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SHIRLEY District #17

NE1/4 of 27-17-21


Hazel LOVETT writes, “Shirley School was 4 miles south of Pow-Wow School and the Shirley Cemetery adjoined it on the south. There was a county store one mile west of the school. The store was owned and operated by an old pioneer, Pete PHILLIPS. Mr. PHILLIPS purchased the store from Edward E. SHIRLEY who had the post office as well as the store. The post office was established June 9, 1900 and closed October 31, 1912. The store and post office closed when Leedey started in 1912. Fred PHOENIX of Leedey gave me this information and said that the school was there when he moved to Roger Mills County in 1905.”


On May 23, 1923 Shirley School closed and transferred to Liberty Center School.

(All records begin at 1916, the year the court house burned)



BYERS, Ben 1917
LOGWOOD, Alma 1921
MITCHELL, Homer 1916
PUMPHREY, Gladys 1920
ROWLEY, Earl 1922
SCOTT, Don 1919
WOLFE, Minnie 1918


School Board

BAILEY, J. D. 1917-19
CLARK, Bettie 1920
CLEM, W. A. 1922
DAWSON, X. T. 1916
FOX, Bert 1916-18
HALE, H. H. 1916-19
MCCLASKEY, W. T. 1919-20
PHILLIPS, J. P. 1920, 22
WEAST, Irene 1922