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Surname:  WHITE
Submitted on 27Feb 2015 by Crystal Sanders
Looking for an obituary for Billy Joe White . He was born on 10-01-1954 and passed away 11-28-2013 .He lived in Wagoner ok . I am his daughter . I was adopted in 1984 and I'm needing to find some family of ours for research that I am doing . If anyone knows him or of his family please contact me! Thanks so much !

Surname:  RILEY
Submitted on 11Jan2015 by Brian Solomon

I am doing some genealogy and I am looking for my great-uncle on my mom's side. James Homer Riley. He is buried in Porter, Wagoner Co. OK. Other important information about him is below:
Birth 22 Apr 1890 in Arkansas

Death 19 Aug 1962

His wife was Mammie and was born in OK in about 1897. I don't have a date for their marriage but I believe it was before 1930.

Their children and their ages in 1940 were:
Helen Riley          17
Ida Mae Riley     15
George D Riley   13
Wayne Riley        4
Any help on finding an obituary for him would be greatly appreciated.

Surnames:  MARTIN, HURD
Submitted on 29Jan2015 by: Cheryl Murphy

I am doing research on my family and my Mother’s first husband that died in a tragic car wreck. I would like articles about her marriage and the accident if possible.  
My Mother is: Dorothy M. Martin born 3/25/1925 and her husband Charles Edward Hurd born: Feb. 25,1924
Charles Died in an automobile accident on Nov. 10, 1945.
They both graduated from Wagoner High School in 1942 I believe.......And were married around that time their Senior year.
Charles is buried in Elmwood cemetery in Wagoner.  
My Mothers parents were Jeff and Nora Martin that lived at 503 Arthur Avenue Wagoner.
Does anyone have access to a 1942 Wagoner Yearbook?

Submitted on 25Sep2014 by Latrice

Looking for an old cemetery in the Wagoner  area. There should be three graves.
Rosa Lee Barnes; b. 30 Jun 1883 d. 7 Nov 1883
Nora Barnes; b. 2 Aug 1884 d. 17 Nov 1886
Mollie (Atterberry) Barnes; b. ab.1 Sep 1865 d. 1887 to 1890 {Mother of the two babies above}
I have this family history passed down from my mother-in-law, she died in 1990. At the time she could not find the cemetery where these graves are located. We have oral history and a family bible that said they were buried in the Wagoner area, one daughter lived and passed down this information to her 6 children.
I would appreciate any information or names of cemeteries in the area that have graves this old, with either Barnes or Atterberry surnames.

Surname:  WATSON   
Submitted on 1Sep2014 by Phyllis Murphy
My great grandfather William Sherman Watson lived in Wagoner County at 61st and Oak Grove Road.  I have written a book on the Watson family and would love to be in touch with anyone of this family.

Surnames: MCGEE, TOLER
Resubmitted on 15Jun2014 by Jason McGee
Posted 28 Jun 1997 by Charles A. McGee    
I am searching for information on my grandfather, George Thomas MCGEE, and grandmother, Mary Selena Elizabeth TOLER MCGEE. They were living around Watts and Westville 1911-1914. They had 6 children Ira, Nira Hattie, Ila, Tira, Perry Jackson (my dad), and Sarah. Dad (Perry) was born 1911 around Watts, and Aunt Sarah was born around Watts or Westville about 1912-1913. Grandpa died sometime round 1912-1913. I'd appreciate any information anyone can furnish. I haven't been able to find a record of the date grandpa died, or where. All the family members are now deceased, so I am at a loss for sources.
Surname: COWAN
Submitted on 15May 2013 by: Toni Cowan
Would like to know about Homer T. Cowan born in Wagoner County, Oklahoma.  He was my Grandfather.  He lived in Tahlequah, Ok and then Tulsa, Ok after he grew up.  Anything you find about the Cowan's would be much appreciated.  Thank you,  Toni

