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Submitted on 16Feb 2015 by: Susan Boyd

I am looking for a Bible Record.  It was used when Etoile Laird Wright who married Thomas Arnison Johnston joined Mayflower Society.
Etoile was descended through the Cushman’s and Wrights so I am not sure of the name for the  Bible Record.  I believe that she did not have any children so therefore that is a dead end, though I am going to try to find her obituary.
Any assistance will be welcomed.
Surname: TAYLOR
Submitted on 11Feb2015 by Walter Dirion
Who was Mack Taylor, there is a tulsa county park named after a Mack Taylor. Just interested in who he was, and information about his life.  Thank you
Surname:  FRANCIS
Submitted 8Aug2014 by LIz Diggs
Seeking information about my grandfather, Charles K. Francis.  He moved to Tulsa from Stillwater, c. 1915.  He was married to Alma Lindner Francis and had 4 children:  Kenworthy, Louis, Thomas and Virginia.  He was a petroleum chemist and editor of the Oklahoma (?) Oil and Gas Journal for many years.  He died c. 1939.
Is there an obituary in the Tulsa Tribune or Tulsa World?

Surname: CARTER
Submitted by Dina on Feb7,2014
Trying to find my birth father, Phillip Carter, whos father was Art and mother or grandmother by the name of eva.or ava. Their family had a sump pump buisness out of merced,ca. My name is Modina Chamblin i am 52 yrs. Old .
My mothers name is Beverly Jones now, then it was Beverly "toots" Chamblin. If there is anyone with information please contact me

Surname: FIELDS
Submitted on 23Sep 2013 by Ed Braswell
Looking for any family members of Alice and Luke Fields who were living in Tulsa in 1940 at 715 East Tecumseh Street, Tulsa, OK.  They were married in Shelby County, Texas in 1932.  Alice died in Dallas in 1948, and I cannot find Luke.
Alice inherited a mineral interest in some land in Texas from her father, and I'm trying to locate her heirs so I can inform them they own an interest in a producing natural gas.

Submitted on 1Jul2013 by Bill Brinly

Pearl Scott Frakes Moore Hardesty died Oct 19, 1972 in Tulsa, OK and is buried in Memorial Park Cemetery. I would very much like to have a copy of her obit.
 On 16 Dec 1900, Pearl married my mother's first cousin Ernest Moore in Jeffersonville, IN. Ernest was a street car motorman and they lived in Lyndon, KY, a suburb of Louisville. The 1910 Kentucky census shows Ernest 33, Pearl 26 and Sara 9 livings in Gilmans, Jefferson, KY. On 31 July 1910, Ernest died from appendicitis at age 34.
 I know that Pearl and many of her family moved to OK. not long after Ernest's death. What happened to Sara their daughter? Any info on this matter will be appreciated.

Surname: FRANCIS   
Submitted on 22Jun2013 by John Francis 
Trying to find information on my Uncle Jack Francis. He died in 1965 in Tulsa , OK. , buried in Elmwood Cemetery Cedar  Falls, Iowa. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Surname: SMITH
Submitted on 17Mar 2013 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2766/mb.ashx
looking for an obituary for Rebecca Smith who died in Tulsa, OK Jan. 27, 1950. Thanks for any help.

Surname: GRAY
Submitted by Stephanie Vergaraon 24Mar 2013

Looking for our cousin, James "Jimmy" Gray, born circa 1946. His parents: Thomas J. Purcell, Jr. (b.1909 Chicago) and Margaret Carr. After Thomas's death in 1950 Margaret "Marge" remarried; her spouses's surname was Gray. He apparently adopted Jimmy. They lived in Tulsa, OK. They had a daughter, Joanna. Marge's 2nd husband may have died prior to 1960. We are told that Marge was still living as of 1991.

We have two photographs of Jimmy as a youngster, as well as his wedding photograph from Monroe Studio in Tulsa.

Submitted by Bill Brinly on 13Mar2013

In 1900, my cousin Ernest Moore married Pearl Scott Moore in Jeffersonville, IN. In 1910, Ernest, a streetcar motorman, died from appendicitis. Ernest was 34 years old and besides his wife Pearl, he left a daughter Sara nine years old. Ernest is buried in Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville.
I have never been able to find out what happened to Pearl and Sara after Ernest's death. But recently, I learned that Murray Frakes, Pearl's father and his wife and his children all moved to Tulsa, OK around 1910-1915. Maggie married into the Mcintire family. Lewis never married. Henry married Estella Hedgecock and had several children. Blanche married the brother of her father's third wife Josephine Stinnett.
This still leaves me with the question, what happened to Pearl?
Ernest Moore's father was Nichols Moore, my grandfather's brother. There were 16 Moore children born in Madison County, KY or Fayette County, KY. My mother Ruth Mary Moore, born in Frankfort, Ky., was the daughter of James Clay Moore the 15th Moore child. Sara is on of the missing cousins that I yet to locate.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Surname: MOULTON
Submitted on 25Feb 2013 by Michael A. Hunter at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2762/mb.ashx
searching for information on William A. Moulton, born June 13, 1884 and died July ____ 1971 last residence was Sands Springs, Oklahomama
I am searching for information on where he was buried, was he married or had any children and what sisters were still living... Any help would be appreciate...
Surname: BYRD
Submitted on 10Feb2013 by Elaine Johnson-Dull
I am searching for information about my great uncle, L. McCoy “Coy” Byrd. He was living in Tulsa on Archer Street in 1940, working as a moulder at a steel mill. His wife’s name was Mary. I cannot locate him after 1940. (1) Could someone please check for a marriage record for Coy and Mary between 1930 and 1940? (2) Can anyone tell me the name of the steel company and whether there might be any surviving employment records?

Submitted on 11Jan2013 by Jim and Jackie Owsley
Trying to find out when my great grandfather died in Tulsa. I know it was sometime between 1911 and 1912. His name was Taylor McGuire, his wife was Zarilda White McGuire. He was alive when the Tulsa Resident type phone book came out, but was not reported in 1912. My great Grandmother reported she was a widow. They lived on Detroit St. in Tulsa..
I've searched every where I know to find any info on him, but can't find any obituary info. He was born in Ky in 1847. He was in the Civil War. They came to Tulsa from Ky in 1910 during the land rush.
Surname: MOCK, MACK
Submitted on 1Jan2013 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2758/mb.ashx
Looking for information on the D. M. MOCK (or MACK) who lived Sand Springs, Tulsa Co., OK when the 1930 census was taken. He was age 29, b. AR, parents b. OH/IN, and worked in the Oil Fields. His wife was Mattie, age 34, b. MO, and he had three step-daughters, Liddie, age 13, b. MO, Ruth, age 11, b. MO, and Billie, age 9, b. MO. The step-daughters' surname was TABEL or TOBEL.
I suspect that this man could be the Dewey MOCK, b. 27 Mar 1899, who was a son Calvin Louis and Melissa Ann (NOE) MOCK. Dewey had some first cousins who lived in Tulsa Co., OK, but that could be a coincidence, and not proof that D. M. MOCK is Dewey MOCK. I would appreciate whatever information anyone might have on D. M. MOCK.

