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ROSE HILL District #87

SW1/4 SW1/4 of 23-12-24


In the fall of 1937, Marie FELAND taught the school for two weeks. Then on September 20, 1937 the Rose Hill school closed their doors and consolidated with Berlin and Grimes.



ANDERSON, Goldie 1922
BAILEY, Marie 1928
CARR, L. B. 1916-17, 23
CARTER, Laura M. 1924
CREASON, Grace 1925
CREASON, Roxie 1920-21
ELY, Jane 1935-36
FELAND, Marie 1929-31,37
HUNT, Paul 1926-27
LEARY, Ruth 1919
LOWRANCE, Mrs. Alice 1918
ROBERTSON, Nina 1932-34


School Board

BARNES, J. H. 1916-18
CARR, J. L. 1922-23
CHANCE, Tom 1935-36
COBB, Mrs. H. L. 1922-23
FLEMING, J. H. 1916-18
KIRK, Frank 1924-26
KIRK, G. F. 1927-34
MILLER, W. L. 1924-26
ROGERS, L. D. 1919-21
SIMPSON, T. A. 1935-36
SNYDER, B. L. 1917-19
SPITZER, C. A. 1927-36
SPITZER, C. R. 1922-26
TAYLOR, J. H. 1920-21
WHITERS, H. K. 1920-21, 27-34
YONKERS, A. T. 1916