Surname:  HALL, WALKER
Submitted on 12Feb2013 by Marci RiehleI am searching for my grandfather's father and can't seem to find any information. My grandpa is 73 and doesn't know what happened to his dad so I'm doing this for him. My grandpas name is David Leon Hall, born in 1940. His mother (Le)Nora Walker was married to Carl G Hall (the G may stand for Gies?) who was born sometime around 1917 or so. Nora and Carl split up when my grandpa was very young and he only saw him once or twice after that. He remembers his dad working for or delivering Coca Cola but ? . Carl Hall may have had a brother named Roy, and his father's name was Milton or Millard Hall...I don't know much more than this. If you have any information on the Hall family, please let me know. My grandfather isn't doing well and I really want to do this for him.
Submitted on 19Jun2012 by: Alonnah Ryder I am trying to research my family and find our American Indian heritage. My mother was born in Yonkers on May 5, 1920 to Martha and Granville Cannon. I may not have my grandfathers name exactly spelled, I believe Martha's maiden name was Thomisan or Thomison. My mothers name was Frenchie Irene Cannon. She always went by Irene that I know of. She died in February 1983. Her married name was Irene Watson.. Our family really never did the ancestry thing, but as I get older (55) my kids and grand kids have questions, especially about our Indian grandparents


Submitted on 29May2012 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.wagoner/643/mb.ashx
My great-great grandfather, George Washington Sweet and his last wife Dora were living in Coweta, Wagoner County, OK in the 1920's and 30's. They were both buried in Parkview Cemetery, Broken Arrow, Tulsa Co., OK. They are buried by John C. Willhite and Rector Wilhite. John Willhite was the one who purchased the plots including the plots of George W. Sweet and his wife Dora. Does anyone know what the possible connection is between these two families? I have searched the census records to see if they were neighbors but to no avail. I would appreciate hearing any info on the Willhite/Wilhite family as well as learning which spelling of Willhite is correct. John C. is spelled Willhite, Rector is spelled Wilhite on their headstones.

SODOM Cemetery:  Does anyone by chance know how to find the Sodom Cemetery that is suppose to be in Tullahasse, OK
Submitted on 8Oct2011 by: 
Donna Rankin

Submitted on 4Oct2011 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.wagoner/640/mb.ashx
I am looking for a woman Mamie Childers, of Creek Indian Heritage, probably born around 1897 or so. I dont believe she ever married. She lived in Wagoner Oklahoma for many, many years and it is not known for sure when she died or if it was in Wagoner.
She was in Topeka Kansas in September 1915. I dont think she lived there or stayed very long.She lived to be quite old and as I said I dont think she ever married. I did find one person named Mamie Childers, who died Jan 11, 1998 in Oklahoma City Oklahoma and apparently there is either an obit or just a death notice Jan 12, 1998 in the Daily Oklahoman. I dont know if this is the same person or not and I have no other information about this woman, but I sure would like to know more, also hope to find where she is buried. Any help to this mystery will be certainly appreciated.

Surname: BROWN
Submitted on 1Sep2011 by Melody Webb
I am searching for information regarding my great-grandfather and great-grandmother. I believe they lived in Wagoner, OK for a time.  Their names are Elmer D. Brown and Nettie (Williams) Brown. Does anyone have any information, marriage license or otherwise?  I believe they would have been married around 1920-30’s?Or any information regarding a Cherokee Indian Tribal member who might have been Elmer Brown’s mother? Thanks for any information.
Surname:  TELL
Submitted on 15Aug2011 by Elka I. Acklin
Trying to obtain information for my children family  tree. In the 1900 census I found the name of Andy Tell, black birthdate October 1867 married to Addie, born May 1876, Creek Indian for 5 years and they had a son named Amos Tell born in the creek nation in April 1897. He is the father of Eland Tell, who is the father of Eland Tell Jr. who is the father of my twins Eland and Elijah Tell III.  I am looking for birth certificates or death certificates.
Submitted on 9Jul2011 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.wagoner/639/mb.ashx
Looking for information on Beldon "Bill" Willcutt who married Mary Thompson. They had 3 kids, Albert, Joe and Mary. They lived in small towns in Wagoner County. The 1910 Census listed them as living there.