Submitted on 28Nov2011 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2753/mb.ashx Looking for information about the family of Jesse G. (White) Martin while she lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She was born in Fort Smith, AR, about 1920. May have been married to a Charlie Walton in 1936 in Fort Smith. In her father's (John H. White) 1957 obituary she's listed as Jesse Heinrich of St. Louis, MO. In her mother's (Bessie May Carr) 1959 and brother's (Elmo H. White) 1960 obituaries she's listed as Jesse Martin of Tulsa.
Surname:  KERTIN
Submitted on 15Nov 2012 by Lou Midgett
Looking for information on a grandfather – William Hugh Kertin born abt 1908 in Indiana and died – in Tulsa, Oklahoma maybe in March 1955.

Surnames: JONES, DUNN
Submitted by Paula Snider on 11Oct2012
Looking for Judith K. Jones (maiden name) and Clifton H. Dunn. They are my biological parents. They both lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma and both would be in their early to mid-70’s (approximately).

Surname: JONES
Posted on 25Sep2012 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2749/mb.ashx
Looking for more information on my "adopted" grandparents. They adopted my father, Robert L Jones, sometime between 1930-1940. Not sure of Mary's maiden name, but I know she was born in Missouri. Also not sure if they married in Oklahoma or Missouri.i..i.

Submitted on 29Sep2012 by Jeeper
I heard from the Tulsa library that there were no death records for this Phillip S. Gallaspie. He was born Oct. 31st 1881 or 80, in Ohio. His marriage to Jennie Kester was in Mt. Gilead, Ohio in 1904. He is listed as being from Defiance, Ohio What we also know is that he was working in the oil fields in Hartford City, Indiana, before they moved to Tulsa in I'm guessing 1916 or so.
Some info I've seen from the Tulsa phone directories say this:

1. Jennie owned a boarding house on Archer street and ran a cafe/restaurant. (I don't know if pictures were taken of this establishment, or what it was called? But it's circa (1917 to about the 1930's).

2. Phillip worked at I think it says Reid's Gas and Machine?
3. Phillip is listed as (Wid) on Jennie's directory listing in 1935, a year before her death on the street.
Not too sure how to go about researching that further, but if anyone has any thoughts or suggestion's please let me know.
Surname: WASZAK
Submitted on 15Jul2012 by: Carol Waszak
In 1948, my brother-in-law was born in an apartment above a Tulsa Movie Theater. The address on his birth certificate is 15 1/2 North Main, Tulsa, OK. Would anyone know what the name of that theater was and if, so, would you maybe have  pictures of it? (Maybe the Downtown?)

Submitted by Dan Kammer on 10Jul2012
Researching for Rosie Coffey, born approx. 1920 in Tulsa. Married Walter Hembree.  Somewhere in her background is supposed to be Indian decent. Related is also a Matilda Bays Coffey. Parents of Rosie may have lived in Berea, KY.

Surnames: cardenas, CARDINES, CARDINAS
ubmitted on 6Jun2012 by:  Spirit Gomez
Looking for information on my grandfather who was believed to be of Cherokee tribe born on Cherokee reservation (know he was Indian but not real sure of his people) from around Tulsa area. Was born 1873-1878?
Not sure if this was his real name but what we know him by is Claude Cloud Cardines (Cardenas, Cardinas) Was supposedly found/adopted? by a Mexican family surname Cardenas of Tulsa. Given names of "relatives" may have been Otto, Antonio, Marcus and Charles (brother of Marcus) and Alex step or half brother of Claude.

Surname:  BAUMAN
Submitted on 20May2012 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2733/mb.ashx
I'm trying to locate my great grandfathers death place. He was born 1876 Germany, came to America abt 1884, fathers name is Franz. My ggrandfather resided in Wisconsin, he married 2x's that I know of, 1st wife Anna from Marathon WI 2nd wife named Helen. He lived in Mayville WI, Marathon City WI. The last residence I know was in Marathon Cty WI where 2nd wife Helen died in 1963. Children of my ggrandfather are Oliver (my grandfather) Vera, Dolor, Edith & Thelma. I find on findagrave.com a Joseph Bauman 1876-1965 in Tulsa OK. I dont know if this is him. I dont know if he had family in Ok that would have taken him there from WI. I dont know where to look & I cant track him in any census after Wisconsin 1930. If anyone can enlighten me I would really be happy :)

Surname:  BARNETT
Submitted on 8Mar2012 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2731/mb.ashx

I'd like to find out all I can about my grandfather. John Robert Barnett. Son to Wilma Barnett and married to Nancy Jarvis. Four children, John Robert Barnett II, Nancy Barnett, Donna Barnett and Rick Barnett. I am John Robert Barnett III.

Surname:  RIGDEN
Submitted on 15Feb2012 by: Bill Rigden
Looking for information regarding sir name of RIGDEN. Both birth & death/cemetery information.

Surnames: APEL, SHOWS
Submitted on 12Dec2011 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2721/mb.ashx
Looking for a marriage certificate for Pauline e Apel and Jesse Lloyd Shows in Tulsa County, Oklahoma 1923. They had a child, Virginia Marie b. Sept. 24, 1924 in Tulsa. Any information will help.

Submitted on 29Sep2011 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2712/mb.ashx
I am interested in finding more information on this family, specifically looking for Arculeer information.  Appeared on 1920 Tulsa City (Precinct 8, Enumeration District 218, Supervisors District 1) Census as:
Killion, Laura Belle, head - born about 1876 Indiana, parents from Indiana;
Marguerite, daughter - born Kansas about 1902, parent from Indiana;
Howard R; brother - born Kansas about 1897, parents from Indiana;
Arculeer, Maud - born Kansas about 1887, parents from Indiana, daughter;
Loving/Loring, Myrtle - born Arkansas about 1913, father from Arkansas, mother from Indiana, granddaughter; and
Gatewood, Gussie - born Illinois about 1897, parents from Mississippi, servant/cook.
I am looking for connection, if any, to Arculeer line that originated in Antwerp, Belgium and settled in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Submitted on 5Sep2011 by: Patsy Whitegon
I am researching my husband's family and was given information that a relative died/buried in Red Fork, OK, approx 1898. His name was Solpher Whitegon, born about 1858 in Indiana but moved to OK from KS.  His father's name was Frank Solpher or Solpher Frank Whitegon. 
Of course looking thru the census records the last name is recorded various ways.  I have Whitegoose (1870 KS census), Whitegow (1880 KS census) and Whitegaus (1885 KS census).  The 1885 census is the last entry I can find for him. 
I have looked thru GENWEB sites, FindAGrave, ancestry.com trying to find any additional information.  Are there any old newspapers or archives that I could search to verify his burial place and DOD?

Surname: Davis
Submitted  on 31Aug2011 by David Strickland
Looking for the death date & cemetery for Elbert Houston Davis, born May 1894 Texas,  died Aug 1977 Tulsa OK
Surname: HUNTER
Submitted on 9Aug2011 by David Strickland
If someone has easy access to Tulsa County Cemetery records could they please tell me which cemetery
Aubre Lee Hunter d. 1996 and his wife Goldie Mae Corbett Hunter d. 2004 are buried in?

