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Contributed by: Eddene Hightower Thompson

Pensacola School
About 1926-28
Pensacola, Mayes County, Oklahoma

Roscoe Edward Hightower, born Sept 1919 at Baron Fork, Adair Co, OK. is on the third row from the front, first boy from the left (or fourth student). He has an "x" on his overalls chest.

Roscoe's first cousin, Lennie Ketcher, daughter of Robert E. Lee Ketcher and Marvie Ellen Brock, born Feb 1920 at Stilwell, Adair, OK.  She is in the second row from the front, fourth girl from the left. 

The little girl, second row, second from left, also marked with an 'X' would have been Lee Alma (aka Sisso), a sister to Lennie. Their parents, Lee and Marvie Ketcher, also had a daughter, Patsy, born 1926 and died 1928 around Pensacola.

Roscoe's aunt was Gladys Brock, daughter of Austin Brock and Theora Cate, born Dec 1916 at Stilwell, Adair, OK.  She is in the fourth row from the front, first girl from the right with an "x" on her dress (not counting the woman on the right end).