Query sent in 24Jun2011 by Larry Do you know where I could find a picture of the old 1 room school located in CHOSKE Bottom ? I went there in 1948-49

Surname:  DAVIS
Submitted on 16Jun2011 by Gary Davis
I am the grandson of Pansey Lee Davis.  She was married to my grandfather, Marion Ezra Davis.  They lived in Porter in 1937, when she died of stomach cancer in possibly the Muskogee Hospital.  I am looking for a death certificate or obit. She was buried in Decatur, Arkansas at the Decatur Cemetery. I have been calling the funeral homes in the area, but have had no luck in finding any information

Submitted on 2Jun2011 by Dorcas Beaver
I would like to know if R. Davenport of Wagoner, Ok. b. ca 1881 in Texas and was in Wagoner in the 1920 census.  Could he be the son of E. W. Davenport of Stephens Co, TX.  Thanks
Submitted on 14Apr2011 by:  Shirley Messick
Searching for Information on Richard Hardy Southern. I came to Wagoner and found his sons grave and a grave at the foot of sons grave that might be his grave but no record to tell us. We would have bought a stone to put on the grave. He has four more children. Found were Mahala got married and can't find any thing else about her. Can not find anything about the three children or his wife.

Surname: WALKER
Submitted on 15Mar2011 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.wagoner/636/mb.ashx

looking for any info on death dates and where they are buried. Dodson must have died between 1910-1920 in Blue Mound,Wagoner, Oklahoma also Delia because their younger two children David and Rensetta  Walker were living with their Aunt and Uncle by 1920. We are trying to find out what happened to them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Carollllll
Surname: Whitaker.
Submitted on 3Feb2011 by:  Jim Heaton
Researching the surname Whitaker.  I have a WWI draft registration card with the name of Charles Wallace Whitaker, farming in Coweta, Wagoner, OK. 
Surname: DAVIS
Submitted on 23Jan2011 by: DeltaMike2@aol.com
Researching the name John W Davis, who one source has him listed as passing on in Wagoner, OK on June 20, 1895.  I am trying to confirm or deny this statement.

He was born in Kentucky around 1834 and was listed in the US census of 1870 and 1880, living in Indiana.  His daughter and son - in- law did move to Oklahoma in the  late 1880's  or early 1890's but settled in the Alva/Cherokee area.  Son in law was Henry Warren Brooks who I know is in Cherokee.

Surname: NEAL
Submitted on 21Oct2010 at:http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.wagoner/633/mb.ashx
Trying to find out where Walter J. NEAL died. I looked in the Tulsa World but he was not listed in there for Coweta. I am trying to find an obit or death notice for him. He died on June 15, 1973. His last residence was Coweta, OK
Surname: IRELAND
Submitted on 21Oct2010 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.wagoner/631/mb.ashx
Looking for an obituary for EGUSTER F. IRELAND. He died 22 Feb 1935 in Coweta, Wagoner, Oklahoma. He is buried in the Vernon Cemetery in Wagoner County, OK.
Surname: CLARK
Submitted on 16Sep2010 by:  Ivalou Womack
I am interested in learning more about the following person buried in Vernon Cemetery in Wagoner County, OK.
Amanda Clark  DOB 1874  DOD 1937
Does she have any relatives in Coweta, OK.  She fits the time frame for my husbands’ grandmother who married Andrew Jackson Clark in Dodge, OK area.