Submitted on 20Jul2011 by:  David Bruce
I live in Ironton, Lawrence County, Ohio, I have been doing my Bruce family Genealogy for about 40 years now, in my records a female Bruce married a Frederick Bowman they located in Tulsa, OK. I am not sure when they moved there, I do have record's recorded that the family had 6 children that died on the same day 16-August-1850,their names and birth are:
1.Elizabeth W. Bowman born 21-Nov-1839 Deering, Lawrence County, Ohio, her death 16 Aug-1850 Tulsa, OK.
2.Jacob Seaton Bowman born 20 Nov-1841 Deering, Lawrence County, Ohio, death 16-Aug-1850 Tulsa,OK.
3.William Harvey Bowman born 19-Jan-1844 Deering, Lawrence County, Ohio.
4.Lydia Acrom Bowman birth Deering, Lawrence County, Ohio died 16 Aug-1850 Tulsa,OK.
5.Christoper Christian Bowman birth 26-Dec-1848 born in Deering, Lawrence County, Ohio died 16-Aug-1850 Tulsa,OK.
6.Clarinda born 1849 Deering, Lawrence County, Ohio died 16-Aug-Tulsa,OK
I would like very much to know the cause of my cousin's death and the name of the Cemetery that  and the story of the cause, any historical of this event


Submitted on 9Jul2011 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2708/mb.ashx
Looking for information on Beldon "Bill" Willcutt who married Mary Thompson. They had 3 kids, Albert, Joe and Mary.
They lived in several cities near by Tulsa. Mary remarried a man named Richard Dunlap in 1920. She passed in Tulsa at the Tulsa County Home in 1926.

Surname: PORTER
Submitted on 23Jun2011 by: Gilbert Brown
Seeking to verify the death or dispel the rumor of the death of Larry Porter. Here is the vital information about Larry: Born June 1954 in Great Bend, or Hoisington,KS.  Race: African American.  Parent: Kathryn Porter. Brothers:  Richard,  Virgil

Surnames:  TODD
Submitted on 14Jun2011 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2703/mb.ashx
Benjamin Bryant Todd was born 11/8/1919 in Atlanta, Georgia.  David Bryant Todd married Julia Jane Argue in Tulsa, Oklahoma on 12/28/1941.  David Bryant Todd was killed while serving with  the Royal Air Force on 11/7/1942.  At some point after 1933 Benjamin Bryant Todd changed his name to David Bryant Todd.  I do not know how or when this young man came to be in Tulsa.  I would like to know if there is any record of a legal name change that occurred in the Tulsa area in the late 1930's or early 1940's. An obituary would also be very helpful.

Submitted on 13Jun2011 by Jeff Smith
I heard that Alta Lou may have recently passed away.  She was a cousin of mine. Maiden name was McBroom.
Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.
Surname:  TILTON
Submitted on 2Jun2011 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2702/mb.ashx
Looking for any info on Elijah Tilton. I believe he is buried in Bixby Cemetery Bixby OK. He died in 1922. I found one of his daughters buried there. Any info would be appreciated. Maydean Tilton

Submitted on 19May2011 by Mary Lou
Looking for great aunt and uncle.   Guy A Tracy and Eugie M Tracy.   They lived in Tulsa 1920 and are listed as Tulsa in her fathers obituary dated 1947
. Eugenia’s maiden name was Denham and she was born around 1896 in Missouri.    His father was James Archelous Denham and mother was Sarah Elizabeth Phelan.
The family moved to Oklahoma and Texas where Eugie and siblings were raised.

Surname: DIXON
Submitted on 27Apr2011 by: Terry Ratto
Trying to locate 2 obituaries.   JOHNIE DIXON died in Houston Texas 3-15-1969 and buried on 3-16-1969 in Woodland Cemetery, Tulsa, Oklahoma. His Mother, MISSIE CAROLINE DIXON died on 1-15-1959 in Tulsa and is buried in the same cemetery

Surname: GAMBLE
Submitted on 16Apr2011 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2697/mb.ashx
Theodore Gamble 1881-19 Feb 1926. There may be a newspaper article regarding a workplace accident in which he was injured. Any help would be appreciated

Submitted on 8Mar2011 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2695/mb.ashx
Searching for information relating to family member Chester C. Herndon (Born in Missouri) that married Genevieve (Jean) Bradshaw (Born in Oklahoma) in 1927 (Marriage Tulsa). Family had a son Robert.
Surname:  SUCHER
Submitted on 23Feb2011 by:  Virginia Rozack
LINDA SUCHER WAS MY BROTHER'S DAUGHTER.  I FOUND HER RESTING PLACE IN ROSE HILL MEMORIAL PARK  SEC.LOVE (26) L348#1       She was burried  on the 23rd of July 1955  .  Her father was Darrell Sucher and her mother Betty.  My brother was killed in a helicopter crash in 1966 and can no longer get information on her.  Any information on the obituary or anything in  the form of a funeral program would be appreciated.  I know I am asking for a lot but have been hunting for her for nearly 50 years. 
Surname: BOCOOK
Submitted on 11Feb2011 by: Diann Boehm
I am looking for any information on George Bocook who moved to Collinville, Oklahoma and is the father of Myrtle Bocook Floyd.
Surname:  POGUE
Submitted on 29Dec2010 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2686/mb.ashx
Seeking obit of Margaret McDow Pogue who died in Sand Springs on June 28, 1994. Or her husband's obit: Alex W. Pogue died March 1, 1998 in Sand Springs.
Mainly looking for the names and locations of her children or other relatives, especially the married last name of her daughter Margaret.
Surname: GAMBILL
Submitted on 4Nov2010 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2681/mb.ashx
Searching for information regarding a female named Billie Gambill born abt. 1903. Lived in Tulsa. She may have died abt. 1933-36. Her father may have been in law enforcement. Any leads will be appreciated.  Carol

Submitted on 27Oct2010 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2680/mb.ashx

I wonder if anyone can help me please? A dear friend of mine has lost track of her aunt up until the last couple of years they exchanged regular letters and cards and phone calls, then suddenly they stopped, my friend has left lots of messages on her voice mail but never had a reply. She believes Emily was living with grand children and was assured if anything happened she would be informed, however she has heard nothing and would really like to know.
Emily would be about 97 and my friend is 85. Please if anyone knows anything let me know so I can put my friends mind at peace. Regards Gill Bailes
Submitted on 18Oct2010 by Tamara Langford
I have already tried to email two people who's email address came up when I pressed on the surname "Sanderson" on the Oklahoma Gen Web site. My Sanderson ancestors have been one of the most difficult to find information on. My great great grandfather Robert Sanderson, moved sometime between 1901 and 1909 to Tulsa Oklahoma with his son Charles Arthur Sanderson and family. They resided together. I found them (along with Charles sister ... surname Cole) in the Tulsa 1910 census. In the 1920 census Robert is not there and neither is the sister. I believe she moved on to California, but given the time I think that Robert Sanderson must have passed away between the two census years.  Can you help me at all? I would like to know when Robert Sanderson passed away as well as his son Charles and where they might be buried. If you can't help with the information can you point me in the right direction as to where to look? I have tried the IGI as well as Ancestry and there is no information on my Sanderson line in Oklahoma. They moved from Cook County, Chicago to Oklahoma, but Charles was born in Michigan and Robert was born in England.  I hope you can help with my search.
Surnames:  Barnes, Woodson
Submitted again on 6Sep2010 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/833.1/mb.ashxI am searching for the graves of Veda Ellen "Susie" Barnes Woodson and her husband Orval Woodson. I think they are buried in Sperry. Susie was murdered in abt. 1979 and I would appreciate information on where to find details. She was driving home to either Sand Springs or Sperry after working in Tulsa. I have learned Susie was killed in July, 1973. I had a copy of the newspaper article, but have lost/misplaced it. I would appreciate another copy. Any help is appreciated. Jann Davenport, Oklahoma City

