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OKGenWeb Project

Contributed by
Roy and Julie Howard

Wickliffe School, Mayes County, Oklahoma,
est 1907.

This school burned in the 1940s.  Any help in identifying the rest of the people will be greatly appreciated!

CHARLES HENRY THOMAS PARTAIN: 1903-1983, bottom row, 4th from right. (son of William Calvin & Lydia Wickliffe Partain)
WILLIE MITCHELL (twin): 1894-1966, 2nd row, 1st on left.  (son of John R. Mitchell and Tobitha McGuire Mitchell Partain)
WILBURN MITCHELL (twin): 1894-1959 2nd row, 1st on right, next to the teacher. (son of John R. Mitchell and Tobitha McGuire Mitchell Partain)
SAM WICKLIFFE: 1898-1984, 2nd row, 3rd from left(son of Lydia Mistletoe Wickliffe Partain)
MARY PARTAIN (PRICE): b. 1886, back row, 3rd from right (tallest girl, believed to be pregnant at the time).  (dau. of Henry J. & Mary Birdwell Partain, wife of Sam Price)
CORA A. PERKINS (MITCHELL): 1893-1970, back row, 2nd from right. (dau. of Josiah Perkins & Sarah E. McGuire Perkins McKelvey, wife of Normal Edward Mitchell).

I think the boy and girl that are 3rd and 4th from the left on the bottom are twins. 

Further note on Lydia Wickliffe (Sam Wickliffe's mother):  I have heard varying names as her maiden name, but can prove none of them.  Sam's mother and father were George and Lydia Wickliffe (Partain).  Lydia, I know for sure was full-blooded Cherokee, but Sam is listed on the Dawes as full-blooded as well, but I can't seem to find her birth name.