Surnames: MCCAIN
Submitted on 31Aug2010 by Donde Smith
I am looking for Alice Jane Carothers McCain (my GGrandmother) who died in Coweta, March 4 1949 and Alice's (second) husband, John R McCain who died in OK in 1918 but I know no other details.   Alice was living in the 1930 census with her daughter and son-in-law, Mary and Ben Harman, in Gatesville. I got her name from her son Murley M McCain's (b. 17 Mar 1894 in Coweta) death certificate, Yuma, AZ, March 20, 1929. Her first husband's name might have been Woods.  
I know from the WW! Draft Registration (and other Censuses) that there were a few other McCains in the area, but possibly many were related at some point migrating from Missouri/Arkansas.
We are also looking for a marriage certificate for their son Murl (Murley) McCain and Lillie Jane Pool (daughter of Sanford P and Laura P (Berry),  Jan 13, 1919? in Haskell.
Surname: BURRIS
Submitted on 16Aug2010 by Jerry Fowler
I am researching a Mathew Burris that died 1 Apr 1902 (age 66) in Wagoner, OK.  His daughter, Vietta Burris (Dorr) (age 28) died 7 Oct 1902 in Wagoner, OK.  My question is, was there some kind of health epidemic during this time that could have caused there deaths?

Surname: Jimpson
Submitted on 26Jul2010 by: JOLENE DEMERSON

I am looking for a Bart & Dottie Jimpson.  Bart was born in Bastrop, Tx.  Went to Wagoner Ok.  Found them on the census of 1910 & 1920.  Could not find a death certificate or any other information of them after that.  Bart would be my great uncle.  He would be the brother of my grandmother Lucy Jimpson-Hornsby.  Don't know if there were any family members that would have any information about them
Surnames: MARSHALL
Submitted on 4May2010 by: Carol Aguilar
I am looking for Marshall (Thomas, Mary, Arthur, Freeman, James and Setty (Apueka) Marshall)
Surname:  HENDRICK
Submitted on 27Apr2010 by: Donna McJimsey
I was wondering where I would write to find the obituary or some kind of write up of my 3 Uncles that drowned as small boys in 1925 in Wagoner, Ok.  My Mother and Grandmother both said it was in the paper but neither of them had a copy. 
There names are:  Arthur Clarence Hedrick  age 11                              
                               Harry Everett Hedrick      age  9                              
                               Albert Lee Hedrick           age  7
The date of the drowning is December 29, 1925.  I believe they are buried at Elmwood Cemetery. I would be happy to pay for this information.
Surname:  BOYD

Submitted on 25Mar2010 by: Jordan Boyd
I have been doing my family genealogy for about six years now. I am looking for information on the Boyd families that settled around Porter-Coweta Area. My great-great grandfather was Howard Douglas Boyd, I have found there was about ten kids in his family and all of his brothers and sister settled around Porter and Coweta and are buried there. I have came upon dead ends in most place I have looked? Do you happen to know how I may get a hold of the Wagoner County Genealogy Society or someone you may know who might help me. I have my Boyd's traced back about ten or eleven generations, but all my great-great grandpa's brothers and sisters I do no know much on them. I do know he had sisters named Dollie, Mary, Lola, Ethel,and Ona. Brothers named Ezra, Leonard, Herman, Ulissus, and Donald. 
Submitted on 21Mar2010 by: Brad Beall

I was also wondering if anyone can tell me who the trustee is for the Gibson Cemetery near Stone Bluff.  My Great Great Grandparents' headstone has broken at its base and I'd like to know how I might go about having it fixed.  I might even be willing to pay for the repairs, but I would imagine I need to obtain the trustee's permission before doing that.
Submitted on 18Nov2009 by: purepg1@att.net

Is Pleasant Grove cemetery in Tullahassee the same as Mt Pleasant cemetery? I've trying to recruit some family members to document the people in Mt Pleasant cemetery. Also I've been trying for a grant for gas and tools for the volunteers who will help me. Do you have any suggestions cause the place is not kept up. Godlypg <godlypg@yahoo.comm>

Surnames: Spencer, Fields
Submitted by C indy Messick on 11Oct2009

Looking for any information about Manuel William(s) Fields and his wife Bertha Virginiaa

Vinioly? Fields. I have very little information. They were the parents of Beatrice Fields who married Lyttleton Spencer. Beatrice and Lyttleton are my husband's grandparents. 

