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Contributed by : Hollis Stanford  h3629777@texoma.net

This picture has the 5th grade 1926 wrote on the back of it and I got it out my moms pictures. My mom is Ovella Teel that is in the picture and My Aunt Marie Stanford married the Roy Richardson that is also in the picture in front row. He was in the army when they liberated the death camps in Germany and he never recovered from the horror of it.

Front row left to right:
Elmo Stephens, Roy Richardson, Helen Richardson, Alice Wooten, Valma Hunt, Remmel Tiffen.
Next row left to right:
Lenora James, Lawaun Ennis, Flora Richardson, Harlene Hayes, Evelyn Mitchel, Ovella Teel, Vera Hunt, Normalle Kitchens.
Back row left to right:
Theodore A. Augiular, Varna White, Melvin Solomon, Thanuel Irvens, Anaglene Jackson, Marie McCormiky, Floyd Kitchens and Mildred Roberts..
The teacher standing in the back is Miss Stanbridge..
Note: some of the names may be spelled a little off.