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Fenimore Store in Woodward
date unknown

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Contributed by Juanita

Fenimore Store

L to R: Clyde Manso, Charles Norton Canfield, male unknown, female unknown holding daughter Eulva Fenimore,
Clyde Fenimore, L.R. Fenimore


Correction and additional information from:
Jeanice Fenimore McDonald

I noticed you listed the "female unknown" holding daughter, Eulva Fenimore. The "female unknown" would have been my great-grandmother, Sylvia Gilbert Fenimore, wife of L.R. Fenimore and mother of Eulva Fenimore. Their son, Orris Dale, (who is not shown in the picture and who was 11 years older that Eulva) began working in the store as a young boy and eventually became co-owner of the store with Eulva at the death of their father (L.R.) in 1940. Orris sold his share of the business to his sister, Eulva in 1953 and he and his son, Harry, began Fenimore Manufacturing, Inc., which is still in business today, but was re-located to Chickasha, Oklahoma, in 1976.

I also showed this photo to my dad, Harry Fenimore, and he said that actually this picture is of the store in Fargo, Oklahoma. The Fenimore's moved the store from Fargo to Woodward in 1915. He is pretty sure that this is the store in Fargo and not Woodward, but he could be wrong. He said the original store was located in the same place as it is now, 701 Main Street, but that the store front is different now because of the Woodward tornado. The store was almost completely destroyed and was re-built.