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SPRING CREEK District #80

SE1/4SE1/4 of 2-12-24


Spring Creek closed in the spring of 1921 and part of the district transferred to Cheyenne while another part transferred to Needmore and a very small part of the district went to Rose Hill.


Glenn Green shares that the children of his grandparents, Charles and Hulda Jencks, attended Spring Creek School and then transferred to Needmore.  Carrie (Jencks) Bowers, the oldest, started Spring Creek School in 1907.  The other five children who attended Spring Creek were Ross Jencks, Hazel (Jencks) Dewey, Verne Jencks, Mildren (Jencks) Green, and Esther (Jencks) Burrows.



ANDERSON, Mae 1920
CARTER, Laura 1917-18
CREASON, Vivian 1919
FRANKLIN, C. A. 1916


School Board

BALDWIN, F. E. 1916-18
BOWERS, H. B. 1919-20
JENCKS, C. A. 1918-20
PETERS, L. 1916-17
PRESTRIDGE, Larkin 1918-20
WOODS, H. W. 1916-17