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RED ROCK District #71

SW1/4SE1/4 of 20-13-24


Red Rock, Meadow Brook, Dempsey and Emerson consolidated and formed C-3 School on May 20, 1919. Later on when it was time to locate the new school site and vote bonds for the new building—that is when the fun started. They voted the building bonds down so school was held in the four old original schoolhouses. On April 26, 1923 an election was held to dissolve C-3—it carried and the district was dissolved and divided as follows: Meadow Brook got five-twelfths, Dempsey got four-twelfths and Emerson got three-twelfths.



BRIGHT, Linnie 1921
CLARK, Mae 1920
CARTER, Laura 1919
CASADY, Ruth 1920
FALCONER, Katherine 1918
HALE, Ina 1917
HAMMONDS, Lucy 1916
JAMES, Pearlie 1920
MCGUIRE, Thelma 1921-22
MEEKS, Laura 1919
PARMAN, Julia 1919, 21
SQUIRE, Leona 1920-22
STEVENS, Stella 1922
WINBURN, Stella 1922


School Board

FRANKFORD, William 1921-22
HARMON, James 1918
HUNT, R. L. 1916-18
LOZIER, E. D. 1919
MARTIN, W. B. 1919-20
MEADOW, Mrs. A. B. 1922
MONG, Joe 1920
NICHOLS, A. A. 1916-18
NICHOLS, J. T. 1919-20
PETERS, Lawrence 1922
PICKETT, Dave 1918
REED, Robert 1916-17
STARKEY, S. V. 1921