Surnames: STEWART
Submitted on 4Sep2010 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2674/mb.ashx
We need a lookup for the obituary for Thomas R. Stewart, who died 3 Sept 1985 and is buried at Ridgelawn Cemetery in Collinsville. We also need the obituary for his wife, Adeline (Walker) Stewart, who died 12 Feb 1993 and is buried next to her husband at Ridgelawn Cemetery. Thanks very much for any assistance...
Surnames: Church
Submitted on 25Aug2010 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2672/mb.ashx
Looking for the obit or newspaper story about Harvey (might be spelled Harve) Tidwell Church who was murdered at his desk at work in 1933.  He was a lawyer possibly in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  At one time he might have lived in Lawton.  He was born in Hickman County, Tennessee. This is all I know about him.  He was my great grandmother's brother.  (30Aug2010)I'm still looking for an obit or newspaper article, but I did find out he was killed on April 29, 1933.  I'm hoping someone might find an article in the Tulsa paper for that date or maybe a day or two after thatThanks in advance for any help or advice.  Liz Cox
Submitted on 18Aug2010 by Tom Branning
Surnames: PAYNE, REAM
Submitted on 4Jul2010 by Pat Linton
I am interested in an obituary for the following person.  This information is from the Social Security Death Index:
Name:                Marvin R. Payne
Last Residence:  Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Born:                  9 Dec 1911
Died:                   9 June 1989 
Marvin was born in Oklahoma.  His father's name was Frederick C. Payne and his mother was Etta Maud Ream.  He had a brother Milton John Payne.   I especially need his obituary, but I would also love to correspond with anyone from this family!  Any help would be very much appreciated!
Submitted on 28Jun2010 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2666/mb.ashx
I am looking for a marriage license for Claude C. Estes, 1917-1972 and Hazel Tuberville.  Also a death certificate or obit for their infant daughter.  I think these should be dated in the early 1940's.
Surnames: LUCAS
Submitted on 12May2010 at:http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2664/mb.ashx
I am in search of an obit for Ira D. Lucas, d.04 Jul 1974 in Tulsa, & he is buried at Memorial Park Cemetery there. 
Any help appreciated. Amy jeffsouthall@att.net
Surnames: NELSON
Submitted on 11May2010 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2663/mb.ashx
My grandfather was born April 5, 1896 in Allen, Michigan, and died August 1, 1980, in Tulsa.  His obituary was published in the Tulsa World on August 4, 1980. I am looking for the text of his obituary.
Surnames: MILLER
Submitted on 11May2010 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2662/mb.ashx
Looking for Birth Record of Anthony Miller,  Birth 1963 0r 1964 Tulsa Oklahoma- Father Gerald Miller- Mother Edith or Judith
Surnames: RALSTON
Submitted on 24Apr2010 by:  Scott Johannes
I am researching my family tree and am trying to verify the final home and resting place of my 2nd Great Grandfather.
His name is: George A Ralston b. 1857 McDonough, Illinois, USA d. 19 Oct 1888 Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
This is all theoretical as I have very little documentation on him. Any help would be greatly welcomed.
Submitted on 11Apr2010 by: akandplume@gmail.com
I am trying to research an individual who lived in Tulsa in the 1950s.  He worked for Looboyle at some point between 1951 and 1955.  His name was Charles Abrer, although I'm not sure of the spelling.  He must be in his 80s now.  Can you or any of your readers provide me with any information?  Ideally, I'd like to get some old records from Looboyle to see if his name or a similarly spelled name is on the payroll.
Submitted on 27Mar2010 at: http://www.funeralhomesguide.com/Oklahoma/Hominy/PowellFuneralHome.html
Seeking obituaries for William P Cunningham b January 11, 1867 in Vandalia, Illinois and died April 12, 1927 in or near Tulsa, Oklahoma and Nora (Geer) Cunningham born February 1874 in Iowa and died 1948 in or near Tulsa Oklahoma. Both are buried in Woodland Memorial Park Cemetery, Sand Springs, Tulsa Co., Oklahoma.

Surnames:  MARLOW, DOKES
Submitted on 24Feb2010 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2656/mb.ashx

I'm researching the Marlow family tree for my uncle. The Dokes are part of the family. I'm trying to find his obit. James was born 11-3-1928 and died 3-8-2009 in Tulsa Oklahoma. I would appreciate any help and all information. Thanks. Missy

Surnames:  Lee, Melton
Submitted on 13Feb2010 by: Olive Lee

Trying to locate two people who lived in the Tulsa area in 1984.  They were Keila LEE and Curtis MELTON.  She was born about 1968 and he was probably close to the same age.  Can anyone point me to a family tree that might include either of these individuals.  It is necessary for me to locate them to obtain medical information.   I'd also be happy to share any of my LEE genealogy.  My husband is a descendant of Stephen LEE who lived in Edgar Co, IL and later in McKinney, TX.  Some of his family lived in Tulsa, including Nancy Amy LEE who married William D. Rippetoe.  Also in Tulsa was Pastor Ernest Cecil LEE and his wife Eula CURTIS.  I'd be happy to share info if anyone connects. 
My name is Olive LEE and I live near Oklahoma City.

Surnames:  JONES
Submitted on 5Feb2010 at:  http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2654/mb.ashx

I am looking for obituaries for the following individuals.  They are buried in the Rose Hill cemetery from which I got the following information:
JONES Camp Austin 03-31-1960 8-176/177-13 [born 1884; lived to be 76]
JONES Laura M. 02-24-1969 8-176-177-14 [born 1893; lived to be 76] [They had no children, 
JONES Chauncey H. 11-14-1974 8-22-4 [born 1899; lived to be 75] 
I think they all may have worked for the Tulsa World newspaper at one time or another.  Therefore, they probably have decent obituaries.  They are all cousins. Thanks so much-Larry Hardesty ebony51@frontiernet.net

Surnames: WHITAKER
Submitted on 17Jan2010 by: Robert Whitaker, 13717 County Rd 494, Colcord, OK 74338

I would like an obituary of Jesse Otis Whitaker D-Feb 1984 Tulsa OK. Jesse was my brother, let me know the charges. 
Surnames: WEHUNT
Submitted on 15Jan2010 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2650/mb.ashx
Looking for obit on John Wehunt.  Last know address for him was Bixby, OK in 1955.
Also Fannie Wehunt Brown, last known address was Lawton,OK in 1955.
Thanks in advance

Surnames:  ROHS
Submitted on 14Jan2010 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.mayes/971/mb.ashx

Would like an obituary lookup for Henry ROHS who died in Rose, Mayes County, Oklahoma on October 14, 1953. He is buried at Woodland Memorial Park Cemetery (referred to in death certificate as Woodlawn Cemetery) in Sand Springs, Tulsa County, OK.

Surnames: JENNINGS
Submitted on 5Jan2010 at:
Does anyone have any information about Katherine Vollmer Jennings. She was born 1878 in Ohio, married in  Anadarko Caddo County Oklahoma a Mr. Jennings and died in Tulsa Oklahoma after 1962.

