Eschiti Cemetery
Tillman County, Oklahoma

North east of Grandfield, Okla., three cemeteries can be found within 1/2 mile of each other. The first ,Grandfield's City Cemetery, stands on fifty acres which were part of the original Eschiti townsite (north half of section 3,T 4 S, R 14 W). A quarter of a mile directly east, across the runway of the old airport, part of a field and a dry creekbed, is an overgrown plot which used to be the Methodist Church in ECSHITI. Only three stones, almost lost in tumbleweeds, remain in the graveyard. Then a quarter of a mile further east is the old Ecshiti Cemetery, located on a hill which gives the view of the countryside. A dozen stones ,most fallen now, can be found there. Inscribed on the stones in the Eschiti graveyard is this information.

Submitted by Minnie Lou Watson Whittington May 20, 2001.

LULA A wife of T. J. CRABTREE December 17, 1886 - February 11, 1911

MATTIE J. FLEMING May 30, 1873 - September 8, 1911

MARY JANE BAKER October 8, 1852 - March 21, 1913

DILEMMA M. BODLE AUGUST 12, 1877 - February 7, 1912

ESTELLA daughter of M. R. and S.E. BARTON December 10, 1911 - December 7, 1912

ORA daughter of J. G. and DORA WITT September 6, 1901 - March 24, 1909

JAMES H. son of L. H. and E. R. WEBB natives of Alabama, August 14, 1910 - December 4, 1910

JAMES V. son of L. and BESSIE WEAVER September 13, 1911 - May 5, 1913

DOSHIER FLOYD March 8, 1904 - October 23, 1911

NELLIE FLOYD MARTIN January 14, 1871 - March 30, 1911

ELVIRA daughter of A. A. and M. E. LAX April 3, 1906 - March 1, 1910

HATTIE daughter of A. A. and M. E. LAX November 27, 1892 - February 18, 1910

Like all the other country cemeteries, it appears there are many more graves than are marked. We found remnants arranged in rectangles, bricks marking four corners, all without tombstones. Also many large depressions indicate removals to other cemeteries. "NOW AND THEN" BY CAROLYN MAXWELL THE FREDERICK PRESS NOVEMBER 7,1977

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