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Contributed by Susan J. Wolfe

Javine Family
About 1910
Osage County, Oklahoma

My great-great grandfather, Peter Javine, in the center, along with his children, my great-grandfather Hasread Javine on the far left, and great-aunt Viola on the far right.  Little great-uncle Taft is the blondy in front!  1910, approximately?  Osage County , Oklahoma

My name is Susan Wolfe.  My mother was Karroll Kay Javine, daughter of Colley LeRoy Javine, the son of Hasread Javine, the son of Peter Javine.  



Peter Javine
10/30/1838 - 11/4/1914

Great-great grandfather Peter Javine, after the Osage allotments. Finally, instead of farming, he owned land, which he rented to farmers, and could get some needed rest. I think he looks very distinguished.