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OAK RIDGE or DICKEY District #73

NE1/4 of 30-13-25


On June 1, 1920 the Oak Ridge (Dickey) School was declared dissolved and consolidated with five other districts to form Rankin.


An Oak Ridge School program shows in 1920 that Mrs. C. W.. ROWEN was the teacher and the pupils were Jody BALLARD, Royal BALLARD, Dallas CLINE, Mabel CLINE, Hazel CLINE, Vergil CLINE, Alma DODD, Alta DODD, Hazel DODD, Bertha GOODWIN, Mattie GOODWIN, Theodore GOODWIN, William GOODWIN, Bonnie KING, Wallace KING, William KING, Millicent MCNEILAN, Auba PENNINGTON, Clifford PENNINGTON, Dee PENNINGTON, Earl PENNINGTON, Parker PENNINGTON, Lafayette PHARIES, Opal ROBISON, Orville ROBISON, and Leona TURNER.



BALLARD, William 1916-18
CONRAD, Orpha 1915
ROWEN, Emma 1919


School Board

CARAWAY, H. J. 1916-17
DODD, George M. 1918-19
KING, William 1916-19
PENNINGTON, C. C. 1916-19