Surnames: Stuck, Turley
Submitted on 13Dec2009 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2646/mb.ashx

I am looking for any information on Cecil Dwight Stuck and Wanda Louise Turley.
I am needing a marriage look up for them. Around 1940-1945.

Surnames: SEGER
Submitted on 4Dec2009 by: Dave Seger

I am trying to locate the burial plots of: Christian Henry Seger, his wife and hopefully his sons. Mr. Seger is my Grand Uncle, born in Metropous, Illinois, grew up in Anna, Il.  and moved to Tulsa in the early 1900’s. He was in banking.My home Email address is: nmiseger@cox.net. My name is David Seger and I live at 3904 Woodcutter Drive, Oklahoma city, OK 73150

Surname: WILSON
Submitted on 9Nov2009 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2640/mb.ashx

I'm looking for the burial place of McDowel "Mac" Wilson who died June 13, 1961. He lived in Jenks, OK. Thank you.

Submitted on 4Nov2009 by Linda Shults

Looking for George Burnette editor for the Tulsa Tribune 1949

Surnames: LEWIS
Submitted on 3Nov2009 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2638/mb.ashx
I'm trying to obtain an obit for . Daniel I. Lewis, died 26 Aug 1960. Can someone help, please? 
and: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2637/mb.ashx

Looking for info. on the family of Daniel Isaiah (1872-1960) and Emmeretta (Frost) Lewis from Ill. to Tx., Ark., then Tulsa Co., Ok.  Daniel and Emmeretta are buried in the Bixby Cem. Known children: Iven Curtis, Gertie A. ,Samuel E., Pinelda E., Vincent J. (Living in Tulsa Co. in 1930), Henry R. Any info. would be greatly appreciated! Patricia in Illinois
Surnames: MCILNAY
Submitted on 25Oct2009 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2633/mb.ashx
Would someone please get me a copy of an obit for:  David Bruce McIlnay, died Oct 5, 2002 in Broken Arrow.
thank you for your help.

Submitted by: George Millonas on 21Oct2009

In doing some genealogy searching I came across the name of Betty Sink who on July 22, 1998 was looking for info about Henry Wilson Cochran (cochrane) and Delilah Pickett.  I may have some info for her since Henry & Deliah were my great grandparents.  Neva 

Submitted by:  Marilyn Stade on 19Oct2009

My Name is Marilyn Karins Stade and I have an Uncle Leonard Karins  that lived in Tulsa Oklahoma at the time of his death and I'm trying to find out what  year he died  .He was born in 1892  if you could help or tell me where to Look I sure would appreciate it .
Surnames: TAYLOR
Submitted on 17Oct2009 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2630/mb.ashx
I need an obituary for Helen Rebecca Anderson Taylor who married Victor Taylor. She was born Dec 18, 1893.  
She died in Tulsa in April of 1987.

Surnames: WATSON
Submitted by: Jimmy Watson on 17Oct2009

Looking for info. on George Watson family living Tulsa 3 Jan. 1920 census George H. 36, Hannah P. 35, Mona 12, Jessie 10, George 8.  2 Apr. 1930 George H. 43, Hanna P. 41,  Jessie L. 20, George H. 18. George H. Watson Sr. was a Preacher born 7/28/1883 Arkansas died 6/16/1965 buried Eldon Mo. son of George M. D. & Sarah Elizabeth Woodside Watson from Cannon Co. Tn.
  This is my Watson line anyone with info. on Mona could be Ramona, Jessie L or George Jr. please contact me. George had a sister Mary H. b. 1876, brothers John W. b. 1873, James M. b. 1870, Washington M. b. 1887 . 1900 Census George & Sarah lived in Benton Co. Arkansas . 1910 census Delaware Ok.  1920 Sarah lived Osborn Kansas with Dau. Mary no George. Sarah died
June 12, 1924 buried Osborne Co. Kansas  George M. D. is son of George Washington and Matilda Ferrell Watson Warren Co. Tenn.

Surnames: Yates
Submitted by: Kathryn Webster on 8Oct2009

Yates, Harrison (Harry) T. Born 1888 Iowa, living in Arkansas  1919. Birth of their child was verified as not recorded as a Tulsa, OK birth nor recorded in any formal state record.  Sure of names and dates. Child name: Harrison Taylor Yates Jr. 07-25-1919 in Tulsa, Ok Verified by original Social Security Card record.  Trying to obtain confirmation of this birth.
Surnames: Hartzell
Submitted by DorothySwanson18 on 25Sep2009 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2627/mb.ashx
Would appreciate the obituary of Bates Beulah Hartzell who d. Apr. 1983 at tulsa, Ok.  I believe she went by Beulah.  Thank you so very much.  Dorothy
Surnames: Parman, Whittington, Dodson
Submitted on 29Aug2009 by corsadoug at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2623/mb.ashx

Looking for burial sites or obits for Anna Laura Parman Whittington (b May 1, 1899 d. April 1975 in Tulsa) or her husband Moses Whittington (b May 17, 1894 d. June 1986 in Tulsa)  thanks for any help you may supply  Doug Parman
Surnames: Osborn
Submitted on 27Aug2009 by ddrhodes23 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2622/mb.ashx

I am looking for obituaries for the following Osborn family members.  All died in Tulsa. Joseph Lyman Osborn, b: 11 Feb 1872 in WI.  d: 26 Aug 1939 in Tulsa. His wife, Minnie Mable (Pierce) Osborn, b: 6 Feb 1881 in Bloomingdale, Vernon Co, WI and d: 21 Jun 1946 in Tulsa. 
Their son, Leslie Alberton Maurice Osborn, b: 8 Jan 1909 in LaFarge, Vernon Co, WI and d: 7 Feb 1973 in Tulsa. 
Is there a paper or library in Tulsa that may have these obits?

Surnames: JORDAN
Submitted by okiegirl1959 on 19Aug2009

I have a great uncle Hugh (Buck) Jordan b. 1916 Ark
I am not sure when he died around Tulsa /Claremore area he died from self inflicted gun shot according to what family lore says.
I would like to know more about him and possible connect with his descendents

Submitted by Revae on 16Aug2009 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2621/mb.ashx

Mary L. Milnes was born in Tulsa Sept. 20, 1926 to J. Vernon MILNES and Mae Fannie LEEK. Mary married a man named ??? HASKEW. Mary died in OK Dec. 1990, I'm assuming Tulsa.  
James Vernon Milnes and wife had two other daughters, Joan N. b. ca 1925 and Marian ca 1927. If you should find any marriage records for them, it would be wonderful.

Surnames: SANDERS
Submitted by Faye Heffington on 13Aug2009

I am seeking  help on finding an obit for Katie Irene Sanders who died January 24, 1979.  SS records give Broken Arrow as her last residence. She is  buried at Park Grove Cemetery.

Surnames: HENRY
Submitted by Okie Kid on 3Aug2009
Iva Henry, died in Sand Springs, OK 30 Jul 1930 & her Father John Quincy Henry, who died in Sand Springs 1925.John Quincy Henry is my maternal great grandfather. He died in Sand Springs, OK in 1925 and his body was shipped back to Howell County, MO for burial.His daughter was Iva Henry. She worked for T H Steffens, president of the Sand Springs Railway and lived with her aunt and uncle S. J. Crooks. She had recently returned to Sand Springs. She died 30 Jul 1930.  Her body was also returned to Howell County, MO>If you can provide any information it would be so appreciated!!