Manuel Fields died around 1943 in Wagoner County. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Surnames: WILLIAMS
Submitted by Barbara Mercer on 20Sep2009
I hoping to validate two dates for grandparents of mine in Greenwood Cemetery.  Will you please forward to whoever may help me? I need to verify the death dates of:
Virgil Marlington Williams - I have April 15, 1955
Mollie Mitchell Williams - September 26, 1953
I used to have photos of the graves, but can no longer find them.  Thanks for your help!
Barbara Williams Mercer

Name: Star School in Wagoner
ubmitted by Derek Hill on 6Apr2009
I saw your site and I am interested in some more information about the star school in wagoner. If you have any information about its past I would appreciate it. Thank you
Submitted on 1Apr2009 by Donna Steely Arnold
Looking for any information on my grandfather, Eulis Otis (EO) Steely.  He was killed in Gore in 1961.  My father, Billy Ray Steely, was born in Gore in 1931.  My grandmother, Bessie Stockstill Steely Brown, lived with her family there in the 20’s and 30’s.  I have an aunt and cousins that still live there, Lois Johnston Meeks, first husband Leroy Johnston, killed in a car wreck in the late 70’s???  Any information would be greatly appreciated!
Submitted on 21Mar2009 by Erin Moore

I'm looking for information on Daniel Young and his wife, Louisa Maria Clark.  Dan was born in 1844 in Germany, fought in the Civil War for Ohio, and then moved to Fort Gibson.  He married Lousia Maria Clark in 1869 and had 9 children.  They are both buried in Elwood Cemetery in Wagoner.  My connection comes from their daughter, Susan Young Scott, and her daughter, Belle Scott Hines. 

I would love to find information on their children and Dan's parents.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Surnames: DAVIS Family in Coweta area around 1890
Submitted on 13Mar2009 by

My great grandfather Claude Augusta Davis was, according to his death certificate, born in Coweta, Oklahoma Feb 24th 1890. His parents were Jim Davis and Lee Lasha. From other sources I've gathered that Lee's mothers name was probably "Martha Omaha" and Martha was at least 1/2 Cherokee Indian. I am looking for anyone in the area who might be able to look at church or county records for more info on Claude and his parents. Claude also had a sister Rose who may or may not have also been born in Oklahoma but was raised by a different family in Arkansas so I'm guessing that Jim and Lee may have died by 1900 or had tough times and had to abandon Claude and Rose. any info would be appreciated.
Surname: HENDRIX
Submitted by: Casebolt, Amelia CTR on 24Feb2009
Can you look up Hendrix.  My grandfather was Henry Nathan Hendrix.

Surname:  HESS
Posted on 14Feb2009 at http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.wagoner/621/mb.ashx
Checking to see if anyone has any info on George and

Mary Hess who lived in Coweta during the 1930 census. Any information, including death etc. would be appreciated very much.  
Surnames: Menafee Miniefee Minnifee
Posted on 24Jan2009 at:http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.wagoner/620/mb.ashx
I have ancestors that lived in porter, wagoner oklahoma for many years. I am seeking any information on any miniefee's, menafee's, minnifee's etc (they all spelled their named differently) If anyone has any info I would appreciate it.  I also have a great uncle named James Walter "Burr" Miniefee that was supposedly a sherrif or police chief their.  Any help or direction is needed.

Researcher:  Laverne Copeland        Date:  March 12, 2007
Searching for death record for Robert Alonzo Allen, born 09 May,1871 Red River county, Tx.  Died 16 Sep. 1918 Wagoner, Wagnor County, Ok. Married Sarah Ann Smith, Grayson county, Tx. 1897.  Need name of Robert's father.
Laverne Copela

Researcher:  Sally McAlear             Date:  January 3, 2007
I am searching for the death dates and burial location of Moses (or Morris) HERD and his wife, Margaret Jane (EDMONDS) HERD.  Their last known address (on the 1930 census) was Gravel Road, Lone Star Township, Wagoner County, Oklahoma.  He was 71, and she was 70 in 1930.  On the 1920 census, they were enumerated with their daughter and son-in-law, Albert and Dona (HERD) GAULDING in Coweta Township of Wagoner County.


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