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RUPERT District #3

SE1/4SE1/4 of 11-17-25


The Rupert School was built about 1907, a small building with two outhouses and a coal house.  It was named for Mr. RUPERT (he ordered and got a wife by mail). Almost everyone walked to school. One came in a buggy and a few rode horseback. They all carried their lunch in lard or syrup buckets.


Some teachers were Juanita THOMILSON, Nell WEST, Mrs. CONERY, Fred PALMER, Homer FACETT, Mr. BORDGRAIN, Bertha ROBBINS and Miss Wilma MUSSER. Families in the area were the five WILCOX families: Jim, George, Dan, Gus and Joe. They all had kids in school except Jim. Other families were DEANS, BULLARDs, Basel FORBES, Luther VANHOOK, FACETTS, HINDMANs, NEWELLs, WELLS, MCQUIGGS, LORINGS, DAVIS and BROWNs. Later the ELLIS children, Juanita and John Ray came to school there.


At the time they merged with Bellview there was only one girl attending school: Juanita ELLIS. Wesley DEAN bought the schoolhouse and later Rusty ELLIS got the lumber out of it.


On August 13, 1920, Rupert dissolved and went to Bellview School.



LOURY, Nellie M. 1916-18
MUSSER, Wilma 1918


School Board

BROWN, C. A. 1916-19
ELLIS, Anzley 1916-19
MCQUIGG, J. R. 1916-19