Surnames: SANDERS
Submitted by Faye Heffington of Littlefield, TX on 13Jul2009

Looking for an obit for Katie Sanders, died 1-24-1979, Broken Arrow, OK. Burial was in Park Grove Cemetery. 
Any help would be appreciated.

Surnames: ORR
Submitted by Bobbie <southernredneckgirl@webtv.net> on 13Jul2009

Looking for an obit for EMMETT A. ORR who passed away 2 Oct. 1995 in Tulsa.  I have no burial place for him. 
Thank You, as any help appreciated.

Submitted on 4Jul2009 by  Sharrie <RANDSH1990@aol.com>
Any information on a Lou Ella maiden name? Burtz, Walker (born Jan 1867 SC and died 27 Jul 1956). She was married to R M Burtz born SC both her and Robert M Burtz (born Jul 1862 and died 12 Nov 1914)they lived in Oklahoma both died in Broken Arrow, Tulsa, Oklahoma. She also married a
J. C Walker. In the 1930 census it says she is widowed and living with her granddaughter. If you could find an obituary on her, or her maiden name, family siblings. Any information you can find on them would be appreciated Thank You

Submitted on 4Jul2009 by Jennifer W. M. Wilde

A few years ago I found my grandmother and her family in the 1930 Census for Tulsa, Oklahoma but have been unable to do so since (others have tried also but to no avail).
Father: Jasper/Jusper B. MOORE-- a barber or policeman, possibly from Sweden or of Swedish descent
Mother: not sure: supposedly Saraleigh Minnie MERCHANT (went by Jackie); possibly died of TB in 1930s
*Delores Clarajean (my grandmother), born 1927 in Tulsa, OK; died 1975 in a hospital in Kansas
*a son: don't know his name
This family split up shortly after the census was taken and my grandmother was adopted (not formally) by Ivan and Ethel McRae of Dawson Township, Tulsa, Oklahoma; they moved to the Kansas City, Missouri area shortly thereafter.  Geraldine was taken in by a policeman and my great aunt is not sure what became of my grandmother's brother. 
Any information on my grandmother's family would be much appreciated.


Submitted on 25Jun2009 by Mavis Bassett at:
I'm searching for any information or descendants of Edward Mulhall born 9 Jun 1892 in Guthrie, Logan, Oklahoma, and died 15Apr1970 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Edward's parents are Patrick Mulhall & Mary Ann Welsh. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Surnames: Griggs
Submitted by Jerry Rush on 20Jun2009

I have a notation for an INA JANE GRIGGS, Born about 1930 - Death  18 March 1996,  Skiatook, Tulsa Co., Oklahoma
Burial  OSAGE Gardens. Marriage 26 Dec 1950,  Skiatook, Tulsa Co., Oklahoma    Spouse Unknown
I can find no cross reference, listing in the mentioned cemetery, or any other record. Is there any marriage or death record in Tulsa County.
Thank you very much for any help you can give.

Surnames: Hopper, Payne
Submitted by Melnsam123@aol.com on 11June2009

I am seeking someone who lives n Tulsa or in the  surrounding area, to go to the library and check for a article( on Clola M  Hopper, It
appears that she died a year to date after her husband* Roy Payne  Hopper, Roy Payne hopper died Jan 26,1965( Obit in Tulsa World News Jan 27,1965,  (there was a obit) Thre was no obit for Clola M Hopper who died  Jan  26,1970, No obit, but wondered if she befall a accident, Suicide or  another?? I would appreciate a lookup and would be willing to pay someone to  search and if found provide a article, If anyone can help, please contact off  list,

Surnames:  JONES, YATES
Submitted by Jennifer Cobas on 19May2009

Seeking information regarding the children of Edward JONES (b. England or Wales, d.  New York, 1872) and Sarah YATES
(b. England, d. Taylorsville, Indiana Co, Pennsylvania).  I have a letter written by one of Edward and Sarah’s grandchildren, but it only
mentions one child of (allegedly) eighteen: Joseph Arthur JONES (b. 14Aug 1853, England, d. 1940, Sand Springs, Tulsa, Oklahoma).  Family
immigrated around 1865.  They migrated from Pennsylvania to Arkansas (abt. 1900) to Tulsa Co, Oklahoma (abt. 1930).  Who were Edward and
Sarah’s children?  Thank you. Jennifer Cobas. E-mail: jjcobas@me.com.

Surnames: SIMS
Submitted on 14May2009 by sjwilson43 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2605/mb.ashx

Looking for family and obit. for Cora Sims. She passed away about twenty years ago. She lived in Sand Springs.
Thank You, Sharon Bridges Wilson

Submitted by: Wesley V. Wells on 13May2009

My name is Wes Wells and I am Vern Vandever’s great-grandson.  I’m 27 years old and I’m in investment banking in Washington, DC.  I recently had my great-grandfather’s custom watch restored and it has since encouraged me to reach out to learn a little more about my family’s past.  I was close with my grandmother (Elizabeth Vandever Wells) who died when I was a freshman in college.  I have a number of relics from Vern, including his custom watch (hand made in New York circa 1920), Vandever Dry Goods stock certificates, Vandever’s department store tokens, etc. I was hoping that someone in Tulsa could shed a little light on the Vandever family for me since my grandmother and my father (Bruce Vandever Wells) are the only connections to the name that I know of. 

Submitted  by Melnsam123@aol.com on 8May2009

Seeking a marriage lookup on these  Milladean  Farthing and Kenneth Hopper, Please check years 1945-1960 also please check  
William Lee Farthing and  Ada Marjo Rash 1954-1964, if anyone can help,  please e-mail me. Thank you.  Melodee

Surnames: MILLER
Submitted on 7May2009 at: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2600/mb.ashx

Looking for any information regarding Charles Eugene Miller.  He lived in Turley with his family around 1948.

Surnames: MASON
Submitted by Della Mott on 7May2009

Looking for a marriage license between John Gerald Mason, Jr. to a Patricia __________ in about 1959 or 1960.  Can anyone help????
Surnames:  LEWIS
Submitted on 29Apr2009 by: junebug

Brandon Lewis of Sand Springs

Seeking information on the Brandon Lewis family. Brandon was born 1879 in Pa. I do not know where in Pa. he was born, nor who his parents or siblings are. He married in Arkansas to Arbela Hastings 1909 . They were in Arkansas in 1910 but sometime between then and 1918 they were living in Sand Springs... thats where Brandon registered for WWl....
Brandon was a pipe fitter during that time at the Pheonix Refining Co. After that I lose track of them. I don't think they had children.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. He's sort of a brick wall. Thanks.

