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Washita County, Oklahoma

Towns, Communities, & More

Locations are not exact to scale, but sufficient to give you an idea where towns were located.

Detailed Washita County Township Maps

1915 Map

Washita County 2015

Anxier - post office from January 1899 to March 1904 (mail then sent to Weatherford, Custer County); Charlotte E. Taylor was first postmaster.

Barton - section 14-23, Township 8N, Range 19W

Bessie - previously known as Stout; post office established May 1903; Benjamin W. Stout was the first postmaster; 1998 population was 271

Boggy - changed to Stout June 14, 1899

Braithwaite - 4 miles west of Bessie - ghost town

Burns - post office established __?__; discontinued October 1904 (mail then sent to Hefner); __?__ was the first postmaster

Burns Flat 1998 population was 993

Canterberry - post office from Sep 1898 to July 1902 (mail then sent to Mountain View); Sarah R. Gordon was first postmaster


Cloud Chief - 8 miles southeast of Cordell - ghost town

Colony was originally Seger Colony. John Seger led a pilgramage of Arapahos (joined later by Cheyennes) to Pond Creek (Cobb Creek) which resulted in the founding of the Seger Indian Colony and the town of Colony. The school was organized long before white settlement. 1998 population was 180
Combs - post office established __?__; discontinued July 1904 (mail then sent to Sentinel); ____?__ was the first postmaster
Corn originally named Korn and was a settlement of Germans. 1998 population was 524

Cowden - 7 miles east of Cloud Chief; ghost town; post office established January 1901; discontinued January 1908 (mail then sent to Cloud Chief); Henry C. Bell was first post master

Cowden Junction
Dill - post office established August 1902; order rescinded September 1902; re-established October 1902; Ellis R. DePriest was the first postmaster.
Dill City. 1998 population was 676


Forty-One - Section 35, Township 10N, Range 20W

Friendship - post office established October 1904; discontinued November 1907 (mail then sent to Korn); Mary E. Crank was the first postmaster
Gid - post office established March 1901; Ella H. Bryan was the first post master
Hardin - post office established July 21, 1899; changed into Kiowa and Comanche Reservation June 14, 1900; Florence J. Kinman was first postmaster
Hefner - post office established March 11, 1900, discontinued April 1905 (mail then sent to Canute); William E. Hefner was first postmaster
Herald - post office from November 1898 to Jun 1902 (mail then sent to Stout); Walter F. McWhorter was first postmaster
Korn - see Corn
Lake Valley
Maharg - post office from June 1898 to Jun 1901 (mail then sent to Foss); John R. Graham was first postmaster

Mineral Wells - section 20, Township 10N, Range 16W

Moonan - post office established March 1901, discontinued April 1905 (mail then sent to Dill); Emma Fallen was the first postmaster
Mountview - post office established _?_; discontinued March 1900 (mail then sent to Segar) __?__ was first postmaster
Mountain View - previously Oakdale, post office established October 1900; Charles B. Snow was first postmaster; now in Kiowa County, June 14, 1904. Much about the dispute of the "Neutral Strip" including a list of townspeople http://digital.library.okstate.edu/Chronicles/v018/v018p060.html
Oakdale - changed to Mountain View October 9, 1900
Odessa - post office established __?__; discontinued December 1901 (mail then sent to Canterberry)
Old Retrop
Plano - post office from Jul 21, 1897 to Mar 1904 (mail then sent to Mountain); Andrew J. McMillan was first postmaster


Portland - previously known as Salem; post office established May 1904, discontinued December 1905 (mail then sent to Rocky); James M. Wheeler was the first postmaster
Rainy - post office established __?__; discontinued May 1905 (mail then sent to Rocky); __?__ was the first postmaster
Redcliff - post office established July 21, 1900; discontinued __?__; Charles E. Perry was first postmaster
Redwood - post office established August 1903; discontinued May 1905 (mail then sent to Rocky); James Cummins was the first postmaster

Retrop - 10 miles west of Sentinel; ghost town; post office established January 12, 1900 and discontinued February 1905 (mail was then sent to Sentinel); Ira J. Porter was first postmaster

Rocky - post office from Jun 1898; John C. Riffle was first postmaster. 1998 population was 189

Salem - 3 miles north of Sentinel; name changed to Portland; ghost town

Scheidel - post office from January 1899 to March 1905 (mail then sent to Foss); Frank J. Scheidemantel was first postmaster. See Iowa Biographies for more about Scheidemantel family.
Seger - post office established September 30, 1904, discontinued November 1906 (mail then sent to Korn); order rescinded November 1905; discontinued April 1906 (mail then sent to Korn); George Martin was the first postmaster
Sentinel - post office request March 1899, rescinded July 1899; re-established Oct 1899; Charles W. Brooks was first postmaster. 1998 population was 1032.
Shelly - post office established _?_, discontinued July 1906 (mail then sent to Cordell); __?__ was the first postmaster
Stout - previously known as Boggy; post office established June 14, 1899; changed to Bessie May 22, 1903; Benjamin W. Stout was first postmaster
Sully - post office established April 1902, discontinued April 1906 (mail then sent to Cloud Chief); Arthur D. Berry was the first postmaster.

Tacola - section 13, Township 9N, Range 16W

Werning - section 17, Township 11N, Range 17W

Wilson - see Foss
Wood - post office established __?__; discontinued September 1902 (mail then sent to Pope); order rescinded September 1902; post office discontinued January 1906 (mail then sent to Port); ______ was the first postmaster.

Neighboring villages of East Wood and West Wood were in conflict. The settlers of East Wood moved the post office from West Wood to their village by force and renamed the place Wood. Meanwhile a post office had been located at Port. Many West Wood settlers began receiving their mail in Port. Within a few years Wood declined and the Wood post office was closed.

Complied and contributed to OKGenWeb Washita County site by Marti Graham, August 2003.
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