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SAND HILL District #90

SE1/4 of 25-12-26


By petition and notices Sand Hill closed on July 13, 1923 and transferred. Four-ninths went to Brookside and five-ninths went to Mulberry. The Sand Hill School house was moved to Mulberry.


The following is told by Emma GOODWIN PERRY: “The school was about four and one-half miles north of Sweetwater and about two miles east setting among the sand hills and shinnery. The first year of the school was 1905-1906 and taught by Annabell KIMBALL. Most of the children walked to school. Some rode horseback and once in a while came in a buggy or hack. Everybody carried their lunches to school, some in syrup buckets. When it was real cold the teacher had us move our desks in a circle around the stove to be warmer. The windows were opened for coolness in spring. Sunday school was held in the school every Sunday. Some of the children I remember are: Alice and Minnie Ola PHARIE; George and Mae POWERS; Vi, David and Homer SHOUGHS; Ralph, Myrtle, Lizzie, Zella and Julia GODFREY; Sylvester, Eve, Freman and Andrew GREEN; Thelma, Zella Mae ALBIN; Minnie, Eva, George and Harry of the U.A. ALBIN family; Oscar, Hubert, Lena and Gladys HILL; Esra, Durward, Molly and Eva JOHNSON; Lena Frances, Florence, Bessie, Minnie and Dovie KNOX; two stepchildren Bill and Virgie SMART. Amy and Carl LONG; Lena, Jewel, Claud and Zee MCKINNY; Cecil and Crystal IRVIN; Rhoda and Pascal PAIN; Jim, Dausy, Frances and Emma GOODWIN; Bea, Cleona and Anne CARDIN. The school building was moved 1 mile west of the first location in the year 1913-1914. One year when there was a small twister and the teacher told us to get in the southwest corner of the building. We all huddled in the corner until it was over. The building was turned crossways on the foundation. The teacher dismissed school and we all went home.”



ALBIN, Allegra 1921
BLACK, Reginald 1910
BREWER, Lois 1914, 18
BROWNLEE, Archie 1916-17
COMPTON, Mr. 1908
GAMBLE, Kate 1913
HENDRIX, Mrs.  1906
JAMES, Purlie 1915, 19
JERGENSEN, Martha 1909
KIMBALL, Annabelle 1905
ROBINSON, Bessie 1912
ROBINSON, Mack 1922
SIELDS, Carrie 1907
SMITH, Leonard 1911


School Board

ALBIN, W. C. 1916-20, 22
DAVIS, Alanson 1919
FOWLER, R. H. 1921-22
GOODWIN, J. A. 1916-18
GOODWIN, J. P. 1920-22
LADD, T. F. 1920-21
MORGRAVES, A. W. 1916-19
PARKER, J. E. 1922
PROCTER, J. J. 1919