Surnames: BARDIN,
Submitted on 12Apr2009 by: Wolfhuntress2002

I am searching for information on John Ray Bardin. Born: 4 May 1909, Wapanucka, Johnston, OK
Death: 14 August 1958, Santa Fe Co, NM Burial: West Lawn Cemetery, Henryetta, Okmulgee, OK
Headstone inscription states he served in WWII ( CPL 662 PORT CO TO WWII) Can anyone tell me about this inscription? What Branch? Anything. I know from the Army Enlistment Record located on Ancestry.com that he enlisted on 15 April 1942 in Tulsa Co, OK. He was single at the time and had nothing more than a Grammar School Education. States Branch: Branch Immaterial, Warrant Officer. (What does this mean?) Looking for pictures and more information. Please Email me: Wolfhuntress2002

Surnames: HOPPER
Submitted by Melodee on 11Apr2009
Seeking someone who lives in the area of Tulsa, and would  be willing to go to the library, to obtain a microfilm copy of Clifford Eugene Hopper Obit, Clifford Eugene Hopper was born Feb 21, 1926 Wetumka, Hughes county  Oklahoma , died October 26,2005,  Would be willing to reimburse for copies,  if anyone can help, please contact me.  Melodee
Surname:  BRADY Families of Tulsa
Submitted by Donna Cuillard on 5Apr2009

Seeking all descendants of Hugh Brady, born 1709, and his wife Hannah McCormick. Many of their descendants settled in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the early  1900's. Reunion this summer for all descendants.
Surnames: Robinson, Siler
Submitted by brianfutrel on 29Mar2009 at: 
Edward H. Robinson  was born 1872 in Missouri.  He was a Baptist minister.  In the 1930 census, he was living with his daughter and son-in-law.  I would like to find out when he passed away. I would like to find out how to locate his obituary.  I have found him in the 1900--1930 census.  I need to find out when he died.  Are any of his relatives or descendants out there anywhere?  Any help would be appreciated.  
Surnames: Steel, Sanditen
Submitted by jmw999 on 29Mar2009 at:  
I have a copy of the book A Country Girl: This is My Life - including the biography of Maurice Sanditen by Charlien Steel Sanditen that was given to my mother by the author.  I would love to give it to a descendent or someone else related to her.

Surnames: Walker, Cunningham

Submitted by Mark Reed, Fairfax, VA  on 14Mar2009 at:
I found a relative in the online Tulsa obituary index and I am hoping someone can help out with an obituary lookup.
Obituary Index entries:
Arthur G. Walker; Tulsa World; 11/2/1964; Pg 9
Arthur G. Walker; Tulsa World; 11/3/1964; Pg 14
Arthur G. Walker; Tulsa World; 11/3/1964; Pg 13
Arthur G. Walker; Tulsa World; 11/4/1964; Pg 27
This Arthur G. Walker was born in 1895 and was the son of Loren H. Walker and Sophy Cunningham.  Any assistance is greatly appreciated!  Thanks!
Submitted on 10Mar2009 by epofolks@aol.com.
Is there anyone in Tulsa county, OK that remembers or is acquainted with family members of Thomas Harold Vernon and Grace Vernon, I would love to hear from you. I don't know where they were buried or if any children or grand children are alive. Thomas Harold was my Father's, (Ernest Leon Vernon) brother. It is very hard to obtain any info on the "Vernons" . Daddy and uncle Harold had 2 sisters,
Eva, lived and died in CA , and Essie Maud, who also lived and died in CA. I know that daddy lived 1920-1930 in Tulsa with Uncle Harold.
Their father was a coal miner. both their parents died in Pittsburg, KS. Mother, Louisa Alice Traylor Vernon in 1899;Father, Davis Arthue Vernon, in 1903.the children had a very hard time growing up. If anyone has ANY info please email me.

Surname: DEL SESTO 

I am looking for an Obit for Henry L. Del Sesto who died on 15 July 1980 in Tulsa County, Broken Arrow OK. He was the brother to my grandmother Elsie Del Sesto Viola. I am trying to find any family the obit may mention.

Surnames: Frye,  Burke

Submitted by Marty Ramage on 28Feb2009 at:
Searching for dates of birth and death of Charles O. Frye (born September 1859 in New York) and wife, Vandella M. A. Burke Frye (born June 1860 in Alabama). I do not know if there is a series of cemetery books for Tulsa County, Oklahoma or not? 
Charle O. Frye and Vandella M. A. Burke were married on 15 May 1878 in Sebastian County, Arkansas, and settled in Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri before finally settling in Tulsa County, Oklahoma. Vandella M. A. Burke Frye was a daughter of Elihue Preston Perry Burke (6 April 1836-29 September 1896) and his wife, Miriam/Myriam J. Penninger Burke (born ca. 1841). Records indicate that Charles O. Frye died in Tulsa, Oklahoma during the 1920's. I think that he and his family were buried in Tulsa County, Oklahoma. The children of Charles O. and Vandella M. A. Burke Frye were: Oscar B. Frye (born ca. 1883 in Missouri); Howard Frye (born ca. 1886 in Missouri); and Roy Frye (born ca. 1888 in Missouri).
Reply: 3-2-2009
I did check the funeral home book index and it does not show any listings for Charles O. or for la, although they probably did die in Oklahoma.  Look them up on the census records and they will show the approximate birth date and state where they were born.  Only obit I was able to find on this family is for Roy, who died in November of 1930. keith345@hotmail.com


Surnames: Harnar, Baker, Griffith

Posted on 20Feb2009 at:
We are searching for an obituary for Hattie Opal Pearl Baker Griffith who died on 1 November 2006 in Tulsa County, Oklahoma.  Her parents were Ida Mae Harnar and Perry Baker.  Would also like to connect with her descendants.

Submitted by: Wilbur & Shirley Schwartzendruber on 11Feb2009

I am trying to find a birth and/or marriage records for my deceased aunt Ruby Juanita Allen, whom, I am told, married at a young age, about 16, a Vernon Moore which my grandfather supposedly had annulled. She later married a Howard Hendricks.  Could you help me please? I am almost sure that she was born in Oklahoma as her brothers and sisters were.
Her parents were William A. and Myrtle Ora Hammond Allen; they were married in Newcastle, Oklahoma in 1908. They were living in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the late nineteen twenties and early thirty's. There was also an uncle to me, named J. C. Allen who was born sometime between nineteen eighteen and nineteen twenty two. And another aunt named Thelma Allen, and an uncle named Alva M. Allen who were born between 1908 and 1911. Thelma died as an infant or small child.
My father, Homer William Allen, their third child according to his birth certificate, was born near Washington, Oklahoma, August 31, 1912.

Surname: TOLBERT
Submitted by: kidkaren@att.net on 8Feb2009
I'd appreciate an obituary or any other info on the following couple please. 

Charlie & Bennie Tolbert are buried in Woodlawn Memorial Park, Sand Springs, Tulsa Co., OK. 
Charlie died in July, 1974 and Bennie died 18 May 1998.

Surname:  CLAY
Submitted by Susie (searchingsusie@yahoo.com) http://www.geocities.com/searchingsusie/mysearch.htm on 2Feb2009
Posted: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/996.1/mb.ashx

My birthname was Cheryl Ann Clay. Birthfather is Charles Monroe Clay Jr.

Born in Sherman, Texas - May 5, 1920(not the 6th). He now resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma, as far as I know.
I was told he and his wife Libby have two sons.
I was told by Lela, his sister from Sherman, that our ancesters are Scotch, Dutch and French.
Charles refuses any contact so far - last time a searcher called which was some time ago.
If anyone can help I would be very, very grateful!

