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Contributed by: Benjamin L. Jones

Freshman Class, Waynoka School, 1936
Woods County, Oklahoma

Transcribed from the back of the photo:

Freshman Class of 1936

Mrs. Legg ? Sponsor

Reading from left to right 
Beginning at the top are the following:
Helen Francis
Dorothy Arney
Georgia Cobb
Mary Ellon Frye
Lynn Hink
William Eversole
Stuart Hodges
Dale McNaley
Phillip Carroll
Georgia Ferguson
Ruth Thornhill
Irene Huffman
Margarite Conauway
Bryan Lee
Richard Pecho
Joe Kamary
Preston McNally
Charles Armstrong
Gevena Nickalson
Amsy Criswill
Rex Bifler
Junior Overstreet
Warren Humes
Austin Martin
Mary Miller
Nellie Mac Faulkner
Gwendolyn Wilder
Irene Young
Gwendolyn Lee
Florence Wright
Mabel Riley
Ester Bell Monroe
Frances Moore
Loraine Clark
Mary Alice Swartz
Ruth Barnett
Almira Darbe
Jaunite Dexter

Mrs Rose Legg
Ida Strickland
Miss Gillian
 Study Hall
Miss Long

Mr. L. E. Wheeler