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This table includes a link to every map on which each town could be located.  If an entry in the Township Map column shows a link to only the Township & Range, then that town does not actually appear on the current map but was found out which township and sometimes which section it was in from other sources.  Information was obtained by Sharon McAllister.

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Detailed Township Map

Beulah No Yes No 24 22N 17E
Bull Creek No No No 19N 17E
Bushyhead Yes Yes No 21 23N 17E
Canadaville No No No 7 22N 15E
Catale Yes Yes No 15 24N 18E
Catoosa No Yes Yes 19-30 20N 15E
Chelsea Yes Yes Yes 30 24N 18E
Claremore No Yes Yes 8-9 21N 16E
Coalton No Yes No ?
Cullie No No No 16 21N 15E
Degroat No No No 33 22N 16E
Delaney No No No 8 21N 17E
Edwin No No No 23N 15E
Edgewater Acres
Elba No Yes No 10 22N 15E
Fair Oaks No No No 3 19N 15E
Fort Spunky No No No 33 20N 15E
Foyil No Yes Yes 32 23N 17E
Garnett No Yes No ?
Harmony Starr
Hisle No No No 15 23N 17E
Howard No No No 2 23N 17E
Inola Yes Yes Yes 4 19N 17E
Keetonville No No Yes 9 21N 15E
Keith No No No 26 20N 17E
Mart No No No 14 22N 14E
Mary No No No 14 22N 14E
Mayes No No No 19 22N 16E
McFarlin No No No 19-20-17E
McGinnie No No No 4~9 21N 15E
Mount Clarimer No No No 21N 16E
Oo-wa-la No No No 19 22N 16E
Oolagah Yes Yes Yes 28 23N 15E
Oolagah (Historical)
Sageeyah Yes Yes No 19 22N 15E
Salsman No No No 19 21N 16E
Sequoyah Yes No No 13 22N 16E
Talala Yes Yes Yes 27 24N 15E
Tiawah Yes Yes Yes 35 22N 16E
Tiger No No No 26 21N 14 E
Valley Park
Verdigris Yes Yes Yes 3 20N 15E
Wingnom No No No ?

Catale - pronounced "Cat-a-lee" -- is a corruption of the Cherokee word "Cat-al-la-yah" meaning a valley.  Catalayah avenue in Claremore comes from the same source and has the same meaning.  Very appropriate in each case.- From the History of Rogers County

Catoosa - "Ka-to-see", "Gha-too-see" or "Kah-to-see" being the only word which the Cherokee Indian has to convey the idea of "a hill".  Ca-to-sa then means a hill.  It has been said an official of the Frisco, asked a full-blood named Dick Duck, "What is the name of that hill?" Mr. Duck replied in his broken English, "Injun 'im Ka-too-sie".- From the History of Rogers County

Claremore was formed September 19, 1882, after the Frisco Railroad came through.- From the History of Rogers County

Inola - The word is "E-no-lah", a Cherokee word meaning Black Fox, that being a common name among members of the Cherokee tribe.  A long time ago, a Cherokee named Black Fox, or E-no-lah in the native language, wandered away from his home on Spring Creek and established a camp near a spring about half way to the top of a commanding prairie hill in the Creek nation.  This hill was thereafter characterized as "E-no-lah's hill" -- and later merely E-no-lah hill for that reason and when the Missouri-Pacific railroad was built the General Attorney requested William P. Ross, a scholarly Cherokee statesman, to suggest appropriate names for the various stations. The one near this hill he named "I-no-la" ("I" sounded like "E").  He suggested the names of Oologah and Talala also.- From the History of Rogers County

Oolagah - When the Cherokee came west they had a band of warriors under the command of a short, heavy set fellow whom they called "Tah-chee", meaning Dutch.  This band defeated the Osages at Claremore mound and drove them out of the country.  One of Tahchee's warriors was named  -- in his native language -- "oo-lo-gah".  That is where the town of Oo-lo-gah got its name.- From the History of Rogers County

Oowala - "Oo-wa-la" is the Cherokee name for a food prepared from the livers and lights (lungs) of a hog with other ingredients, principally pepper, and then conferred upon a white man named Lipe.  When told that the white man's name was "Lipe" an old Indian thinking they said "lights" associated it with his favorite dish and said "Oo-wa-la" when spoken in the native language. - From the History of Rogers County

Sageeyah - "Sa-gee-yah" is named in honor of Sageeyah (or Soggy) Sanders a well known Cherokee Senator form the Saline District.- From the History of Rogers County

Sequoyah - named in honor of "Se-quo-yah" the man who invented the Cherokee alphabet and reduced the language to writing.- From the History of Rogers County

Talala - "Ta-la-la" is the Cherokee word for woodpecker.  Long ago, an Indian associated the tapping of the woodpecker with the syllables ta-la-la.  The woodpecker is a red-headed bird and young girls child with red hair were often called by their full-blood relatives "Ta-la-la". A small stream in the north part of Rogers County was found by early day Indians to be a favorite place of the woodpeckers so they called it Ta-la-la creek.  The town Talala derived its name from this creek.
- From the History of Rogers County

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