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SUNNY POINT District # 89

SE1/4 of 27-11-25


About 1901 when a few families began to homestead in the area, one man became anxious to get a school started in the area and offered to give land on which to build a school. They got together and he got wind that one family in the area was Republican and their kids would be going to the school, so he withdrew his offer. The school was moved across the section line because of the politics of one family. In the spring of 1921, Highland closed and transferred to Sunny Point creating a two teacher school. In the spring of 1941, Sunny Point closed and transferred to Meridian.



ALBIN, Iris 1935
BAGGETT, Newman 1921
BELL, Pauline 1925-26
BENTON, Theta (HUNT) 1931-34
BREWER, Lula 1918
BREWER, Mary 1923
BREWER, Mrs. Ruby 1927-28
CARLSON, Mildred 1926
CROSS, Mrs. Ruth 1921
CUFF, Mrs. Anthony 1937-38
DANFORTH, Susan 1920
DODSON, Mrs. Noel 1924
FRANKLIN, C. A. 1917, 19
FOWLER, V. Wayne 1936
FOWLER, Wayne 1934-35
HAIGHT, Tom S. 1927-28
HERIFORD, Alice 1936
HUNT, F. N. 1922-23
HUNT, Wesley B. 1930-32
JOHNS, Claude 1933
LONG, Bessie 1924
OLSEN, Mary 1916
PENNINGTON, Aubra 1929-30
ROBINSON, Thelma 1922
THOMAS, Harlan 1936
WEAVER, Farris 1939
YOUNG, Della I. 1925


School Board

ABBOTT, H. R. 1916-18, 21
BOYER, O. E. 1928
BREWER, Mattie 1920-21
BREWER, R. 1936
FRANKFORD, Fred 1937-39
GAMBLE, Lon 1923-25
GREEN, S. H. 1919-24
HAY, M. O. 1929-34
JURGENSON, J. G. 1916-17
MOSLEY, A. W. 1932-34
MOSLEY, C. A. 1935-36
PAGE, Marvin 1935, 37-39
PETERSON, J. D. 1918-20
SMITH, T. D. 1922-25, 28
SMITH, Tom 1916, 26-27
SPENCER, Bert 1925-27, 29-31
STEVENS, Geo. E. 1917-19
TUCKER, S. T. 1926-39
VESSELS, C. T. 1922