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WASHITA District #60

NE1/4SW1/4 of 27-14-24


In the spring of 1920, Washita closed and consolidated with three other schools to create Cheyenne. Collier TRACY and Trammell BOWMAN both remember their days at Washita School. Located approximately three miles north and four miles west of the town of Cheyenne in a corner of what was later called the Cliff CARL place. It was about one-quarter of a mile from the Washita River, hence the name. It faced east with a cloak room near the front doors.


Trammell told that the spelling bee was his most memorable thing in school. Two of the older kids each selected a child for their team and made two rows Then the spelling began, I was the youngest kin there and the last to be chosen for either side. When someone missed a word, they sat down. It all boiled down to me and another boy. He missed the word and I spelled it – “Dandelion”. I won for our side and the teacher gave me a chalk box with a nickel in it for a prize. I was so happy I could just walk on air!!!


Some of the families whose children attended were John B. TRACYs, Sam BALLARDs, Dudley COLLIERs, Dee ROSS, Tom HEADRICKS, PERKINS, Clyde YOUNGs, George PARKERs, Frank PARKERs, Joe MEEKs, Ralph WEBBs, Charlie NELSONs, John MAIGOODs, Cleve SMITHs, Elbert TRACYs, Henry MCDANIELs, Riley MCDANIELs, Tommy BUETLERs, Edd CARLs, Dave BOWMANs, N. BOWMANs, Jim STEVENSONs, John WILLIAMS, HOOTENs, MARTINs, TURNERs, FICKLINS, STOVALLs, MULLERs, MOODYs, DENNISONs, QUINNs and TRAXELLs.



BELLMAY, Mrs. Early
BRYANT, Mrs. Early
NOBLET, Mr. Early
TRACY, Ed Early
TRACY, Henry Early
TRACY, John B. Early
TRACY, Julia Early
TRACY, Lola Early
WILSON, Ralph Early
TRACY, E. E. 1918
TRACY, John B. 1919
TRACY, Lola 1917
WILSON, Ralph 1916


School Board

BAUMAN, N. J. 1916-17
CARL, Ed 1918-19
PARKER, George 1916-19
SMITH, Cleve 1916-18
WEBB, Ralph 1919