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 Mutual Methodist Church
Contributed by Linda Spencer

The cover of the booklet this came from has a picture of the new church and the title

" A Dream Realized. Dedication of Mutual Methodist Church, June 28, 1964."

Mutual Methodist Church History

By the aid of a tape recording made by Roscoe Newman, at the memorial service held in the old church, we recall some of the highlights in the life of our Mutual
Methodist Church. 1948.

This, our last service was opened and conducted by Rev. John Winkler... Songs sung were "In My Heart There Rings a Melody", "Church in the Wildwood", "Lilly of the Valley", and "If I Have Wounded Any SOul Today." Walter B. League, now deceased, led in prayer of thanksgiving and for guidance. Rev. Winkler reminded every one to be on hand the next morning to start to raze the church...Reninding us the walls of Jerusalem were rebuilt because the people had a mind to work.

Some of the members of the Ladies Aid spoke...

Rilla Menenhall told of the beginning of the Church in 1898 as a point on a Circuit for four years... also of the ministers and their activities.

As recalled by Mrs. George Meyers, a part of the charter members of the Church organized in 1899, were:

Mrs. Will Burdick Eli Heckart Mr. and Mrs. Will Stubs D.E. Nelson
O.E. Beaty Lucy Heckart Charley Andrews Mrs. Ensley
Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Robinson Emma Martin Ella Ball W. Ensley
Ella Clapham Mr. and Mrs. Will Neagle Clara Marrison Mr. Brittain
Minnie Harper Ezra Keith J.C. Cavin  

First Church was dedicated in 1904 under Rev. Brown's ministry... 1910 was an active, growing time of the Church, with 85 members registered in the Epworth League... In 1917, due to the lack of a minister, the Church was in a slump, and Mrs. Clara Roberts, the Sunday School Superintendent, after much praying, decided it was best to abandon the Church until next conference convened. As she arose to announce this, a stranger came in and asked to speak. This stranger was Rev. Paul Everett, sent by the super intendent - and the Lord.

In 1916 or 1917 the South Methodist of Mutual disbanded and united with our organization.

Under evangelist Hemphill's preaching, the Church prospered, gained new strength and decided to remodel the Church... Rev. McMullen undertook the task of seeing this done... Taking off this - and adding that... Later a full basement was dug - the Church was moved over the basement and a few other improvements were made... At this time the Epworth League purchased a new piano for their meetings in the basement, only to discover it could not be gotten down the stairs - consequently we had to make a new opening and wide stairs at the west end of the Church.

During these years, all baptisms by immersion were held at Bent Creek or Harpers or Curtis on the North Canadian river.

Thus went on the work of the Mutual Methodist Church... its members and ministers each contributing his bit in the Lord's Service... Until we got to Rev. Lawson Lee, when we decided we needed a new Church... Rev. Lee planned an L building, but for lack of funds for an adequate building, we delayed the construction for a few years... Eventually Rev. John Winkler was sent to us and under his able encouragement, guidance and help, our present building was erected.

In the years since, we have added much to the furnishings and facilities... also after the storm of September 1963, we have completely refinished and repaired or replaced.

Now we are rejoicing that our building is free of all indebtedness and we are happy to dedicate it to the Lord.

