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PIE FLAT District #11

SE1/4 of SW14 of 24-16-24


In the spring of 1937 the Pie Flat School closed and transferred to Crawford by petition.


The school house burned down in the early thirties and the school house was then rebuilt on the SW1/4 of NW1/4 of 25-16-24.



BULL, Zadie 1922
BAUCHMAN, Ada Prior 1916
CLAY, Ray 1928. 31-32, 36
CONDO, Myrtle 1917-18
FORD, Georgia 1921
GARVER, Lora 1936
GUERNSEY, Pauline 1934
HARMON, Mrs. C. J. 1935
HATLEY, Ima Gene 1929
HICKS, Estell 1920
HUNT, E. W. 1924
LITTLE, Lee 1925-26
MILLER, Forrest Prior 1916
MOORE, Bernice 1916
PARKS, Roy 1927
RAKES, Mr. Prior 1916
SPEARS, Lorena 1923
SQUIRE, C. A. 1933
THRECKALD, Sallie Prior 1916
WILMOTH, Lula 1919


School Board

BARBER, C. C. 1932-36
BARBER, Frank 1937-49
BARBER, T. W. 1917-31
BONNER, Mrs. Charles 1920-21
LIPPENCOTT, C. 1937-49
LIPPENCOTT, Charles 1932-36
LOVETT, T. L. 1916-31
MERRITT, Joe 1941-49
ROWE, J. W.  1922-40
SLOAN, R. F. 1916-19