
listed in wd 4 - no Bobie, perhaps nickname)
Cora Davis, wd 2, age 14 (stepdaughter to John
Ella Atkinston, wd 4, age 12

Hope this helps someone in some way.

Note: posting this at OKGenWeb is not meant to take away from Ancestry.com, however, there was no apparent way to get this information to the originator.  This posting only meant to supplement.  You are encouraged to visit the original site.