Surnames: POTTS
Posted on 28Jan2009 at:http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2584/mb.ashx
I am looking for a man, E. L. Potts that married Mae Gish in Arkansas in 1925.  I do not know what the initials are.  The marriage certificate age would give his birth year about 1184 or 1885.

On the marriage certificate he indicates he is from Bixby, Tulsa, OK but got married in Arkansas
Posted on 29Jan2009
He appears to be the Edward Lewis Potts that registered for WW1 in Muskogee county, Okla. Based on that, he is found in 1900 Newton county, Ar. Prairie Twp. with parents, Marion and Nancy. He's indexed as Edwan Potts but shows birth as Feb. 1885 as his WW1 registration card.  1880 his parents and older siblings are also found in  Prairie Twp, Newton county. Father listed as Francis.
Also found there in 1870. His parents burials are listed on Find A Grave in Bald Knob cemetery in Boone county and brother
Lester M. in Western Grove cemetery in Newton county. 
Hope this helps,  Judy
Surnames: COOK, MCCAIN
Submitted on 28Jan2009 by: Becky
Looking for any information on the family of a Ralph Cook that lived in Tulsa around 1934.  He married a Louise McCain.  Any help is deeply appreciated.  Need his parents family line , if anyone can find it for me, or knows it.

Surnames: McClurg
Submitted by: William_McClurg on 23Jan2009 at:

Daniel Newton McCLURG died November 1977 at Tulsa.
I looked at the Rose Hill Cemetery listing, and they do have a Daniel N. McCLUNG listed with the burial of 11/30/1977. It may be a transcribing error.
I need to know more about who is listed in his obituary.
(answers at:)

Surname:  BRUNER
Submitted  by Thomas Patton on 14Jan2009
I recently purchased a home on West Brady St in Tulsa.  I am told that William Bruner was the owner of the land many years ago and after doing research, I would have to say that this is true.  I was also told that he may have lived in a small house that is also located on my property.  The house seems to be pretty old and I am actually in the process of updating it.  I am trying to find out if this was actually his home at one time?  Do you possible know of where I can find information on where he resided?

Submitted on 11Jan2009 by  Dee Dosch,
I have an old picture of a group of employees at car dealership somewhere in OK but I am having a difficult time trying to find out where.?The photo is priceless, four feet long with at least 40 people from mechanics to secretaries. On the front window is “Ryan Motors” Main St. This picture was probably taken in the 20’s or 30’s. I have not been able to pull anything up on the web. My Dad’s Uncle sold cars here and he thought it was in McAlester but on a sign in the picture was “Alva Rooms”  I contacted someone from Alva who said the picture was not taken there.  The photographer was from Tulsa. Signed on the left side of the photo.  Could you help me out here. Thanks,

Surname:  Geyer
Submitted by Paul Roales <paroales@ionet.net> on 2Dec2008

I am looking for information on A. Geyer who was a student pilot at Spartan School of Aeronautics in Tulsa in March and April, 1935.
He(?) got his private pilots license on April 8, 1935. I have his(?) log book and would like to know more about the person.

Surname: Smith
Submitted by: Wes Groleau on 25Nov2008
William E. Smith, last residence Tulsa, date of death 20 April 1988 

Would like to find out enough information about the deceased to
determine whether he is William Earnest Smith, son of William and Amelia, brother of Celina (Sally), Francis (Frank), Alvina (Vinie), James, and others.  I do know the birth date matches, but another William E. with that birth date died in CA in 2003 (trying to find that obit also).
Wes Groleau
Collaborative Online Genealogy

Surname:  NEW
Submitted by:  Millard New on 16Sep2008

I've been trying to locate a daughter of a great-uncle. Her name was Phyllis New and she was born about 1925, probably in or near Oklahoma City. Her mother and father, William Harrison New and Ruth Bess Munson-New, both died in and are buried in Denver, CO (1965 & 1976, respectively). The cemetery record for mother Ruth states that her next of kin is Phyllis New and she, too, lived in Denver in 1976. However, there is no cemetery record that Phyllis is buried in this cemetery nor does she show up in an on-line telephone search. I assume from the cemetery record that daughter Ruth never married. Subsequently, I found a Social Security Death Index for a Phyllis R New who was born on 14 Sep 1924 and died 5 Jul 1996 with last residence given as Tulsa. I'm thinking that this might be the Phyllis for whom I've been searching. If possible, could someone search the obits near 5 Jul 1996 for her obit? I'd very much appreciate it.

Surname:  Raffety
Submitted by: Sherri Hale on 23Oct2008
I have extensive information compiled on the Raffety family which dates back to 1733. They migrated to Missouri then to Oklahoma. I would love for folks to have access to this information or to share it. Some gen. counties have a links set up for people to get more information on a family.  Here is the website; with documents, images, articles, etc  that I set up on rootsweb: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~raffety/
I would like for people to have free access to the genealogy!!! And to enjoy the information that has already be compiled and organized.
Oklahoma Raffety’s start with:
George Washington Raffety, his wife Lorana Inman Raffety, their children and some of their grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. They started in Osage Co. and spread out across the state and lived, worked in Tulsa.

Surname:  Smith
Submitted:  http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2577/mb.ashx on 3Nov2008
Can anyone help me by looking up an obit for Ora B. Smith who died in Tulsa on June 1973?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Surname:  McClure
Submitted: http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/1226.1/mb.ashx on 15Nov2008

I am the third of four sons born to John Samuel McClure.  He was the son of Hugh Brown McClure and Mary Alice Bishop.
http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/1226.1.1/mb.ashx on 15nov2008
I am happy to see your posting.  I have been working on the Brown/McClure connection for quite awhile.  I have information to share and would love to receive your input.

Surname: ONAN
Submitted on 7Sep2008 http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2568/mb.ashx
Looking for information regarding the death of Belle and/or Robert Onan in Tulsa and subsequent remarriage of Harry Onan to a Josephine (possibly Howe). Also any information regarding either a death or marriage of Helen Onan. All this would have happened between 1920 and 1930. Thank you.
Posted 14Feb2009 http://boards.rootsweb.com/localities.northam.usa.states.oklahoma.counties.tulsa/2568.1/mb.ashx

Posted on 31Jul2008 by: KathleenBurns

David P. Anderson family

I am looking for David Presley Anderson's family. David was born 26 Dec 1844 in Quincy, Adams Co., Illinois. He married Sarah Matilda Higgins who was born 19 May 1863 in Tennessee. They were married sometime between 1879 & 1880 as I have found them in Ursa, Adams Co., Illinois. Their first child was born in Illinois and the other four in Oklahoma. They live in Guthrie for sometime and moved to Tulsa in the 1920's. They are both buried in Tulsa in Rose Hill Cemetery and they both died in 1936. They also have two sons that are buried with them. Clarence Ray Anderson and Jess Fred Anderson. Clarence married Bertha Baumer and according to 1930 census had two daughters. They may have had more I do not know. I am looking for anyone that is connected to this family.

Posted on 31May2008 by: lorr54

I am looking for information on Carson Roy Bumgarner and his wife Jessie Florressa Stephens Bumgarner. Jessie was from PA and lived from 11/19/1894 to 12/1977, dying in Tulsa.
Carson lived from 5/7/1891 to 7/1966 dying in Tulsa. Did they have children? What did Carson do for a living? Where are they buried? Any information would be helpful.

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