Membership Roll

Mrs. Gordon Clapham Boyd Griffith Roger Nations Edward Winters
Mrs. Addie Clapham Mary Winifred Griffith Clark Andrew Nelson Eva Jean Winters Blessing
Mrs. Mary Billingsley Max Grunewald Mrs. Andrew Nelson Nadine Winters Dill
Lillie Mae Billingsley Mrs. Max Grunewald Fred Nelson Dorine Winters Carrol
Mrs. E.L. Billingsley John Grunewald Mrs. Fred Nelson Mrs. David Wreath
Elmer Billingsley Mrs. John Grunewald Jane Nelson Sells Lynn Williamson
Alyce Borden Savere Dale Grunewald Christopher Nelson Homer Neagle
Durward Borden Mrs. Dale Grunewald Mary Nelson Johnson Mrs. Homer Neagle
Mrs. Durward Borden Mrs. Lenad Hein Gene Nelson Dale Neagle
Gene Brittain Dean Harbin Mrs. Gene Nelson Lyle Neagle
Mrs. Bill Castor Marjorie Harper Max Nelson Lewis Neagle
Mrs. L.E. Converse Jimmie Harper James Nelson Glennis Neagle Sears
Gerald Cooper Jack Harper Patsy Ann Nelson Bobby Neagle
Lowell Cooper Julia Herring Eldridge Zenas Nelson Mrs. James McElroy
Mrs. Lowell Cooper Harold Herring Mrs. Zenas Nelson Rudy Clapham
Jean Cooper Mrs. Leslie Hopper Terry Nelson Mrs. Rudy Clapham
Mrs. Jean Cooper Marvin Hopper Janet Nelson Bob Harper
Glenda Cooper Edwin Johnson R.R. Newman Mrs. Bob Harper
Ralph Craighead Mrs. Edwin Johnson Mrs. R.R. Newman Virgil League
Mrs. Ralph Craighead Lawrence Johnson Dean Newman Walter League Jr.
Theodore Craighead Mrs. Lawrence Johnson Mrs. Dean Newman Mrs. John Whitsitt
Linda Craighead Wood Betty Hayes O.F. Pittaway Betty Symes
Curtis Cockrell Melvin Johnson Mrs. O.F. Pittaway Opal Simpson
Cash Ellington Mrs. M.L. Johnson Marion Pittaway Zella Marrison
Mrs. Cash Ellington Karl Kragh Burr Pittaway Robert Marrison
Myrtle Jane Erwin Mrs. Karl Kragh Ocilla Pittaway Vernon Clark
Joe Fenton Beverly Keller Young Jay Pittaway Mrs. Vernon Clark
Lula Gossett Rufus Leach Bertha Pittaway Wake Lorraine Jordan
Mary Danner Dick Leach Albert Phillips Louise Jordan
Jerry Gaston Elmer Lowry Mrs. Albert Phillips Ray Grunewald
Harry Glendenning Mrs. Elmer Lowry Bill Stephens Elsie Converse Huffman
Mrs. Harry Glendenning Violet Lamm Evelyn Stovall Velma McGinnes Haught
Bobby Glendenning Mrs. Effie Maupin Deloris Stovall  
Wilma Glendenning Gordon Mrs. Ray Merklin Mrs. Volley Triplett  
Jean Glendenning Harry Mendenhall Mrs. Mildred Wreath Espy  
Mrs. Nona May Mrs. Harry Mendenhall Harian Leroy Wreath  
Mrs. H.B. Griffith Robert Myers, Jr. Mrs. Bertha Weeksa  
Eugene Griffith Donna June Mathews Mrs. Fisher Wiilaimson  
Melvin Griffith Mrs. Cecil Mathews Mrs. Sam Winters  


Four oldest members

Mrs. Effie Maupin

Mrs. Effie Maupin
80 years old

Mrs. Cora Neagle

Mrs. Cora Neagle
90 years old

Mrs. Addie Clapham

Mrs. Addie Clapham
84 years old

Mrs. M.L. Johnson

Mrs. M.L. Johnson
86 years old

Rev. John H. Winkler Sr.

Rev. John Winkler Sr.

Former Pastors of the Mutual Methodist Church

Rev. A.M. Cotton 1898-1899 Rev. Leslie Jury 1914-1917 Rev. John Cox 1942-1944
Rev. W.D. Robinson 1899-1900 Rev. A.E. Sprague 1917-1919 Rev. Lawson Lee 1944-1947
Rev. J.S. Harryman 1900-1901 Rev. Paul J. Everett 1919-1920 Rev. Irwin Simmons 1947-1948
Rev. J.R. Jordan 1901 Rev. John L. Demaree 1920-1921 Rev. John Winkler 1948-1951
Rev. J.A. Brown 1902-1903 Rev. S.A. Sims 1921-1923 Rev. Marion McDaniels 1951-1952
Rev. Fitz Waters 1903 Rev. James N. Holmes 1923-1924 Rev. W.E. Cooksey 1953-1955
Rev. Thomas Deaton 1905 Rev. G.W. Morton 1924-1925 Rev. W.W. Stevens 1955-1956
Rev. W.M. Chandler 1906 Rev. W.T. McMullen 1925-1928 Rev. R.K. Duncan 1956-1958
Rev. J.W. McGee 1907 Rev. Dunn 1928-1929 Rev. Harold Welch 1958-1959
Rev. W.A. Allen 1908 Rev. G.C. Hutchens 1929-1932 Rev. R.F. Franklin 1959-1960
Rev. W.G. Burnett 1909-1910 Rev. D.B. Horton 1932-1937 Rev. W.S. Little 1960-1961
Rev. R.C. Millhollen 1911-1912 Rev. W.R. Steumry 1937-1939 Rev. Jack Skaggs 1961-1963
Rev. M.E. Davis 1912-1914 Rev. H.F. Brawley 1939-1942  
The old Church

The Old Church

Razing of old Church

Razing of the old Church
First nail being pulled

Can anyone identify these peopel?



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