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SQUARE TOP District #63

SE1/4SE1/4 of 12-13-23


In the spring of 1943, Square Top closed. Part of the district transferred to Cheyenne and the other to Herring. Wallace CAMPBELL, Frank CALVERT and C. E. O’NEIL served as board members from 1943 to 1945. A. F. BEATY, Frank CALVERT and C. E. O’NEIL served as board members from 1945 to 1947.


The schoolhouse was completely destroyed by a tornado in 1961. But the Regulator clock was retrieved, repaired and Frank CALVERT brought it to be used in the restored (in 1991) Roll One Room School which sits in the Cheyenne City Park (2002).



ASHWORTH, Johnnie 1941
AUSTIN, Marie 1936
BOURNS, Mrs. C. S. 1938
BRITT, J. R. 1921-22
CAMPBELL, Vera 1920
CHAPPELL, Versie 1920
COLEMAN, Jewel 1924-25
DOOTY, Robert 1922
DOUGLAS, Bertie 1917
FOURIER, Mrs. Earl 1932
GARRISON, Geraldine 1919
GREEN, Nettie 1939-40
HIATT, Marie 1923
HIATT, Ruby 1921
HIATT, Mrs. T. S. 1926
HIATT, Tom S. 1926
JEFCOAT, Willie 1923
LATHROP, Helen 1924-25
MALSON, Edna 1921-22
MILLER, Pearl 1931
MOORE, Miss Jessie 1918
SPROWLS, Zola 1937
STRANAHAN, Vera (INMAN) 1928-30
THOMAS, Harlan 1933-34
VAUGHN, A. G. T. 1919
VICK, Leroy 1935, 41
WALLER, Pauline 1927
WHEELER, Dona 1916


School Board

ANDREWS, H. E. 1936-38
BARNES, H. E. 1921-25
CALVERT, Frank 1935-41
CALVERT, M. J. 1916-17
CASADY, E. E. 1916-17, 28-34
COGBURN, Dovie 1918-20
CRONIN, W. A. 1921-23, 39-40
EVANS, H. E. 1926-27
MOORE, H. W. 1926-27
O'NEIL, C. P. 1924-29, 41
PERRY, A. F. 1935
SPROWLS, J. C. 1919-25
SPROWLS, R. F. 1928-41
VICK, Della 1918-20
WALKER, Lewis 1930-34
WELLS, J. L. 1916-18