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ROCKY (Pleasant Ridge) District #40

SE1/4 NW1/4 of 29-15-22

Rocky (Pleasant Ridge) School - 1911

This is a picture of students at Pleasant Ridge School in 1911.

The school was later named Rocky School.  June Lathrop Edwards and Helen Lathrop Edmiaston are in the photo which was donated by Zen Edmiaston Stinchcomb of Hollis, OK.

On June 26, 1937, the entire Rocky school was attached to Strong City. Jack Rose tells that he and his family lived just one-half mile north of the school and that it was pretty near the center of Section 29. The ground for the school was given by a Mr. DUNBAR. When he died he was buried between the road and front of the schoolhouse. “We had good water which was unusual for the area,” stated Jack. He also said that they never had a 9 month school, always about 6 months. Either they ran out of money or teacher quit or various reasons. Sometimes there were as many as fifty scholars attending the school. He remembers the families of John ROGERS, Bert WELTYS, FOSTERS, A.O. BROWNs, John COLLINS, Sam and Ray MOOREs, John KEPLEYs, Tom WOODS, Charley STAMPERs, L.O. YOUNGs, Jim FISTS, Lee HARRIS and many others.


BAGGETT, Fern (Miller) 1932
BAKER, Mary 1925
BILBY, Mary 1925
CARGILL, Loyd 1935
COCHRAN, Daisy 1916
EVERETTE, J. E. 1918-19
GROVES, Effie Lee 1933
HUBBARD, Claude 1923
HUNT, E. W. 1926-27
HUNT, Wesley B. 1928-29
HYER, Editha 1936
JONES, Kate 1934
MALSON, Mildred 1921
SMITH, Helen 1930-31
STAMPER, Thelma 1922
STEELE, Mae 1917
TRENT, Bertha (HOWARD) 1924
WELLS, Mrs. Jennie 1920

School Board

COLLINS, C. W. 1928-29
CRUM, Walter 1922-24
GARRETT, Tom 1936
HARRIS, L. C. 1931-35
HARRIS, L. W. 1930
HYMAN, John 1927-35
JOBE, H. V. 1918-19
KEPLEY, J. H. 1916-17, 22-27, 31-36
KEPLEY, Mrs. J. H. 1916-21
LANE, J. W. 1928-29
ROGERS, J. W. 1925-27, 30
ROSE, J. R. 1916-24
SMITH, O. W. 1920-21
STAMPER, Gordon 1936
WOODS, Tom 1925-26